Overcoming subconscious momentums

Question: There is an American psychological method which promises to quickly help clear subconscious momentums and help you overcome your past. Can you give us confirmation; is it dangerous or not for practical use? 

Answer from Master MORE through Kim Michaels:  

My beloved, anything that promises you that you can be set free of subconscious momentums quickly does not come from the ascended masters. Be wary of such promises, especially if they come from America, which is the ‘get rich quick’ and ‘get results quickly’ capital of the world. This is partly due to the American mindset that wants results quickly and that has grown ever more impatient in the modern age. You can see this in the media of how the press deals with issues in twenty-second sound bites, and that is supposed to be enough to expose the various aspects of a complex issue.

The subconscious mind is part of your soul. It has been built over many, many life times. There is absolutely no short-cut that can help you overcome subconscious momentums quickly, as measured with human time. There are indeed methods that can help you gain insight into your subconscious beliefs, and there are many such methods. I will not recommend specific ones here, for it is too complex. 

Yet you will see that there are two basic groupings: those who are aimed at helping you release energy and those who are aimed at helping you see your subconscious beliefs. Releasing subconscious energy may help you. It may be even necessary to use in the short run for people in a crisis. Yet for people who are dedicated to the path of the ascended masters it should not be necessary to use techniques aimed at releasing energy, for even if you release energy from your own energy field, you are still responsible, karmically and spiritually, for your use of energy. And you will have to transmute it before you qualify for your ascension.

Therefore, the best tools for dealing with energy in the subconscious are the decrees, rosaries and invocations released by us. You can use them to reinforce techniques that are aimed at helping you see the subconscious beliefs and momentums, but certainly our dictations and our invocations are also designed to help you see these subconscious momentums. 

I am not recommending that you use our techniques only, but that you use a combination as you feel inspired individually. You can experiment with several tools until you find some that work for you personally. But always use them along with our decrees and our invocations. If you know of the ascended masters, make use of what we have and then use other tools given in the world to supplement your invocation of light. 

We do work with many people. We do give many tools, often without the people even knowing that they receive tools from us. Yet as I said, there is no quick-fix, there is no short-cut. You have created the mountain of karma and you must un-create it by invoking light.


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