Purifying drinking water and the body’s alchemical abilities

Question:  My question is about water. What is the role of water, and especially drinking water, for the rise of our awareness, and of consciousness,s in the Golden Age of Saint Germain?


This answer was given by the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels at a conference in Holland, 2016.


Saint Germain:  Well you know, of course, that your bodies are about seventy percent water, and it is clear that the water you take into your body has a major impact on the cells and their ability to actually function well. It is not so much the water itself that you take in, but the information that is encoded in the water. I know you are all aware of chemicals, of course, and it is clear that in the Golden Age, there will not be allowed to be any pollution of the drinking water, any chemicals in the drinking water. There will be various technologies, some of which are already in existence and are valid. But there will be more in the Golden Age for how you purify drinking water. 

There is also a need to realize that water has a very unique ability to carry information. It is not only energy, but it is actual information. As you know with, for example, homeopathic remedies, research has been done that shows that there is no chemical left in a homeopathic remedy, but there is information, and this information can be absorbed by the cells. 

What you realize is that water also can absorb information and can carry this for a long time, and that is why actually the most healthy water you can drink is water that has been allowed to seep into the ground and then naturally rise back to the surface in a natural spring. Then it has gone through a cleansing in the earth that has stripped it of some of this information. Of course, in the Golden Age and even now, it is not practical that everybody gets their drinking water from natural springs, so there will be other methodologies, as I said, some which have already been brought forth, or in part been brought forth for actually cleansing the water of information. But this is beyond chemicals. It is beyond what can be done through reverse osmosis.

Another issue that comes into play here is, of course, that the cells need certain minerals that can either be carried in the water or can be more easily absorbed from water than from food. Either the information from those minerals needs to be added to the drinking water, or people need to find other sources of getting those minerals. This is a topic that is too complicated to go into, but in the Golden Age there will actually be a science about how to treat water. 

There will be ways to see, as you already know, that the soil in many places has been depleted of minerals, so that it does not get into the food that is grown on the land. In the Golden Age there will be ways to enrich the soil and to enrich the water, and there will be other ways to provide, not necessarily the chemical minerals, but the information that the cells need. 

There will also, in the Golden Age, be an increased spiritual awareness that will allow people who are walking the path of Christhood to get to a point where it is not such an issue what kind of water they drink. You already know now that you can bless the food and the water you drink, and this has a beneficial effect, and the higher your consciousness is, the greater the effect. There can come a point where you do not need to be concerned about the water because you can bless it, and this will purify it and charge it with the necessary energies. There even comes a point where your consciousness is raised to the point where you do not need to take in many minerals from the water or from the food because your body is functioning at a level where it can produce them itself. 

Truly, in a completely natural environment your body can produce many minerals that it needs, and even certain vitamins without getting them from the food. The body can function at the alchemical level where it can take what is given in the food and transform it into what it needs. The body in a sense already does this for most people. 

If you actually took an average person today, and if you could accurately measure what that person is taking in, for example, of a certain mineral through the food and water, and how much the cells of that person are actually using of that mineral, you would, in most people, find a discrepancy. The cells are actually using more than the person is taking in. The reason is that the body has the ability to transform some of the food that is taken in into what it needs. It is actually when this ability breaks down that the depletion starts happening and that people cannot get enough of these minerals. This is partly related to the actual pollution of the body, but also related to the state of consciousness. 

In the Golden Age, as we move further and further into it, there are many avenues that will open up that can barely be imagined today. That is why we say, over and over again, that vision is so important because it is clear that the solutions to many issues and many problems you have today are not material, are not mechanical. There are higher solutions and this is what will begin to happen in the Golden Age. 

More and more people will be open to this, and more and more people will raise their consciousness to the point where they can start serving as healers because they can do more than physical healing. Some can do this already, but many more will be able to do so in the Golden Age and many will be able to do it themselves by raising their consciousness, and therefore taking command over the body, taking command over matter, and therefore healing many illnesses, or giving their bodies what they need to function at the optimum level.



Copyright © 2016 Kim Michaels

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