How to evaluate music and movies

Question:  On a lighter note, is there music that raises the energy besides classical music like Beethoven, Mozart? Could you mention other conscious movies besides "October sky”?


Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Albuquerque (USA) in 2018.

What I want to give you here is a measure we have given you before. You center in your heart. You can become much better at this if you take what the messenger said about the neutral state of mind because if you can go into a neutral state of mind, center in your heart then you will be able to feel what happens in your aura when you are listening to certain kind of music or watching certain movies. Are the energies being raised in vibration, are they being lowered in vibration? This is the simple measure you can apply to many, many things in life.

I can assure you that not all classical music raises the energies. At the same time there are of course many forms of modern music that will raise the energies. In terms of movies, I am not really the movie critic that spends a lot of time on evaluating this. But again, you just need to look at: is it raising the energies, lowering the energies. But sometimes there can also be a movie that might lower the energies because it has some very dramatic, violent scenes but it still has a message that can be helpful to many people. This is a more subtle discernment because as the climate is today, as the consciousness is today, you know very well that the movie industry is, first of all, guided by money. They know that in order to make money they are at least, they feel, they think that in order to make money they have to give people a certain kind of thing - there has to be some drama, there has to be some conflict and things have to be more fast-paced than the past movie. We see that movies and to some degree music, is on the same slide that causes people to go into drug or alcohol addiction. It's like when people get any influence to a certain degree they start becoming less sensitive to it. So in order to get a reaction there has to be something more; something more violent, more aggressive. That is why after having smoked marijuana for a while some people need more serious drug to get high. After having watched movies in the 1950s they had to step it up in the 1960s and now they have stepped it up beyond the point of being ridiculous but they can't figure out how to stop it.

So what I am saying with this, is that sometimes you can watch a movie and you can see that there are certain parts of it that clearly lower your energy. But there may still be a certain message that is valuable to get out to the people. You can see for example, just to mention one example, how the Matrix movie meant a lot to a lot of people, a lot of spiritual seekers, who found that there was something that resolved in their consciousness by looking at this. They did not take everything as seriously but yet it had a lot of violent scenes in it and it essentially presents the universe as a machine. This of course is not the highest understanding but nevertheless, did the movie help some people? Yes it did and so with other movies. You can see in the popular Star Wars movies that (especially the original ones) had a certain message that resonated with a lot of people but also, of course, had a lot of violent scenes in it but still had a certain portrayal of dark forces and their influence. But of course presented, what is the solution – well, pull out your light sabre and (audience responds with gentle laughter) kill them. That of course is not exactly what the Ascended Masters teach.

But again, the solution here is not that we provide you with a list of music to listen to or a list of movies to watch. But that you watch movies or listen to music as an opportunity to increase your discernment by feeling in your heart what it does to your energies.


Copyright © 2018 Kim Michaels

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