Audio book of “My Lives” book

Question: Any plans for an audio book for the “My Lives” book?

Answer from Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Washington, D.C. (USA) in 2019.


Well, I would have to say no, I do not have any particular plans, but the reason for this is mainly the time commitment. There was a time when I was young and naive and I’m not young anymore. I thought I could do everything, including create audio books, but in order to create an audio book, you know, you take the “My Lives” book, it would take several hours just to read it, but then you can't avoid making some mistakes. That means you have to go back and edit the sound files, and that takes longer than just recording it. So you can at least take the time it takes to record it and multiply it by one and a half, or two, and then you have the total time it is going to take to do that book. With all the new books coming out, I just do not have the time. It is a little bit the same with the invocations from the three latest books in the black and white series. I have not recorded those, but I would like to do that, and that is a higher priority than an audio book.  

[Comment from Audience: Maybe you should stay here 2 million more years]

Yeah, if I have that kind of a timeframe, then I'll definitely get it done! Then I have plans! But it is just a matter of time. It is not just a matter of time, actually, because it is also matter of my attention. In the latest few years, I have become more aware that I actually function best when I focus on one project at a time and do not spread myself out too thin. It is difficult for me to have four different projects I'm working on at the same time, doing a little bit here on that, and a little bit here on that. That is why I, you know, as I think I said yesterday, I have no idea what the masters are going to do after New Year and whether they are going to do an eighth ray book or whatever, because I just cannot deal with that many things. I take one thing at a time.

Now, let me just say this. If there was somebody who wanted to make the audio book, wanted to record it and wanted to edit it, then that is perfectly fine, I have no problem with that. But again, you have to realize it is a big time commitment. That is why I do not want to ask anybody to do that because it is such a big time commitment. I mean, doing an audio book like that is 30 or 40 hours at least, maybe even more. Probably more.  



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