Music and inspiration from the ascended masters

Question: There is a Korean boy band called Bangtan Boys or BTS, which is famous worldwide, mostly appealing to young girls, aged ten to twenty. They perform inspirational songs, with the goal of preventing social prejudice and pressure for young people and they mostly get a positive response from young people. The question for the masters is this: Does the BTS group and their music get some inspiration from the ascended realm or the ascended masters? How do the masters see the BTS music and the people’s response to it?


Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Estonia in 2018.

There has, especially in previous ascended master dispensations, been a lot of discussion or focus on whether we sponsor some particular activity or organization or whatever. Although this isn’t directly asked in the question, I will address that also. The idea that we sponsor something has often been misunderstood by ascended master students. They think that if we say, for example, we sponsor an organization then that sponsorship should last forever or we approve of everything that is happening. But that isn’t the case unless we have a specific situation, where a specific master is saying, “I am sponsoring that organization.” Of course that still doesn’t mean that El Morya, for example, approved of everything that was going on in the past dispensation and that’s why the sponsorship eventually came to an end. In terms of something like a music band, it is clear, my beloved, that music is not going to go away and certainly young people are not going to stop being interested in music. So we of the ascended masters are very interested in using music to have a positive effect on young people but we are not sponsoring a particular band. It is not so that you could take a particular band and say: “Oh, their music is inspired fully by the ascended masters or is somehow given by the ascended masters.”

What we do is release energies and ideas in a more general way than what you are used to when we give a dictation. In a dictation it is a much more specific, much more directed release from us. In a more general release we are constantly just releasing new ideas and certain energies and we are not releasing them to a specific group of people. We are simply allowing anyone who is able to tune in to – so to speak, download, (using a computer expression) – the ideas. This particular band has received some inspiration like that and so have other bands. From what was said in previous ascended master organizations, one would say that the ascended masters could not approve of the type of music of some bands but as I said, we have to be realistic and look at what kind of music young people are currently listening to. If we could find a way to inject some kind of higher ideas there, some kind of inspiration, we would be willing to do so. Do you see what I am saying? When you have a messenger who has received a mantle, when you have an organization that is directly sponsored by an ascended master, certainly there are some strict requirements that need to be fulfilled. But when it comes to this general inspiration, we do not have the same kind of requirements. We are willing to work with anyone who has the sensitivity and the openness of mind to receive something from us. We know that in many cases this might mean, for example, a band will write one song that has a positive, uplifting effect but they might write three other songs that don’t. We are still willing to put out the one that can be uplifting because it has a positive effect on some people. 

The same goes for many other areas of society. There can be a politician who receives one idea from us. He may have ten other beliefs or ideas that are not in alignment with ascended master ideals but nevertheless we have to work with what is there and seek to improve something. You have to realize that if you look back at Earth – say, the last two thousand years – there has been tremendous progress. That progress has not been brought about by people who were in the Christ consciousness. If we had sat there and said, “We will not release any new ideas until we have enough people in the Christ consciousness to receive them,” then the world would still be in a much more primitive state. So we have to start somewhere. We have to work with people who will be able to receive even one idea in a lifetime. We cannot be discouraged or dissuaded by the fact that they might receive ideas from the astral plane also and what they bring forth is a mixture. If there is nobody else to bring forth that idea, we release it because the idea will have a positive effect. The same thing with music – you have to start somewhere. We cannot say that we are not willing to work with musicians until they have reached a certain level of perfection. We need to look at what’s there: Is there someone we can work with? Then we do that and that has a positive effect. It shifts what young people can see or experience and gradually people will begin to demand a higher form of music than was there before. It doesn’t happen all at once. It just simply can’t, given the level of consciousness right now.


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