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Are some spiritual beings born in a special way - April 28, 2017 

Why so few dictations from Kuthumi? - April 28, 2017

What happens at the time of death?  - April 28, 2017

Spiritual help for people with dementia or Alzheimer's - April 28, 2017

Kabbalistic teachings - April 28, 2017

Purpose of the ascension - April 27, 2017

Can animals reincarnate as humans - April 26, 2017

The Lotus Sutra and the inner path of Buddhahood - April 24, 2017 

Building discernment about spiritual techniques and teachings - April 23, 2017

Did Rumi ascend? - April 22, 2017

Are ascended masters from particular nations? - April 19, 2017 

Christ consciousness, clairvoyance and riches - April 17, 2017 

Uranthia and fantasy books - April 14, 2017

When your life does not seem to change - April 12

Karmic relationships with parents - April 10, 2017

Multiplication of decrees - April 7, 2017 

Is this your last lifetime? - April 3, 2017 

Cutting attachments - April 1, 2017 

Tribute to Ancestors - March 30, 2017

How Kim Michaels started as a messenger - March 28, 2017

Can people quote the teachings? - March 27, 2017 

How the masters work with us - March 26, 2017

Spiritual escapism - March 22, 2017

Harmful vibrations from your environment - March 19, 2017

Food and diet - March 17, 2017

Divine direction and creative flow - March 12, 2017

What is the rapture? - March 10, 2017

The reality of the 5th dimension - March 7, 2017

Were Christed beings born at the same time? - March 6, 2017

Why refugees are drowning - February 24, 2017 

The refugee crisis is an opportunity - February 22, 2017

Why mental illness is on the rise - February 21, 2017

No simple way to clear emotions - February 19, 2017

How free is free will? - February 16, 2017

Dealing with your cosmic birth trauma - February 11, 2017

What do the masters think about physical exercises? - February 2, 2017

Spontaneous calls - January 19, 2017

The power of deciding “It’s enough” - January 12, 2017

Being balanced on the path - January 11, 2017

Reacting and analyzing - January 8, 2017 

Daring to express love - January 7, 2017 

Accepting yourself as you are - January 5, 2017

Loving yourself as you are right now - January 4, 2017 

The masters taking on form - January 2, 2017

About Saint Germain - December 30, 2016 

Are you thinking your thoughts? - December 17, 2016

Making decisions and dealing with consequences - December 15, 2016

Being too harsh on yourself - December 14, 2016

About opposition to growth - December 12, 2016

How do I know if a situation is a test? - December 10, 2016

Is an ascended master God-free? - December 9, 2016

How to know that the ascended masters are real - December 7, 2016

Free energy - December 4, 2016

About homeschooling - December 2, 2016

Are we in an emotional dark age? - November 28, 2016

All animals will eventually disappear -  November 26, 2016

How to work with elemental beings - November 25, 2016

A new money system and the end of debt-based money - November 23, 2016

How new ideas about the economy are released - November 21, 2016

Zecharia Sitchin and the limitations of DNA - November 18, 2016

Why there are no extra-terrestrials on earth - November 16, 2016

Prophecies about physical changes, Planet X - November 15, 2016

Seeing the violet flameSeeing the violet flame - November 13, 2016

The atomic accelerator chair and progressive revelation - November 10, 2016

The electronic belt and emotions - November 9, 2016

How to interact at a spiritual conference - November 8, 2016

The original inhabitants decide the fate of the earth - November 7, 2016

Do we judge dark beings? - November 6, 2016 

Popes held artificially alive by Catholics - October 8, 2016 

Cause of drought - October 7, 2016

Hyperinflation in the U.S.  - October 6, 2016 

Conflict between Russia, China and the United States - October 5, 2016 

Remembering past lifetimes - October 4, 2016

How to improve memory - October 2, 2016 

Can we embody in other octaves or worlds? - September 29, 2016

How to pray for loved ones - September 28, 2016 

Ramtha and the White Book - September 27, 2016 

What music should we avoid? - September 26, 2016

Is the Book of Revelation valid? - September 25, 2016 

Multi-national corporations exploiting Africa - September 23, 2016

Peace in Ukraine and changes in Russia - September 22, 2016 

Dealing with people who are always right - September 21, 2016

How to speak about spiritual teachings - September 20, 2016 

Do we have to have opinions about everything? - September 17, 2016 

Will we reach an ultimate level of the path? - September 16, 2016 

No easy way to reach higher consciousness - September 14, 2016 

What is the cause behind jihadist Islam? - September 12, 2016

Can we reach God consciousness? - September 10, 2016

How Shiva cuts you free from negative energy - September 9, 2016 

How ascended master conferences are arranged - September 2, 2016

How to experience an ascended master conference - September 1, 2016 

What to eat at a spiritual conference  - August 30, 2016

Why can’t the masters say anything they want through a messenger? - August 28, 2016

