Spiritual perspective on in vitro fertilisation


Question: Dear Jesus I would like to ask you about in vitro fertilisation (IVF) – please tell me what is happening during the procedure from the spiritual point of view?  With this method several embryos are artificially created and then some of those that are superfluous are killed.  What happens to those cells which those embryos are killed?  What else came into embodiment through that procedure?  Do they have a three-fold flame?  Is this procedure acceptable to men and women who are chelas of the path?

 Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Estonia in 2017 

 My beloved there is a misunderstanding in the question about IVF or even gestation in general.  It is not so my beloved that for every egg that is produced in a woman’s body there is a soul assigned to that egg.  It is only after you have a viable fertilisation that a soul gets assigned.  Sometimes this may not even happen immediately upon fertilisation of the egg, it may happen later because there can be various reasons why a soul may wait to make a decision to take embodiment in that particular pregnancy.  So it doesn’t matter that there are several embryos created and that some of them are killed because at that point there is no soul assigned to them so it creates no scar or burden in the soul.  Now a soul that comes into embodiment as a result of IVF is no different from a soul that comes into embodiment as a result of a natural fertilisation – it just doesn’t matter because as I said the soul is only assigned after the pregnancy is viable.  

So the IVF is simply a technology that is given to help the many women who for physical reasons cannot become pregnant.  It is therefore a technology that is simply a result of the technology that Saint Germain is releasing as part of the Golden Age.  You need to recognise here that the fallen beings have, at least some of them, have decided to limit the human population.  And they have taken various steps they can take to decrease the fertility, to lower the fertility of women in order to reduce the population, prevent children from being born.  And so there are women who for physical reasons, it could be certain foods they have eaten, it could be other things – cannot become pregnant the natural way and so this is just simply one way to avoid this and to allow children to be born.  This however does not apply to embryos who are raised in a test tube because what you have in a test tube, you have a completely artificial environment where no human being is involved.  So I will not say absolutely that you could never have a situation where children could be born in a completely artificial environment but at the present it is not something we sponsor because it is, for a variety of reasons important that there is an interaction between the energy field of the incoming child and the energy field of the mother.  So this is not the final word on so called ‘test tube’ babies but for now we make a clear distinction about IVF and a test tube.

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