Overcoming an addiction

TOPICS: A chemical addiction requires physical treatment – also treat addiction in the mind – you are fighting a battle against dark forces – a hook in your mind that holds you back – enemy without and within – ignorance makes you defenseless – make calls for spiritual intercession – cause is imperfect belief about yourself – willpower is needed – willpower through love – addiction is a habit and it will take time to break it – what you resist persists – addiction might go back lifetimes – useful forms of therapy – the masters sponsor several forms of therapy –

Question: Master Jesus: Is a lifelong addiction (30+ years) due to wrong thinking in the subconscious and/or lower descended beings, and what is the successful way to fight/correct it besides working on attaining Christ consciousness?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

That depends somewhat on what kind of an addiction you are talking about. If the addiction involves a physical/chemical addiction, such as alcohol or smoking, you will need to treat both the body and mind. In other words, once a chemical addiction has been established, you should use physical means to help the body recover from the chemical addiction. However, the chemical addiction was not the cause of the problem because the addiction started in the mind. Therefore, you must also treat addiction in the mind.

We have talked about the need to overcome the epic mindset, yet these teachings are for people who are not facing an addiction, soul fragmentation or possession. To successfully treat an addiction in the mind, I recommend adopting the attitude that you are literally fighting a battle for your lifestream. There is indeed an adversary, a villain, in this battle, namely forces that are seeking to prevent your spiritual progress through the addiction. The essence of an addiction is that it causes your mind to feel that you cannot move beyond a certain point, you cannot rise above a certain level on your spiritual path. In other words, the addiction is like a hook in your mind that pulls you back to a certain level or perhaps even to lower levels.

In every addiction, there is an enemy without and an enemy within. The enemy within is the human ego, and we have given more teachings on the ego elsewhere. There are also dark forces outside of you, as explained elsewhere and in several answers in the section of dark forces.

So what happens here is that an unholy alliance is formed between the human ego, which wants to hold you back and prevent you from uniting with your Christ self, and the outer forces, which want to keep you trapped in the material universe. If your lifestream is not aware of these forces, it cannot protect itself effectively, and therefore it becomes an ignorant victim of these forces. It becomes easy prey for those forces who stalk the world, seeking whom they may devour.

To successfully fight such an attack, you need to use all the tools described on this website. You need to be diligent with spiritual protection and call for the binding of all imperfect forces that are attacking your lifestream, both from within and from without. You can call to Archangel Michael and myself to bind your ego and human self. You can also call for your Christ self to descend into your being and fill your consciousness and energy field with light so that there will be no room for any lower forces to enter. Of course, use the Spiritual Crisis Toolkit.

You can also use the Violet Flame to consume all imperfect energies stored in your energy field. As explained elsewhere, toxic energies form a magnetic pull on your mind and emotions that drags you into repeating negative habits.

Yet in the end, the cause of any addiction is an imperfect belief about yourself, about God and about your relationship with God. To effectively overcome this belief, you need to consciously see the belief for what it is, namely an imperfect belief. You must then decide to replace it by making a better decision that affirms the reality that you are a son or daughter of God. This can best be done through attunement with your Christ self.

Let me say that an essential element of any recovery from addiction is willpower. The addiction started with a decision you made, and it has been reinforced by many smaller decisions that all weaken your will to break the pattern. So it is important to know and acknowledge that the essence of fighting any addiction is that you must strengthen your will to break the pattern. You can call for your Christ self and for me to reinforce your will, but the most efficient way to strengthen your will is through love.

You must find something that you love so much that you realize the addiction is standing in the way of expressing or experiencing that love, and therefore you are willing to give up the addiction to reap the reward of what you love. You might love another person, a particular activity, your own lifestream, spiritual growth, me or God.

If you can find a love that is greater than the downward pull of the addiction, you have won half the victory. If you do not have such a point of love, use the invocations, especially the Unconditional Love Rosary, Invocation for Loving Yourself and Invocation for Clearing the Heart. I can assure you that Mother Mary has love to spare, and she will be happy to give you a portion of her love for your lifestream.

