The next step in economy

Question: Because this world is infected by duality, what is the next step after Communism and Capitalism.  Capitalism cannot  survive without  opposition. 

Answer by Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

Well, I have commented on this before. So the next step is, of course, to find an approach to the economy that is based on some humanitarian awareness of what is best for all people and not just for the elite. And this can be done in many different ways and it’s too complicated in a short answer to go into it in depth, but it is also something that I’ve already talked about that we’ll talk about more also, as we move further into the golden age teachings. It’s clear that what you can see if you look at Capitalism and Communism, you can see that they are unconscious systems, they are unaware systems—they are based on a certain level of awareness. But it is not an awareness that is based on what we have called the essential or the basic humanity. In other words, it’s based on that sense of separation, where people see themselves as separate beings and they say: How can we create an economic system that’s good for us that’s good for the elite.

And so the next step is actually to create a more humanitarian economy that is best for everybody. Now, some nations have already made quite a bit of progress towards this, many of the nations in Europe, Canada, and many others have made progress towards creating a more egalitarian economy that isn’t strictly capitalist. Because there is at least something control by the state that prevents corporations from taking over. You could argue that even the United States has some limitations to corporations although not as effective as some other nations. So, this really is the next step: an economy that isn’t driven by an ideology or system but that is driven by this awareness of what is best for the whole what is best for all people in that nation.



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