Overcoming the fear of being the Christ in action

TOPICS: Confront your fears – the fear of taking a stand – you have your personal fears – fear is in the mortal self – know you are more than the mortal self – build momentum on confronting fears – acting without analyzing –

Question: Can you help us how to overcome our fear and hesitation of being the Christ in action in the present moment?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

There is only one way to overcome fear, and that is to confront fear—by doing precisely what makes you afraid. And then realizing that although certain things may happen in the physical, whatever might happen in the physical has no power over the real you.

You will see that when I was sitting in the Garden of Gethsemane, the evening before my arrest, I was dealing with a very intense fear—not only the fear of my own but the fear of humankind. The fear of taking a stand and then seeing the consequences of being the target of those who will not be challenged because they believe they own this earth.

I wrestled with this as each of you must do in your own way. For you see, each and every one of us who have ever been in embodiment have had our own personal psychology—our own personal beliefs about what is important, what is not important. We have had our own personal shoulds and should-nots.

And thus, each person must wrestle with that. You have created, each one of you, your own personal sense of separation, your separate self, your mortal self. You will overcome fear only by looking that mortal self in the eye and acknowledging fully – experiencing from within – that you are more than the mortal self. And therefore, the fear of the mortal self has no power over the real you.

I did this in my own way. I confronted my own demons, as the saying goes, and thus I surrendered myself to what I knew was meant to happen in order to bring forth an example for all. You – each and one of you – must do the same. There is no standard way, there is no quick and easy solution that I can give you, there is no magical wand that you can wave, and – puff – the problem goes away. So, what you need to do is to start building a momentum of confronting your fears, starting with the lesser fears. And if you are afraid of doing something, then do it, and see that it was not nearly as bad as what you imagined in your mind.

Look at the example of this messenger who was afraid of skeletons as a child, and allowed himself to be locked in a closet with a skeleton. Thus realizing – as he knew in advance – that he would not die from that experience. And thereby overcoming the fear, but also building a momentum of simply confronting his fears whenever he becomes aware of them—with a little help from myself, I might add. So that he now comes to the point of realizing that there is nothing that is so fearful, that is so terrible, that he cannot face it.

And each one of you have that potential, and you simply need to start walking, to start putting one foot in front of the other, until you become more and more comfortable. Just as when you learned to ride a bike and you suddenly had the balance programmed into your subconscious mind—and now it became second nature.

And thus, it can become second nature to not only confront your fears, but to simply follow your inner promptings, so that you not even go into a consideration of the fear, you do not go into a vibration of fear. You simply instantly act on your inner promptings without going into the analytical mind of analyzing the potential consequences and what will happen if I do this and this, and what will happen if other people think so and so about what I do.

And thus you get lost in this analytical quicksand, and that stops your momentum. And you stand there, letting “I dare not wait upon I do,” as they say, instead of simply being the Christ in action and acting on your inner direction as soon as it enters your conscious mind.


Copyright © 2008 by Kim Michaels