The problem with alcohol and how that affects relationships

TOPICS: Alcohol a plot by dark forces - addicts are no longer making free choices - they do not have the will to stop - do spiritual work to set people free - do not override people’ free will; set it free - some people must have the experience of hitting bottom - look at yourself and why you have attachment to the addict - avoid the two extremes - seek to be at peace and then move on if the other person will not change - respect your own free will also -

Question: I would like to understand the problem of alcohol in the world and what we can do to keep people away from alcohol, and what we can do to maintain relationships in peace with those who are affected by this problem?


Answer from ascended master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels:

As any addiction, alcohol is indeed a plot of the dark forces to take people into a blind alley, where they lose control over their lives to the addiction, to a physical substance. It is only one of the many plots devised by those in the serpentine consciousness, in the fallen consciousness, who want to control humankind, even want to take them away from the spiritual path.

Once again, we run up against the reality that free will reigns supreme on this planet. Thus, you can indeed do much to encourage other people to attain a greater understanding of what alcohol, and the addiction to alcohol or any other substance, is doing to their life and relationships. And so, I certainly encourage you to put forth an effort with the people that are closest to you, to help them attain a greater understanding.

In order to do this, you must realize the reality that once a person has crossed the line and actually become addicted to any substance, that person is no longer making free choices. Because the essence of an addiction is that people have lost control, and no matter what they claim – saying that they are not alcoholics – the reality of it is that they could not stop drinking even if they truly wanted to.

But of course, the deeper reality is that they cannot stop drinking because they cannot muster the will to actually want to stop. Because they have become so blinded by their ego that they can always find some reason why they do not have to stop today, why they can have just one more drink, or why their drinking really is not a problem, really does not affect them or the people around them.

They really are not making free choices to continue this addiction. In some cases you can possibly make them understand this. But in many cases you will need to do some very serious spiritual work before you have an opportunity to penetrate. In order to do this I encourage you to give Archangel Michael's Rosary LINK for them, and especially the rosaries that are part of the Spiritual Crisis Toolkit.]

You can certainly also use the tools that we give, including the
dictation by Archangel Michael [Also part of the Toolkit] where you can listen to this dictation and make calls for other people, perhaps even looking at their picture while envisioning Archangel Michael cutting them free from the dark forces that cause the addiction.

And therefore, by doing this spiritual work for such people, you can give them an opportunity to attain some relief from the dark forces that have taken over their minds. So that they can again come to the point, where they can possibly make a somewhat free choice to leave the addiction behind or to enter some kind of treatment program.

Yet, I must caution you that you cannot – or at least you should not – attempt to override people's free will. For you must understand that free will does reign supreme. And if a person is not willing to give up an addiction, there literally is nothing you can do about it. Unless, of course, you make yourself into a controlling force, whereby you then seek to become a stronger controlling force than the dark forces controlling the person through the addiction. But I trust that none of you who are spiritual are willing to do this.

So sometimes you must simply look at another person and say, “There must be a reason why the person needs to go through the experience of this addiction in order to finally sink to such a low level that the person turns around and says, ‘I cannot continue to do this.’"

And you will see, that there are some addicts who must hit bottom, as they say, before they can make the decision not to continue on that path. I know it can be extremely difficult to see people go through this phase. But again, it is only difficult if you have expectations and conditions.

And again, I must encourage you to go through the difficult process of looking in the mirror, looking in your own consciousness, and investigating why you might have an attachment to another person, why you cannot let them experience the experiences they need to have in order to finally turn around.

My answer might seem confusing. But do you see, again, the delicate middle way of not going into either of the two extremes that are always there in the duality consciousness? I encourage you to make an effort to help another person turn around. But if you make the effort and after some time realize that you have attained non-attachment to the other person – whether the other person changes – and you have attained a state of inner peace, and from that inner peace you feel that you have done everything you should reasonably do to help the other person. Well, if you do get that inner prompting and if you know it comes from peace, then do whatever you get prompted to do in order to move on and create a higher state of life for yourself.

As you have absolute respect for the free will of others, you must have absolute respect for your own free will and your right to say, "You may choose to continue down this path of alcoholism, but I have a right to choose not to follow you and not to let your choice affect me. And therefore I must leave you behind and move on."

And again, seek first the kingdom of God, seek first to heal yourself and attain that inner peace and non-attachment and I assure you—you will know what to do. For the answers will come to you in your heart. The answers that are perfect for the actual situation you are facing.




Copyright © 2007 by Kim Michaels

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