Another important tool is to realize that an addiction is simply a habit that has been created and reinforced by numerous repetitions of certain actions and thoughts. To break such a pattern will take time, and it is beneficial to make up a short affirmation which affirms the positive decision you are using to replace the toxic decision.

However, don’t seek to overpower the old habit by creating a new one. Always ask your Christ self to consume the imperfect thoughts and feelings. You might have heard the popular saying that what you resist persists. There is some truth to this, in the sense that if you give negative thoughts too much attention, you reinforce them. Therefore, it is better to consciously surrender the thoughts to your Christ self and ask it to consume them and to replace them with Christ truth. If you make an effort to build the habit of surrendering imperfect thoughts, you will have taken a major leap forward on your spiritual path.

All of these tools can be very effective, but when you accept the reality of reincarnation, you realize that the decision that led to the present addiction might not have been made in this lifetime. It can go back many lifetimes, perhaps even to the very point when your lifestream first decided to turn its back upon God and separate itself from the spiritual self. One aspect of this is that you cannot expect that such an addiction can be resolved overnight. It might indeed takes years to get to the bottom of such a problem.

Another aspect is that in some cases, depending on how severe the addiction is, it will be strongly advisable to seek the help of a skilled professional. There are many forms of therapy that can help you more quickly get to the bottom of the dysfunctional decision that caused the addiction.

Traditional psychotherapy can have an effect, but because the science of psychology is currently so based on a materialistic view of the world, it is not the best tool for helping you solve deep-seated psychological problems. There are a number of new and alternative psychological healing methods that are far better at doing this.

I do not intend this to be an exhaustive list, but here are a few recommendations. Some psychologists have started using a method called Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), and it can be quite effective. Certain forms of Health Kinesiology can also help you resolve psychological problems. Finally, I would recommend certain forms of hypnotherapy.

Let me make it clear that I do not recommend traditional hypnotherapy, in which you are put in a deep trance where you have no control over the session and no memory of it afterward. I emphatically discourage people from engaging in any kind of hypnotherapy in which a therapist puts suggestive thoughts into your mind. This very easily leads to a violation of your free will, even if the therapist is unaware of this and has the best intentions.

However, there are certain forms of therapy that are called hypnotherapy, yet they do not put you in a deep trance, you have full control over the session, you can remember everything and the therapist does not put any suggestions into your mind. These forms of hypnotherapy are more like a guided meditation that can help you get in touch with deep aspects of your psychology.

To determine if it is beneficial for you to make use of such therapy, follow the impulses you get from your heart. Use the technique for inner attunement to gain greater clarity.

If you do decide to engage in a form of therapy, use the spiritual tools to prepare for your sessions and to follow up. In other words, spend some time using the spiritual tools on our website working on a particular problem. Then go and do as many sessions as needed until you feel you have gained a greater clarity. In between sessions, use the spiritual tools.

Call for spiritual protection and for the binding of any inner and outer forces that are standing in your way. Use the Violet Flame to consume any imperfect energies that are brought up during the sessions. Also use the decrees to the seven rays to call for the transformation of these old habits. If you will combine therapy and the spiritual tools, you can make much faster progress, and you might indeed be amazed at the results.

I can assure you that if some of the psychological tools that are available today had been available 2,000 years ago, I would have had each and every one of my disciples go into some form of therapy. Many of the psychological healing tools are indeed sponsored by the ascended masters, for the particular purpose of helping people speed up their spiritual growth and manifest Christhood in one time lifetime instead of many lifetimes.

You live at a time when many valuable tools have been brought forth in many areas of life. There is absolutely no reason not to make use of these tools to speed up your progress on the spiritual path. Let me say that I am amazed that people will look backward and think that in order to follow Christ, they should live the way I or my disciples lived 2,000 years ago. This really is not my recommendation. As you can see, I am now making use of the technology of the internet, and I can assure you that I would have done so back then if the technology had been available.


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