Phases in overcoming reactionary patterns

Question: Lately, when I have a reaction from, let’s call it my ego, like a judgment or I distance myself from people. I usually used to look at that very critical. So trying to work it out of my system, not being able to let it be there. And lately, I’ve tried looking at my reactions with more compassion or even love. And I’ve noticed some kind of release or being able to shift more, given the perspective of my higher self, maybe. But because it’s so new, I still need to know is this also an avoiding of my psychological strategies?


Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Holland in 2017.

Well, my beloved, you need to go through certain phases. And so there is a phase where you start becoming more aware of your emotional reactions, but you still haven’t resolved the psychological issue that causes the reaction, and so it is valid to go through a period where you seek to pull your attention away from the emotions, you seek to step away from feeling it so personal. And therefore, you can seek to gain the perspective of your I Am Presence or an ascended master on this. Now, you need to understand here that the ego can misinterpret anything. You could say, for example, that if you take my dictation from last year that most problems people have, most conflicts between people, are petty problems. Then you could apply that and say that I am telling people to just ignore all problems but this is of course, not what I’m saying and certainly not at the personal level.

But it’s valid to shift out of taking it so seriously, being so burdened by it emotionally. And if seeing it from the perspective of your I Am Presence helps you, then that is positive. But of course, you need to be aware that ultimately in order to be free of these issues in your psychology you need to look at them. You need to heal a wound. You need to transform the energy. And you need to come to the point where you see the deeper belief you have about yourself that causes you to go into this reaction again and again.

And so, what you are doing is fine, as long as you don’t see it as the ultimate step. And of course, don’t let it stop you from looking deeper into the mechanism for why you react a certain way, or even why you have been so critical of yourself, why you feel that need to put yourself down or to judge yourself very harshly. This tendency to judge yourself is always put upon you by the fallen beings, by the dark forces, by your ego, and it is completely artificial. It is also in many places in the collective consciousness, and put upon you maybe by family members or other people. Sometimes, in a bizarre way they have no evil intent, but they think that in order to function in society you have to behave a certain way, and the only way to keep you within the boundaries of what they consider normal, you have to judge yourself and constantly evaluate your behavior.

In so many places in many cultures, they have this very judgmental attitude towards everyone and everyone is brought up to have it towards themselves. And you need to look at this and realize that it is not natural. It is not coming from your I Am Presence or the ascended masters. And you need to decide – is it something you want to carry with you for the rest of your life. And if you don’t, we have given you many teachings and tools on how to overcome it. If you use the teachings we have given, even my teachings on the cosmic birth trauma and the magnificent teachings you received today from the Presence of Love, you can make major progress on this. But we have also given many other teachings that can help you.


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