Overcoming the guilt of abortion—or any other mistake

TOPICS: Accept that God’s love is unconditional – you are already forgiven – forgive yourself – dark forces seek to cause people to make mistakes – serpentine lies make it seem justified to violate God’s laws – many women feel guilt after an abortion – defending your decision keeps you in separation – dark forces seek to create guilt that makes you feel you can never be free from your mistake – no matter what mistake you have made, God only wants you to be free of it – there is no mistake you could make that cannot be erased – everything is an experiment – if an experiment does not turn out well, learn from it and move on – ideal way to deal with any mistake – you are the rope in a tug-of-war between dark forces and the ascended masters – let the masters win –

Question: God bless you. I have been following the teachings of Joel Goldsmith that lead me back to finding my true being – it has been a blessing and brought me some peace. However, in my youth, I did have an abortion. I have prayed about it often, but I still feel a tremendous amount of guilt about that decision. How will I ever be forgiven and forgive myself for that decision? Is there anything more I can do to repent?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

My beloved heart, thank you for giving me the opportunity to comment on how anyone can overcome the guilt for having made any kind of mistake. The following teaching will apply to any human being and any type of mistake.

There is indeed one more thing you can do. It is to accept that God loves you with a love that is unconditional, and therefore he has already forgiven you!

What stands in the way of you experiencing that forgiveness is your own lack of acceptance of God’s forgiveness. Therefore the one thing you can do is to accept that God has forgiven you and I, Jesus Christ, have forgiven you. Therefore, what is left is that you need to forgive yourself.

I realize that telling people to forgive themselves is almost like telling a blind man to open his eyes and see. Yet the truth shall make you free, so let me give you some thoughts to ponder that might indeed help you forgive yourself.

If you will read my beloved mother’s discourse, you will see that she explains that there is a force in this world that is consumed by a desire to prove God wrong, to prove that God made a mistake when he gave human beings free will. This force, which is actually a state of consciousness, will do anything possible to cause people to misuse their free will, so that they separate themselves out from God.

You see, when God gave lifestreams free will, he had to give them the opportunity to violate his laws—otherwise they would not truly have free will. By giving them this opportunity, God was hoping that, as lifestreams experimented with their free will, they would gradually come to the realization that it was in their own best interest, and indeed it was their highest love, to help co-create the universe within the framework of God’s overall vision and plan. Indeed, God was hoping that, after sending lifestreams into the world of form, they would, of their own free will, choose to build a sense of oneness with God.

So the foremost goal of the forces who are working against God’s plan is to cause people to separate themselves out from God and to become stuck in a state of consciousness in which they see themselves as separated from God. This then has caused these forces to set up numerous traps on planet earth. These traps have the overall purpose of causing people to see themselves as separated from God.

A great number of these traps have the purpose of causing people to violate God’s laws. This is done by creating an almost unlimited number of serpentine lies that make it seem like it is necessary, justified or acceptable to violate God’s laws. It is precisely this state of consciousness that is the hidden force behind the legalization of abortion. The idea is to create a mindset which entices women to believe that they have a right to decide their own destiny and that, in order to decide for themselves, it is acceptable to take the life of the unborn child. As I have explained in my discourse on abortion, it is indeed acceptable for women to decide their own destiny but not to the extent that they take the life of the unborn child.

One of the many subtle arguments used by the forces who seek to trap people it is that an unborn child is nothing but a blob of tissue. Yet, as you can personally witness, many of the women who have had an abortion have experienced various levels of grief, remorse and a sense of loss. This very fact should prove beyond any doubt that an unborn child is not a blob of tissue, and that is why a sensitive woman will know that her abortion took away the opportunity for a lifestream to come into embodiment.

Can you see the subtle plot here? Even though there are many dark intentions involved in the abortion issue, the overall intention is to fool women into taking the life of an unborn child out of ignorance or insensitivity. So let us now consider what happens to a woman who has had an abortion. There are two basic reactions.

