No need to feel sympathy for the devil

TOPICS: Lucifer named for his potential – he chose to abandon that potential – when you cut yourself off from God, you cannot bring light – Lucifer had to steal light – sympathy for the devil – you do not have to rebel against God in order to exercise free will – evil is not a necessary polarity to God – Jesus is not connected to Lucifer – the Christ is not in opposition to evil; it is for God –

Question: Does the name “Lucifer” actually mean lightbearer or lightbringer? And does that mean he was meant to bring God’s light, meaning he is actually a good being that is misunderstood, as some teachings claim? Some say he only acted on his nature. Some even say Sanat Kumara is a Lucifer because he came to bring light. Some say there is a connection between Lucifer and Jesus.


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:


I have already commented in great detail about Lucifer and about evil elsewhere. However, let me comment on the name Lucifer and the meaning “lightbearer.”

Many American parents give their sons the first name of George in honor of America’s first president. Not every little boy named George ends up becoming president of the United States.

Lucifer was created by God, and as all other beings created by God, Lucifer was given a spiritual flame, a spiritual potential. As all other beings, Lucifer was given free will. He was given the name, Lucifer, because his spiritual potential was to bring light everywhere he went. No lifestream is created in full perfection. The lifestream is created with a potential, but it is up to the lifestream to walk a gradual path that allows it to fulfill its spiritual potential and then go beyond.

In Lucifer’s case, he made the choice to abandon his spiritual potential and to rebel against God and God’s purpose for creation. As explained elsewhere, LINK Lucifer fell in a previous sphere. This was not God’s original will or intent, but it was the result of Lucifer’s misuse of his free will.

After Lucifer fell, he eventually ended up in the latest of God’s spheres, namely what you call the material universe. His spiritual potential was to bring light, but that light had to come from God. Since he cut himself off from God, Lucifer could no longer receive light directly from God. So he had to steal light from those who were receiving light from God. This then is the entire modus operandi of the dark forces who are using all kinds of clever schemes to steal light from human beings. One of these schemes is to cause people to feel sympathy for the Devil.

To ensnare people, the dark forces use a very clever and very subtle form of logic, which I like to call serpentine logic. Here is one example of such logic, namely that Lucifer has been misunderstood and turned into a scapegoat.


Lucifer did not do what his nature impelled him to do. His nature impelled him to bring light, yet God gave everyone free will. When you have free will, you have the potential to rebel against God’s will and God’s law. God has given you the possibility of making that choice, but that does not mean that God wants you to make that choice. This is simply a mechanical aspect of free will. If you cannot rebel against God, you do not truly have free will. However, do not fall for the serpentine lie that says that you can exercise your free will only by rebelling against God. That is simply an illusion which springs from the dualistic mind.

To say that Lucifer did what his nature impelled him to do is a complete fallacy. This statement is the perfect example of the subtle serpentine logic that the dark forces have been spreading on this planet for a very long time. I am not blaming people for falling prey to this subtle logic, because it truly has penetrated almost every area of human culture.

Nevertheless, it is my role as a spiritual teacher to help people rise beyond the serpentine logic that causes them to remain trapped in the lower state of consciousness. Therefore, I must expose this logic, and I must do so with no possibility of human interpretations.

Sanat Kumara is a lightbearer or lightbringer. However, I don’t follow the line of reasoning which says that because the name Lucifer means lightbearer, everyone who brings light is a Lucifer. I might have agreed with this line of reasoning if Lucifer had indeed lived up to his spiritual potential and had brought light into this world. Since he did not do so, I see no reason to use his name to represent the opposite of what he now stands for.


Lucifer’s opposition to God’s plan is not serving some higher purpose of setting people free. Again, this is a perfect example of the subtle serpentine logic. The idea here is that evil is a necessary part of creation. I have already explained the fallacy of this line of reasoning in great detail elsewhere. In this context let me say that although I was in opposition to the orthodox Jewish authorities, the reality of the situation was that I was simply being who I am as a representative of God.

I did not come to be in opposition to anyone. I came to be a representative of God on earth. I was for God not against any human being. However, this inevitably puts me in opposition to the people and the forces who are rebelling against God and God’s law. Nevertheless, I did not create that opposition. The opposition and the confrontation is created by those who rebel against God. There is no need for God to have an opposite, and the absolute good of God truly has no opposite polarity.

I can assure you that there is no connection between Lucifer and myself. My teachings are based on compassion for those who are trapped in the lower state of consciousness. Lucifer himself had absolutely no compassion towards anyone, and his entire activity was based on the desire to entrap people in the lower state of consciousness.

There is no need to worry about Lucifer because he is no longer in existence. He has gone through the final judgment and the second death. LINK There are however many non-material beings who carry on the work of Lucifer. There are also human beings in embodiment who have aligned themselves with the dark forces and thereby become willing or unwilling instruments of such forces.

If you are serious about spiritual growth, you need to become wise as serpents so that you can see through the serpentine logic of these forces and avoid becoming ensnared by it. Everything such forces stand for will work against your spiritual growth. The essence of spiritual growth is that the truth will set you free. The essence of all dark forces is that their lives are based on lies. Therefore, seek the truth of God and leave behind the serpentine “truth” of the dark forces.





Copyright © 2003 by Kim Michaels