Adrenal fatigue resistance to being on earth

Question: So I have a question about a condition called adrenal fatigue, when generally it's about being tired all the time. So I'd like to hear some comment about it. There's a connection because we can find on the internet on this spiritual website. And it's related, for example, it's like somehow connected with being spiritual. Many people think it's like being overly sensitive is like part of that.

Kim: In other words, because you are sensitive; you are reacting to certain energies in the world and that overstimulates your adrenal glands, because it's a stress reaction.

Person: Yeah. Maybe it's connected with what we said yesterday that maybe our anger against ourselves can stimulate it also, I don't know, we have stress about being here. For example, why after years of giving invocations and decrees I feel more tired than more energetic, for example.


Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2017.


Mother Mary: As we have taught you, my beloved, there is always a connection between the physical body and physical symptoms and the three higher bodies. Now, in a condition like this there may be people who from early childhood, or at least from an early point in their lives, have had a physical problem, a  physical symptom in the adrenal gland. This is not to say that this is an entirely physical condition because it is simply that it has built up over several lifetimes and is now manifesting at the physical level from an early age. Bur there are, of course, also people who develop this later in life. 

It is very true that it is a stress reaction. It is a reaction to feeling stressed. And therefore, of course, the adrenal gland does what it is supposed to do: releases the hormones that allow you to better respond to stressful or dangerous situations.

Of course, when you are doing this on a constant basis, then it will cause fatigue in the body because you simply get tired of always being in this tense state. It is not truly correct to say that this is a product of being a spiritual person because there can be people who are not aware of the spiritual path who also have this condition. It can be because they have experienced very traumatic situations, either in this life or in many cases in past lives. 

It is, again, that in your emotional body, and even in the mental and to some degree the identity body, you have this sense that you are on a very dangerous planet. There is always a threat. You always need to be alert. You always need to be aware of something. This causes this stress that is more than physical stress. It is emotional, mental and even identity level stress.

There can be many people who have this who are not on the spiritual path. Of course, many spiritual people are more aware of their reactions. There are many spiritual people who then can take a spiritual teaching and use it to try to explain this reaction. There are even some who have actually increased this stress response by building the sense that there are dark forces who are after you all the time. Of course, we teach that there are dark forces who are seeking to influence you, but if you focus too much attention on this, you can certainly increase the stress response.

Now, for many of you this not the issue. It is a deeper issue that again relates to what we are teaching in the new book (My Lives with Lucifer, Satan, Hitler and Jesus), where we show you that those of you who are avatars, you can have a very deep sense of tension concerning being on this planet. You can feel very, very uncomfortable about being on this planet. This means that, as was mentioned in the question, it can relate to anger, but it can relate to many other things as well. 

You simply, inside of you, in some level of your three higher bodies, you have a resistance to something on earth, some aspect of life that you cannot actually avoid at the physical level. At the emotional, mental or identity level or even all three levels, you are resisting that condition that you cannot avoid, and it may not be something that is dangerous. It could just be some aspect of life that over your many embodiments you have grown tired of dealing with it.

You have this subconscious resistance to dealing with, in some cases, just every-day situations. Or it may be that you have given up on fulfilling your original goal for coming here, but you have not fully processed this and reached the insights that we have given you in the book and in these dictations. You just have this internal resistance that you do not want to be here. You have no purpose for being here. You feel there is no purpose. This creates this resistance that filtered down to the physical level and creates this stress response.

My best suggestion is to look at what Jesus in Holland called your spiritual MO; but extend this to, not only how you look at the spiritual side of life, but how you look at the material side of life. What is your basic attitude to the physical octave, to the matter realm, to the activities you have to deal with in your physical life? Then, consider where you have that resistance. Look at the resistance. Try to gain a different perspective on it. See that it is actually a separate self that has this resistance, not the real you. 

Then, come to the point where you can identify it as a separate self. Therefore, you have separated yourself from it by seeing that it is not you. We have, of course, given you many, many tools for this that you can apply to this condition. In many cases it can help you to consider the concept of surrender because the only way to really overcome the resistance is to uncover the belief behind it and then surrender that belief.

Since the answer was given, the book Healing Your Spiritual Traumas has been published. It contains teachings and tools for helping you deal with this issue and many others.



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