I can assure you that every woman who has an abortion will experience a moment of truth in which she realizes that she made a mistake. There are, however, many women who barely notice this moment of truth or who push it aside so quickly that they claim they cannot even remember it. Yet I can assure you that some honest soul-searching would reveal to any woman that she did have a moment of truth before or after having an abortion. This is the same for any mistake that a person could possibly make. There is always a moment of truth.

When a woman denies the moment of truth, she can do so only by adopting a mindset of insensitivity to life. She can do so only by denying her connection to the unborn child in her womb. She can deny this connection only by denying her connection to all life, and especially to the divine mother herself. So my point is that by denying her connection to life, a woman has set herself apart from God. She thinks she is separated from God, and therefore she is separated from all life. That is why she can deny the idea that an abortion takes life.

When a woman adopts this reaction, the dark forces have won because she has separated herself out from God. And in many cases a woman will go to great length to defend her decision to have the abortion and thereby cement a sense of being separated from God. She might even go to great length to try to convince other people that an abortion is okay, and thereby cause such people to also see themselves as separated from God. She is simply perpetuating the serpentine lie that caused her to make the mistake in the first place.

Now let us look at the second scenario, namely that of a woman who chooses to acknowledge and admit the moment of truth. This woman realizes and admits that she made a mistake, which gives her the opportunity to become free of the serpentine lie and the dark forces. Obviously, a woman can make this decision only if she acknowledges a certain connection to life. By acknowledging this connection, the woman is also acknowledging her connection to God. Obviously, this is the exact opposite of what the dark forces want. However, this does not mean that they have lost the battle for the woman’s lifestream. It only means that the dark forces now go to Plan B.

The primary plan of the dark forces is to get people to deny their connection to God and thereby deny that they ever made a mistake. If the dark forces cannot prevent people from acknowledging that they made a mistake, they will use the next plot in their strategy. That plot is to give the person such a sense of guilt, such a sense of being a sinner, that the person feels that he or she can never again make things right with God.

When it comes to a woman having an abortion, the dark forces will project into your mind and emotional body the thought and feeling that you have committed such a grave mistake that you could never, ever make up for it. They will do this in a deliberate attempt to make you feel that you can never again be acceptable in the eyes of God, thereby causing you to separate yourself out from God by feeling that you are unworthy to be connected to God. In other words, they are trying to make sure that even though you have admitted making a mistake, you will never be free of that mistake.

Do you see what I am saying here? The first plan is to make people commit a mistake and deny that they made a mistake. Thereby, people will never be free of the mistake, in the sense that they are trapped in the consciousness that caused them to make the mistake. If that plan doesn’t work, because people do admit that they made a mistake, the dark forces will attempt to make sure that you feel such guilt over having made a mistake that you still will not be free of the mistake. They will do this by making you feel that you could never be redeemed for that mistake. In other words, the plot here is to trick you into making a mistake by violating God’s laws and then try to trick you into never being free of the mistake or the consciousness, the serpentine lie, behind it.

Do you see how subtle and how sinister this plot is? Do you see that billions of people have been tricked by this plot and its numerous variations? Can you see that this was never God’s plan when he gave his sons and daughters free will?

God has no desire to see you lost in a state of consciousness in which you deny your oneness with him. He has only one desire and that is to see you recognize the fullness of who you are as a son or daughter of God who has the potential to be one with God, to be a co-creator with God and to be God in this material universe. So God never desired you to fall into a lower state of consciousness in which you see yourself as separated from God. Therefore, once you have fallen into this lower state of consciousness, God has only one desire and that is to see you rise out of that state of consciousness and accept your true identity as a son or daughter who is blameless before God.

You see, when God gave you free will, he gave you the right to experiment within the framework of the natural laws that are upholding the universe. As I explain throughout this website, everything in this world is made from energy. Energy is a form of vibration, and vibration can be easily changed. The material universe is literally like a cosmic sandbox, in which you have a right to build any castle you like. Some castles will not be the best possible. However, you have not changed the sand; you have simply given it an undesirable form. To erase your mistake, just break down the castle and begin to build a better one.

When you make an imperfect choice and violate God’s law, you are lowering the vibration of a portion of God’s energy. You do this through the power of your mind. Yet the very fact that your mind has the power to lower the vibration of God’s energy should prove to you that your mind also has the power to raise the vibration of God’s energy.

