People who worship the devil become the living dead

TOPICS: Your attention creates a bridge between you and the object – you become what you focus on – energy vortexes overpower you – you become a slave of dark forces – dark forces can empower people but want something in return – people with no spiritual light – the living dead –

Question: What happens to the people that worship the devil more so out of rebellion toward religion than an actual belief in a devil. An example would be Alistair Crowley.


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

What happens to lifestreams who worship the devil? As I explain throughout this website, everything in your life revolves around your free will. An important part of this is that you choose where to direct the mental and emotional energy that flows through your mind. Your energy is directed through the power of your attention. When you focus your attention on something, your energies begin to flow toward it, and you create a bridge of energy between you and the object, person or non-material being.

One might say that you worship whatever you put your attention upon for an extended period of time. Your attention forms a bridge, and energy can flow in both directions. Your attention will also qualify spiritual energy, and if it is qualified with a lower vibration, it will begin to accumulate in your energy field. As it does so, it will create energy vortexes. As such vortexes become stronger, they will begin to overpower your conscious thoughts and feelings, and eventually they will affect your sense of identity. Therefore, you will gradually become that upon which you put your attention.

The dark forces have only one purpose and that is to enslave you. So if you put your attention upon such dark forces through satanism or other forms of negative practices or philosophies, you will gradually become a slave of the dark forces. They will gradually succeed in inserting false beliefs in your consciousness and tricking you into creating energy vortexes in your energy field. Eventually, your conscious mind, your conscious will, can no longer resist the overpowering influence of the dark forces. You will therefore become a puppet or robot who is being manipulated by such dark forces 24 hours a day.

This is indeed what has happened to many satanists and even some rock musicians. There are rock musicians who are well aware that the moment they step onto the stage, an outside presence comes over them and expresses itself through them. This might give them a sense of power, and the audience might feel that the musicians are empowered. Yet the empowerment only has the purpose of milking the audience of their life energy. The devil never gives anything without receiving more in return. He can temporarily empower people, but the so-called gift always comes with strings attached. The devil will always want his pound of flesh, and he will show no mercy in extracting it from those who have made themselves the slaves of dark forces.

If you will look at such people, or even their pictures, and try to tune in to your heart and your Christ self, you can sense that these people have no spiritual light. They are literally empty shells. They are like the people in the Jewish religious establishment that attacked me during my mission. You might remember that I compared them to whitened sepulchers filled with dead men’s bones.

There are many people in the world today who are literally walking around as the living dead, meaning that they have no light in them whatsoever. The light that is in them has turned to darkness. In some of them the darkness is great, and it can give them a sense of temporary power on earth. Nevertheless, all things will come to an end, and one day the darkness is spent and there is nothing left. The devil has milked them for everything they had, and he will surely leave them when they no longer serve his purpose. Choose this day whom you will serve. You cannot serve light and darkness.

In contrast, God will not take your energy but will multiply all positive energy you express. He will gladly give you more as you show that you are faithful over a few things. The devil needs something from you. God needs nothing from you, but he is willing to give you his kingdom. You simply need to decide what you want.


By the way, Alistair Crowley has gone to the second death and thus his lifestream is now non-existent. 





Copyright © 2004 by Kim Michaels