Blood donation

Question: What should we do when we donate our blood to any medical researches

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Novosibirsk, Russia in 2017. 

I am not saying that you should donate blood. I am not saying that you should not donate blood because it is a choice you need to make individually. What I do recommend if you do donate blood you make a certain call for the ascended masters of your choice to withdraw your personal energies from the blood so that they are not given on to the other person. You can of course do the same if you have to receive blood for example, during an operation. If you make just a simple call like this then you will not be connected to the person who receives your blood. It is actually not so much that you as the donor are affected by a blood donation, it is more the person who receives the blood who will take in whatever the donor has embodied of their consciousness in the blood, so once you have given the blood it does not connect you to the recipient, but the recipient can take in some of the consciousness of the donor. And so, naturally it is important for people to survive in critical situations and it is important that there is a blood supply, and therefore some people need to donate blood. And there is certainly nothing wrong with you doing this if you are an ascended master student, but there is nothing wrong with you making the decision that you will not do so. It is your decision to make. The same of course applies to organs, although organs sometimes can contain more consciousness, so especially a heart embodies a lot of or carries with it a lot of the consciousness of the donor and so those who receive a heart transplant or if some of your loved ones receive one, I recommend that you make some more elaborate calls for the demagnetization of the organ that is donated so that the recipient can be free of at least the lower elements of the consciousness of the donor.


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