In other words, there is no mistake you could possibly make in this universe that could not be erased completely. A mistake is simply misqualified energy, and once you raise the vibration of that energy, your mistake is erased permanently. Do you understand what I am saying here? I am literally saying that it is not possible for a human being to make a mistake that is permanent. Anything you do in this temporary universe will be a temporary manifestation, and therefore it can be erased.

If you make a mistake, God does not want you to feel guilty over having made a mistake. God wants you to recognize and admit that you made a mistake and then learn the lesson of how to make better choices in the future. This means that you must learn to see through and forsake the serpentine lie that caused you to make the mistake.

Once you have learned that lesson and truly forsaken the belief or consciousness that caused you to make the mistake, there is no constructive purpose for feeling guilty over having made a mistake. God gave you free will. God gave you the right to experiment with that free will, even to the point of violating the laws of nature. God did this because he wanted you to have the opportunity to learn that following God’s law is in your own best interest and is in fact what your lifestream loves to do. So God does not want you to feel guilty after making a mistake. God simply wants you to move on and learn your lesson from making a mistake so that you can come up higher in consciousness.

The dark forces are attempting to trap you in a state of consciousness that causes you to see yourself a separate from God. As one way to do this, they have created the entire consciousness of sin and guilt. The consciousness that you could never be redeemed for having made a mistake or committed a sin did not come from God, and it is distinctly anti-Christ in nature. One of the most important messages behind my coming to earth was that human beings can be redeemed and can be completely free from any mistakes they have made here on earth. You can be so free from these mistakes as if the mistakes had never happened. Unfortunately, many people have fallen prey to the serpentine consciousness, and therefore they think they could never truly be redeemed. This then prevents them from truly accepting God’s forgiveness.

Once again, the subtleness of the dark forces is very tricky. If they cannot ensnare you one way, they will seek to ensnare you the other way. So what I am saying here does not mean that people should take it lightly when they make a mistake or simply push it aside as being unimportant. If you do so, you will make more mistakes and therefore become more entrenched in the consciousness that causes you to make mistakes. This consciousness also causes you to lose contact with your spiritual self. So everybody needs to be alert to the fact that there are right choices and not so right choices.

When you make a choice that violates the laws of God, you are actually hurting yourself. If people truly understand what they are doing, no one will deliberately hurt themselves. It simply isn’t possible to hurt yourself if you truly know what you are doing. That is why people need to be alert, and they need to evaluate all their choices. They need to constantly seek to expand their understanding–with all thy getting, get understanding–so that they can realize intuitively when they have made an imperfect choice.

Let me sketch the ideal scenario for dealing with a mistake. Whenever you make an imperfect choice, there will always be a moment of truth. Be alert and acknowledge that you made a mistake, and seek to gain the best possible understanding of how and why it was a mistake. Learn to see through the serpentine lie behind your mistake. Then decide not to repeat the mistake. Ideally, you should decide to leave behind the consciousness, the lie, that caused you to make that mistake.

When you do this, every mistake you make becomes as stepping stone that brings you closer to Christ consciousness. This is what God wants to see happen for you. This is what I want to see happen for you. I realize that most people have descended into a lower state of consciousness and that they need to follow a gradual path that leads them to the full Christ consciousness. Therefore, I have a great desire to see people adopt the right attitude, whereby each mistake they make brings them closer to Christ consciousness. In that way, you can only win, and the dark forces have no hold over you. The prince of this world will come and have nothing in you.

So many people have misunderstood that saying of mine. It does not mean that you have to be perfect or have attained full Christ consciousness before the devil will have nothing in you. It means that you need to adopt the attitude that you are willing to learn from your mistakes and forsake the serpentine lie, the lower consciousness, that is the source of all mistakes. You are willing to acknowledge your mistakes without feeling guilty for having made a mistake. You simply learn from the mistake and immediately move higher on your spiritual path. You let a part of your human self die every day, as Paul said. You put off the old human, the dualistic mind, and put on the Christ mind. When you have this attitude, the devil will have nothing in you whereby he can use your mistake to trick you. You might still have some serpentine beliefs left that will cause you to make mistakes, but those mistakes become stepping stones to progress.

