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Question: Apart from regular medicine, there is appearing some trend like energy medicine. And the specific question would be, as there are some devices already on the market, like for bio-resonance that works like taking some measures on the body, and detecting some inharmonious vibrations and then return it to the body to make it more harmonious. My question would be if this is the right direction and how mature or immature these methods are in the current state


 Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Holland in 2017.

As I said in my answer about the foods, we are basically in a situation on Earth where the ideal is that people would be able to heal all diseases through consciousness. And so the highest potential of energy medicine is that there are certain people who have reached a state of spiritual maturity, and have educated themselves, and trained themselves, where they have the ability to channel energy from their I AM Presence and from the ascended masters to a certain person, and heal that person directly through the powers of the mind. This would also require, of course, that the people have some understanding of the consciousness behind the disease so they could help the person shift their consciousness and overcome that consciousness. This is the ultimate form of healing. 

Yet, as I said, with genetics, because we recognize that the collective consciousness isn’t at that level, we are releasing certain technology and certain knowledge that allows you to create technological devices that can do some of what can be done with the mind. So there is validity to energy medicine. There is certainly validity to experimenting with the process of creating technology that can, for example, detect energies. We have released digital imaging technology that can be developed into detecting the precursors of disease in the emotional, mental, and identity body so that the person can begin to do something before the disease manifests physically. This technology is almost fully there, but it hasn’t been developed and understood because there hasn’t been the vision of the three higher bodies. 

And so, there are other forms of technological devices, and I do not wish to comment on specific ones because there are many of them. But what you need to do, both as a health care practitioner, and as a person who is seeking healing, is that you need to use some Christ discernment. You need to tune in with your heart, and you need to sense whether a technology is valid or whether it is not. And one way to do this is to look at the intentions and the level of consciousness of the people who have developed it or are promoting it. There is an old saying that if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. And there are some people who have created a technological device and they claim that this can cure all diseases and solve all problems, and in many cases this means that they have not actually understood what causes disease, namely, conditions in consciousness. And so, there are many people who are seeking for a magic wand that they can just wave, and you just turn on a certain device and expose people to a certain radiation, and then a disease is cured. But if that disease is a result of what the person has been creating in their three higher bodies for many lifetimes, how can you expect that simply sending an energy ray into the physical body will cure the disease in five minutes? It isn’t realistic, my beloved.

This does not mean that people need to have the highest understanding in order to bring forth a technological device, but it means that you need to look at the maturity, the understanding of the person, and realize that the more maturity, the more understanding they have, the more they are likely to be able to tune in to the ascended master level and receive some more valid technology instead of something that is just a claim. There is always, when there is new technology, people that will try to cry out that, “Oh this is not real” or “This is a charlatan” or whatever. And you have to recognize that whenever there is a new field, the fallen beings will always send some of their students to enter the field and try to bring forth something that may seem to have promise, but is actually false. And so that is why you need that discernment, and again we have given you tools for discernment. We have told you in your heart to tune into your heart. Does it create a raising sensation or a lower sensation, and this is one measure you can take. But when it comes to healthcare practitioners, you have the greater knowledge, you have the greater experience, and you need to use that along with your Christ discernment to see if a technology actually has some validity to it, or whether it is just some kind of sensationalist claim.

And, this is again, this is not this messenger’s role in this lifetime to be a healer, and so I look to other people who have experience with the healing field to look at this technology, to embrace it, to actually contact each other, form some kind of group of health care practitioners that are also aware of ascended master teachings, and seek to help each other evaluate this kind of technology. Go into the field. See if you can contribute. If you can, come forth with an idea that will improve it and then see what can come of this. We are naturally very willing to work with those of you who have experience in the healing field. And it is not something we will give you through one messenger because many of you are capable of receiving these new ideas directly from us from within yourself.


Copyright © 2017 Kim Michaels

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