Spiritual help for people with dementia or Alzheimer's

Question: I'm working at a hospital and I sometimes find it very difficult when taking care of people with senile dementia or Alzheimer's disease. These people seem to me to have lost their consciousness so could you give me some advice on what I have to do when I take care of them as spiritual beings.


Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Seoul, Korea in 2016.


There are different scenarios for how this disease can outplay itself. There are some people who develop this disease because they for various reasons want to withdraw from their outer lives, but they are still willing to work on themselves and their psychology. Therefore, they can experience some growth, even though they have no outer awareness. There are relatively few of those people. The majority of the people who develop this disease, do so because they belong to the category of people we have talked about who have experienced such severe and destructive consequences in past lives, that they are afraid of making decisions. They come to a point in their lives where they no longer want to consciously cope with life and its challenges. They simply subconsciously withdraw from conscious awareness, but it is not yet their natural time to leave embodiment and therefore they become stuck in this no-man's land. 

What unfortunately happens to people in this category is that they leave their body temple, their four lower bodies, their chakras open and unprotected to any influence. This means that in many cases, discarnate souls, entities or demons from the astral plane can walk in and start taking over and using the mind, the body and the chakras of these people. That is why, if you work closely with such people, you can often feel a very low energy around them. 

The best thing you can do here, is to first of all make calls for yourself to be protected and sealed from any influence. You can make calls to Archangel Michael for protection, you can make calls to Astrea to cut you free and you can make calls to Saint Germain for the transformation of the energy by the violet flame. You also need to decide that you are not going to take in anything from these people. You need to decide that whatever they do or say, you are not going to take it personally, you are not going to react to them because you know they are not fully conscious. What is the point of reacting to what they do or say as if they were conscious beings who were doing it deliberately. 

There is, of course, often a deliberate intent but this comes from the demons or entities and they are not conscious in the sense of having self-consciousness. They are just mindlessly repeating their patterns. Again, there is no point in taking any of this personally. When you do not take it personally, then you can avoid reacting to it and therefore taking on the energy. You do not help these people at all by taking on the energy; it only burdens yourself. 

What you can do for these people is make the calls for them to be cut free from the patterns that keep them tied to this decision of not wanting to be alive or being conscious. You can make calls for the healing of their psychology. If you know something about their life history, you may be able to see what the pattern is that caused the person to withdraw and you can make calls for this. 

You can also, in some cases, achieve some results by talking to these people and telling them what you see in their psychology and their patterns. However, I do not recommend that you do this when you are working in a professional capacity, because you do not know these people so well personally and you have many people you are taking care of and therefore cannot spend the time with people individually. Therefore, I recommend a more detached approach where you do not engage these people but simply make the calls and then leave it up to free will what the response will be. In many cases, there will be no response and therefore it is wise not to expect one. 

If you are family members and you know the person's history and you know about psychology and ascended master teachings, you can in some cases achieve results by talking to the person whether they are awake or asleep. You can simply make statements about the patterns you see in their psychology, why they don't need to respond that way, why they don't need to believe what they believe, why they don't need to look at life the way they did when they were still conscious. It is a possibility that this can achieve results along with making calls. There is, of course, no guarantee because it was their free will that caused them to withdraw and it is their free will that will have to change them so they decide to move on. 



Copyright © 2016 Kim Michaels

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I have now posted the transcription of the last dictation from the conference in Korea.

I will be taking a break from editing dictations because I need to make invocations for some of these dictations so the Korean team can publish them as a book. I also have a book to finish.

The Korean Team has started two courses as both online and in-person courses. They are:

Course 1 - The Path to Self-mastery: 63 persons 

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