No healing method is a cure-all

TOPICS: Many new healing technologies, but none are infallible – no technology is a magic wand – you always need to look beyond material universe – to develop new healing methods, people must attune to the masters – true healing must be psychological also – person’s consciousness necessary ingredient in healing – restoring brain function and spiritual faculties – multi-level marketing –

Question: Beloved Jesus, I have a question, probably a couple of questions in here actually. I know there are many karmic reasons for people falling ill, you know maybe karmic reasons, or diet, lifestyle, emotions and that kind of thing. I’ve recently been introduced to a new technology and it is called Glyconutrients, and it claims to help cell-to-cell communication and improve health and wellness in the body, and that it can help the body heal itself. And it is kind of claimed that it is a God-given technology. I was wondering about the authenticity of that, and also there are claims that it improves brain function. And so in terms of how you mentioned that alcohol destroys the brain, this technology claims that it can actually restore the brain function, and I was just wondering if that was true. 


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

There are many new technologies in the medical field and elsewhere that are inspired by the ascended masters. However, be careful about the claim that something is God-given. Because people have a tendency to transfer the idolatry from traditional religion and thereby thinking that this technology now should be infallible and therefore should cure everything.

There is only, as I said in my discourse, one true system, and that is the non-system of Christ consciousness. Technology is something in the material world. There is no technology that is a magic wand, a philosopher’s stone that will cure everything. There never has been—there never will be. For if there was a material way to solve all problems, why would people ever look beyond the material universe?

There are many technologies that are valid and valuable and should be developed and pursued, but people doing so should be careful about going into the state of consciousness of thinking that now we have finally found the cure-all. For those who adopt that state of consciousness are very close to entering the state of consciousness of the people who used to sell snake oil and other remedies that claim to cure everything.

Those who are in the healing field and working with new technologies, should be very conscious of the fact that they will get the best results by tuning in to the ascended masters, to their Higher selves, bringing forth new ideas from the spiritual realm. But they should also be aware of the fact that true healing must be a psychological, spiritual healing, where the person is helped to overcome the state of consciousness that outpictures itself as physical disease and physical syndromes.

You see, my beloved, there are so many people in the healing field who are driven by a genuine desire to help other people, but there is still some ego mixed in, so some have a desire to be famous, some have a desire to make money. And this gives them this drive to find this final cure-all that will help all people cure whatever disease has befallen them. The only cure-all is raising of the consciousness of the people, so that they transcend the consciousness that precipitates a particular disease.

I would also caution you that there are many healing technologies that are valid. The one you mention is valid. But, there is no healing technology that works in an entirely mechanical fashion. For if you study my life on earth you will see that in several instances before I healed a person, I would ask them “Believest thou that I have the power to do this?” And only if people answered in the affirmative, would they be healed.

The person’s own consciousness is the necessary ingredient in healing the physical body. That is why so much of modern medicine is aimed at treating symptoms rather than causes. For much of modern medicine does not truly heal, it simply masks the symptom, so that the person can continue his or her lifestyle without feeling the symptom that really is an outpicturing of a particular state of consciousness.

Although it is physically possible to restore brain function, even by certain exercises, the true spiritual faculties cannot be restored simply by physical means, nor can they actually be completely destroyed through physical poisons. And it is possible that people can reclaim their spiritual faculties even if they have been into drugs or alcohol. But it does require a dramatic shift in consciousness, that many people find it very difficult to do, when they have been burdened by alcohol and drugs, that dull their spiritual faculties. And that is why this becomes a catch-22 and even a physical restoration of the brain function would not necessarily compensate for this. For what is needed is that the person takes full and final responsibility for his or her growth and state of consciousness.

And thus, my final note is, use the technologies that are there, the ones that seem valid, but do not ever fall into the trap of thinking that there is a mechanical cure and that it is not necessary to change the consciousness.

NOTE: This answer should NOT be construed to mean that Jesus is endorsing a particular product, company or marketing method. In fact, the ascended masters do not generally approve of multi-level marketing as it tends to concentrate wealth in the hands of a few people at the top of the pyramid. However, the real question should be whether the product itself is valid. Is a company selling a product that helps people or is it selling a marketing scheme based on the dream of getting rich quickly?





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