Personal security

Question: Is it possible to get personal safety and security with no physical effort while those around us in the world experience great suffering?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Novosibirsk, Russia in 2017.

My beloved, you need to recognize that when you are in the physical octave, when you are in physical embodiment, you are subject to the law of free will and therefore, there is no guarantee. The moment you decide to come into physical embodiment you will not be able to create absolute safety. Now there is much you can do on the short term level. You can invoke spiritual protection from Archangel Michael and other masters and this may give you some protection.

You can of course, seek to raise your consciousness so that you are not trapped in the dualistic mindset that makes it more likely that you will attract yourself to specific physical places where there is a greater risk of violence. However, you also need to consider that there can be a reason why you attracted yourself to a particular physical environment where there is more of a risk of being exposed to these things. But as you walk the path you may have transcended that reason, whether it was your karma that you have balanced, whether it was a certain consciousness that you had transcended, and there can come a point where you need to make the conscious choice – is this the kind of environment I want to live in or do I need to move to another place where the risk is smaller.

Surely this is planet Earth, it is a difficult planet, you cannot truly protect yourself from the violent aggressive actions of all people, but there are certainly certain places on Earth that are more safe than others and there can come that point where you need to evaluate in yourself and tune in to your I Am Presence and your divine plan whether you need to stay in that environment. Naturally, you may have a spiritual mission there, you may have something to do there, you may be there to hold a spiritual balance and in that case you need to learn to live with the situation, make the calls for protection, try to stay out of dangerous situations; but accept that there is always a certain risk associated with being in embodiment.

You can never completely raise yourself above this and therefore, there can come a point where you need to accept that this is the environment you live in and this is the way things are. And so you can come to a point where you need to learn not to react to such events and try to not to make them destruct your progress or destruct your work but to always move on.

This is of course, very difficult with some of these violent events. It is not that I in any way want to make light of it or make it seem like it should be easy to ignore this. But you will see that there are many spiritual people who at some point have removed themselves from their birth environment and in many cases it is because it was too dangerous of an environment or the collective consciousness was too low. And so you may need to make this evaluation in order to see what is right for you at the next step of your personal path. We cannot give a general recommendation on something like this because it is so individual for you each one, so it is a decision you have to make.

Many times it is not a matter of getting some direction that tells you what you should do. There are many of you who have magnetized yourself to a certain situation and you have worked on it, you have made progress on the path, but what you have not done yet is being willing to make the decision this is not the environment I want to live in, and so this can be a factor for some of you where you simply need to step up and be willing to make that decision.


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