No magical key can give you Christ discernment – it is a matter of practice

TOPICS: No magical formula – practice is needed – be willing to be wrong – being afraid of making mistakes paralyzes you – fear blocks discernment – when your fear of mistakes is stronger than your love for being right – the masters cannot help those who will not try – creativity cannot be predefined – you must dare to experiment –

Question: For those of us desiring to develop more discernment on the inner path, what is the best way to do so?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

Follow my course in Christhood. It is designed precisely for that purpose. The teachings, the exercises, together form the best way that is currently available to increase your discernment.

There is no magical formula—there is no magical key that I can give you that will instantly give you discernment. It is truly a matter of practice makes perfect. And in order to start practicing discernment, you have to be willing to be wrong. For, if you are not willing to be wrong, you cannot learn how to be right.

And so, you must be willing to use whatever ability you have now to experiment and then learn from those experiments—without condemning yourself when you make a mistake. So many people, so many spiritual students, are actually afraid to practice discernment. For, they are so afraid of tuning in to any lower energies that they dare not use their discernment. But how can you learn to walk unless you practice? No one – no baby on earth – has ever gotten up and walked on the first try. No one has ever developed discernment in one instant—it cannot happen.

Some spiritual students have become so afraid of being influenced by the psychic or by the false hierarchy that they do not dare to practice their discernment. Therefore, they confine themselves to a particular mental box that they cannot get out of until at some point in the future they decide to T-R-Y try.

TRY stands for Theos Rules You and no one can make progress on the spiritual path without making an effort beyond what you have done so far. So, why have they not tried? Well, it can be only fear, and as long as you are in fear you cannot actually have discernment.

For, if you are so afraid of making a mistake that you are more afraid of being mistaken than you have a love for being right, then you are in a Catch-22. And the only way to break that Catch-22 is to use your will, your conscious will, to decide that you are willing to try. And even if you make a mistake, you will learn from it and go from there, and you will ask the ascended masters – in whatever way you conceive of us – to help you with that discernment—and we will.

But you must be willing to multiply the talents. For those who are not multiplying the talents, well then, we are not allowed to help you. We must leave you where you are, until you decide to raise your consciousness by experimenting, by being co-creators.

What does it mean to be a co-creator? It means to experiment. Creativity cannot be predefined. It is spontaneous, and it is only those who are trapped in fear who want a guarantee ahead of time—that if they get up and try to walk, they will not fall down. Well, no baby has ever gotten that guarantee—and no spiritual student will ever get it either, that if they try to develop discernment, they will not make mistakes.

And so, you do indeed see those who are potentially good students of the ascended masters, but they have been trapped in this Catch-22 of not daring to exercise their discernment. And therefore, they do not even dare to look at a new teaching, for they have already decided that it must be psychic or it must be the false hierarchy.

But you cannot discern that with the analytical mind—you can discern that only with the heart. But the heart needs to be applied, and you cannot apply it if you are not willing to take a look. It is, my beloved, the situation from the movie, “Chariots of Fire,” where the runner says to his girlfriend, “If I can’t win, I won’t run.” And, she answers back, “If you won’t run, you can’t win.”


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