Addiction is a symptom, not a problem itself

Question: What are the spiritual and psychological ramifications of becoming intoxicated with alcohol or drugs and what are some things that we should keep in mind if a loved one is addicted to alcohol or drugs.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Albuquerque (USA) in 2018 

We have given you the teachings that everything revolves around free will. We have told you that ultimately you, which ideally is the Conscious You, is in charge of deciding you have the authority of deciding what enters your four lower bodies; however the fallen beings have of course never paid much attention to the law of free will except in order to learn how to violate it. They have found various ways to put people in a state where they allow something to enter their four lower bodies either without realising that it is happening or without understanding exactly what is happening. So the moment you take alcohol or drugs, you are going out of your normal state of awareness, which of course is the whole point of taking them but nevertheless what happens here is that then your conscious mind is not able to exercise its normal discernment as to what enters your four lower bodies. This means you become much more open, much more vulnerable to the dark forces who are constantly seeking to enter those four lower bodies. 

Now I’m not going to say here that this starts when you drink alcohol – for most people it has started before – because I am not trying to give you the impression that if you don’t drink alcohol or take drugs then the fallen beings cannot enter your four lower bodies. That isn’t the case. They have found many other ways including many subtle ways to gain access or to send some kind of arrow or insert some kind of hook into your four lower bodies. So for many people, there is already a certain inroad for the fallen beings before they start drinking or taking drugs. That is actually why they make that decision to cross that line and use these substances and it is especially what causes them to go through that sometimes gradual, sometimes abrupt, slide of becoming addicted to them. So you could say that the fallen beings already have some hooks in people’s auras otherwise they wouldn’t have become addicted. But once you are addicted, of course, the fallen beings have much more of an inroad and that’s why an addiction often becomes a downward spiral that people cannot stop until they, as the saying goes, hit rock bottom and now finally decide they have to change something. They have to try and gain some control of their lives again. 

It isn’t just so simple that you can say to people, “Well, abstain from alcohol and drugs and you’ll be okay.” That is why it is also so that few people have used alcohol and drugs and perhaps had been addicted to it, there is no reason to condemn yourself for this. You need to look at what it was that caused you to be vulnerable to this - what was it in your consciousness. We have of course given you many tools for this and I would quite frankly recommend that anybody who has been addicted to anything really would read the My Lives book because this is an opportunity for you to go through a lot of healing that can help you deal with why you became vulnerable to this. 

You see that alcohol and drugs will reinforce people’s downward slide or even put them in a downward spiral but there was already some influence by the fallen beings or people would not have gone into a state of addiction. In order to be free of this it is not enough to get to a point as, for example, certain programs say where, “You’re clean, you’re sober,” – that is not enough. It is not enough to force yourself to abstain. You need to look at the psychology behind it and resolve that psychology. Then you are free.


Copyright © 2018 Kim Michaels

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