Mother Teresa – did she become an ascended being?

TOPICS: Requirements of outer and inner karma – karma with other and karma with self – resolve your relationship with God – each person has a unique mission in life – following your inner voice –

Question: Master Jesus: Will you please comment on Mother Teresa? Did she become an ascended being in the respect that her lifestream had possibly completed her lives’ journeys?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

There are a number of requirements that must be met before a lifestream can go through the ritual of the ascension. Some of these requirements must be fulfilled while the lifestream is still in physical embodiment, and Mother Teresa did indeed fulfill those requirements. Therefore, the lifestream of Mother Teresa does not have to come back into another embodiment.

They are still certain requirements that can be fulfilled from the spiritual realm, and the lifestream of Mother Teresa is currently working on these requirements. When they are met, her lifestream will go through the spiritual ritual of the ascension. I anticipate this happening within the next decade or less.

What Mother Theresa has not yet fulfilled are the requirements of resolving any wounds or limiting beliefs in your psychology. In other words, there is the karma you have with other people, and which was created through your actions in this and past lives. Mother Theresa abundantly fulfilled these requirements through her life-long service to others. And then you have the karma with yourself, which is your state of consciousness. Some of the latter can be resolved while not in physical embodiment, and Mother Theresa has not yet fulfilled these, as she has not resolved her relationship with God. This is in part due to her strict adherence to Catholic doctrine, which makes it very difficult for people to resolve their relationship with God.

Mother Teresa did indeed provide a magnificent example of a person who embodied my teachings about loving your neighbor as yourself. Mother Teresa did fulfill her personal mission and calling and did exactly what she was meant to do during her lifetime. As a result of doing this, she met the outer requirements for her ascension and does not have to return to earth.

However, it is very important that people realize that not everyone has the same mission or the same type of mission as Mother Teresa. In other words, for some people it will be right to emulate Mother Teresa’s lifetime, but for others this would not be correct. Other people have different missions and different paths to follow.

As one example, let me mention that if everyone took the same approach to the outer church as the approach taken by Mother Teresa, there would be little hope that the Catholic Church would ever be renewed. And as is explained throughout this website, especially in the dictation by my beloved Mother Mary (Link 1Link 2), there is indeed a very urgent need for reform in the Catholic Church.

Mother Teresa did not engage in any attempt to reform the Church, and had she done so it would have compromised her personal mission. However, it is important that other people do not reason that they should be as accepting of the Church as Mother Teresa was.

If you truly analyze the life of Mother Teresa, you will see that she was willing to follow the voice of God as it spoke to her in her heart. Had she not followed the inner voice, she would have become a non-distinct Catholic nun and would never have started her mission in Calcutta. It was on her way to the Himalayas that she heard the voice of God tell her to go to Calcutta and minister to the poorest of the poor. Many orthodox Catholics would have either ignored this voice or responded with fear and labeled it as the voice of the devil. Yet Mother Teresa had the courage to follow the voice, and that is indeed how she fulfilled her personal mission.

The voice of God that Mother Teresa heard was indeed the voice of an ascended being, an ascended master who is her personal teacher. He is known in various spiritual organizations as El Morya, or Master MORE.

In contemplating the life of Mother Teresa, I would like people to learn that they should follow their own inner voice. Instead of reasoning that they should live their outer lives as Mother Teresa lived hers, they should learn from her example of following the inner voice. If your inner voice tells you to go to Calcutta and minister to the poorest of the poor, by all means do so. But if your inner voice tells you to do something different, then follow that direction.

And if your inner voice tells you to speak out against the status quo in the Catholic Church and to transform the Church into a living church, then by all means follow that voice. If no one stands up against the misuses of power taking place in the Catholic Church, there is little hope of transforming the church. And as Mother Mary has explained, God’s judgment can indeed be swift.

NOTE: Jesus has since given a series of discourses on Mother Teresa’s interior darkness.


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