Do you see the important point here? I am not saying that it is right to have an abortion. I am saying it is a mistake to have an abortion, but it is not a mistake from which you can never escape. You can indeed become free, and the first step is to a acknowledge that you made a mistake. The second step is to truly forsake the consciousness that caused you to make the mistake. You truly forsake the wrong belief, the serpentine lie, that caused you to make the mistake. Once you have seen through and forsaken the lie, you must know that, at that very moment, your mistake has already been forgiven by God. This understanding brings you to the next step, where you need to make a conscious decision to accept God’s forgiveness and to simply move on without holding yourself back with a sense of guilt.

After having gone through this inner transformation, you then need to recognize that certain mistakes have consequences that reach beyond your own psyche. If the mistakes affected other parts of life, you will have created a karma in the form of misqualified energy. For you to be truly free of the mistake, the consequences of your actions need to be neutralized. In other words, having an abortion has consequences for the lifestream that could have come into embodiment as a result of the pregnancy. You can compensate for this in various ways, as I explained in my discourse on abortion.

It can take time before you have neutralized the negative consequences, and a sensitive woman will know intuitively that she has not yet paid back her debt to life for having an abortion. This might cause you to hang on to a sense of guilt even though it is not needed. As I tried to explain, there is no need to feel guilty once you have abandoned the consciousness, the serpentine lie, that caused you to make a mistake.

Once you have done so, you need to allow yourself to feel free of guilt. If you are not free of guilt, it shows you that you are being attacked by dark forces who are projecting this guilt into a your mind and emotional body. If you study my discourse on the levels of the material universe, you will see that there is much perversion in the emotional body of humankind. Therefore, it is very easy for the dark forces to use your mistakes to project the feelings of guilt into your emotional body.

My advice to you, and to all other people who have made a mistake for which they think there is no escape, is to contemplate the things I have said here. I strongly advise you to use the tools for spiritual protection to call for your mind and emotional body to be sealed from all dark forces and their projections of guilt, fear and other negative emotions. I advise you to use my call for the judgment of such dark forces, and you should call to Archangel Michael to bind and consume the dark forces attacking you personally. I also advise you to use the violet flame to consume all karma and all misqualified energy resulting from the mistake.

Finally, I advise you to use the technique for inner attunement to gain a deeper understanding of the serpentine lie that caused you to make the mistake. You can also use this technique to give your sense of guilt to me. Simply visualize that you enter the garden and sit down across from me. Then visualize that you take your sense of guilt, or other negative emotions, and cram them into a tight ball. Now visualize that you take that ball and throw it into my Sacred Heart, where it is instantly consumed by my unconditional and infinite love. Give this exercise once a day until you feel that you are free of the guilt. I can also assure you that giving Mother Mary’s many invocations,  is an efficient way to balance karma and to transform negative energy, including the energy of guilt.

As a closing thought, always keep in mind that you live in a world that is a battleground between two opposing forces. Your lifestream is the rope between two teams who are engaged in a tug of war. On one side of the rope, you have all of the dark forces out of death and hell, who are pulling on your lifestream to prevent you from growing. On the other side, you have the entire ascended masters, who are pulling on your lifestream to come up higher and grow.

However, unlike a normal tug of war, there is no question that one team is infinitely stronger than the other team. We of the ascended masters have the power to pull you up at any moment. The problem is that we have a handicap that often neutralizes our strength. That handicap is the decisions you make as to how you see yourself. If you fall prey to a serpentine lie, such as the lie that you are a miserable sinner who should feel guilty forever for any mistake you ever made, then you will give the other team an unfair advantage that will allow them to pull you down.

So simply decide to learn how to see through the serpentine lies and allow your brothers and sisters of the ascended masters to pull you up higher. Did I not say that if I be lifted up, I would draw all humans unto me? Do you think I was just kidding? I have the power to pull you up to our Father’s kingdom if only you will let me. Simply let go of the guilt that is keeping you tied to the consciousness of hell.


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