Saint Germain's deepest concern for America - August 22, 2016 

As America goes, so goes the world - August 21, 2016

The conflict between black and white, the Civil War, Anarchy - August 20, 2016

How to change the American government - August 19, 2016

Kuan Yin will stay with earth. - November 10, 2015 

The Dalai Lama can move onThe Dalai Lama can move on - November 6, 2015

The fate of the tibetan people  October 29, 2015

Do people qualify for the ascension today? October 25, 2015 

The State of Israel is a test for all people - October 23, 2015

Conspiracy theories and the State of Israel - October 21, 2015 

Where are Stalin and Lenin today? - Oct 12, 2015


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New program Mother Mary's 500 vigil Korea


There is now a new program for the Mother Mary's 500 vigil, which will be focused on korea.

You can find more information HERE.





A very unusual new book



My Lives with Lucifer, Satan, Hitler and Jesus



Through an engaging personal story, this book manages to question all of the paradigms upon which our civilization is built while providing answers to the deeper questions of life, first of all: “Why is there evil in the world?”


Experience the contrast between life on natural planets (99% of the billions of inhabited planets in our universe) and unnatural planets with warfare, poverty, suffering and death. Learn how earth became an unnatural planet and how this allowed specific lifestreams to embody here. These “fallen beings” have no empathy for human beings but consider us mere tools for their experimentation. Some fallen beings have an epic cause while others consider themselves artists who “paint with the blood of humanity.”

Follow the protagonist in his shocking first embodiment on earth where outrageous torture and plotting forced him into a reactionary pattern with the fallen beings. Follow his long and arduous climb until he could do the one thing that sets you free from the fallen beings.


Follow the fate of three of the most cruel and insensitive fallen beings and how it was intricately linked with the mission of Jesus. The
protagonist gives a first-hand account of the lifetimes of Jesus, describing the astonishing process that made him who he was and is. Read about the true mission of Jesus and how the fallen beings have obscured it. Discover how 10,000 people vowed to stay in embodiment for these past 2,000 years in order to preserve the real message of Jesus in our time—and find out if you are one of these people.


If you thought The DaVinci Code provided a provocative view of the life of Jesus, this book goes much further and effectively shatters the PIN (Programmed Illusion of Normality) created by the fallen beings. They don’t want anyone to follow the example of Jesus and thereby bring about the removal of the Dark Master who is the fallen being responsible for the wars of the 20th century.




For more information, CLICK HERE







American conference for 2018


Aligning America with The Mind of Saint Germain

North American gathering with the ascended masters and messenger Kim Michaels, to be held September 27-30, 2018, at the Holiday Inn Express in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


For more information, click here.





Another conference for 2017


We are happy to announce a new conference that will take place in Estonia this coming December:


Healing the individual and collective psyche in Eastern Europe

International conference with the ascended masters and Kim Michaels

Tallinn, Estonia, December 01.-03. 2017


This is a great opportunity for all those who have lived in a former Soviet republic or Warsaw pact country (in this or previous lifetimes) to make a contribution to healing the wounds from that time and help not only some countries, but all of Europe and Russia to move forward and leave the past behind.


For more information, CLICK HERE.




Last Korea dictation posted


I have now posted the transcription of the last dictation from the conference in Korea.

I will be taking a break from editing dictations because I need to make invocations for some of these dictations so the Korean team can publish them as a book. I also have a book to finish.

The Korean Team has started two courses as both online and in-person courses. They are:

Course 1 - The Path to Self-mastery: 63 persons 

Course 2 - Master Keys to Personal Christhood: 42 persons

So there is a lot of activity in Korea and we look forward to seeing what changes that brings in the nation.



kodulehe tegemine