Mothers taking drugs and divine plan of the children

Question: I work as a nurse and in recent years there’s been a lot more moms taking drugs which affects their babies and I've often worried. You know, different types of drugs from opiates to methamphetamines and I wonder how that affects the children and their own divine plan.


Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Albuquerque (USA) in 2018.

This is obviously one of the, if you can use that word as an ascended master, saddest aspects of life on Earth, that babies in the womb are affected by these drugs or other toxins and therefore their whole life plan can in some cases be aborted even before they are out of the womb. Is there a way to deal with this? Well it is again only a matter of raising the consciousness so that these mothers will have some sense of purpose to their lives and some awareness that their lives are not just about themselves. These people will need to have some way to deal with the psychological aspects of their situations so that they can overcome the intense suffering that makes them want this escape that they seek from numbing themselves. 

Of course this is a very complex issue because it relates very much to so many other aspects of American society, where there is more and more of a division between the elite and there is more and more the emergence of this permanent underclass, the so-called working poor and therefore many young men and women have a sense of hopelessness that what can they actually do in their life. They can't even realistically pursue the American dream and so they very easily get pulled into this drug addiction as just a way to overcome the frustration they feel because they do not see any opportunity in their lives. 

This would require very deep and profound changes. What you can do when you are confronted with this in your daily work is: you can make the calls, if you feel so inclined, for the mothers to be cut free by Astrea from the drug entities. You can make the calls for the healing of the babies so that they can hopefully overcome these affects and have a more positive life. Again, as you probably know, all of you who work in these professions, there comes a point where you have to have a certain personal detachment to the suffering you see, otherwise you cannot deal with this. You are overwhelmed by dealing with so much suffering on a daily basis.


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