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TOPICS: Attachment to ideas can indeed cause the truth to hurt – does music raise or lower energies – when energy concentrated in lower chakras, people cannot grow spiritually – the rhythm in nature – some people bored by harmonious music – they resist harmony – many modern rock musicians are rebellious souls reincarnated – syncopated beat destroys harmony of nature – draining your life force – a downward spiral – need for a new type of music for the youth –

Question: Dear Master Jesus and Kim…Blessings. Your recent response to Rock Music was shocking to both my son and myself. My son’s gift for making music started at a very early age, which includes what would be called rock music. What I witness whether he is playing a solo acoustic, or on stage with his live band is a powerful message of brotherhood and understanding. People cry because the music touches their hearts and inspired to take note of life, its pains and joys and the need to take care of one another. I’ve seen it over and over again. Rock has a wide range of tones, rhythms, vibrations that have inspired millions upon millions of listeners and musicians for the past 50 years. It is said, the Truth cannot hurt, that it unites, inspires, and calls forth our best… This is one area of your great wisdom that I must speak, or at the very least beg for greater clarity. Your words were no less sweeping if you would have said the same about all religions of the world were false or had no good to them.! 

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

My beloved son, because I know you are willing to come up higher, I will use your response as an example of what can happen to people when one of their long-held, fundamental beliefs is challenged. You say that the truth cannot hurt, but that statement is not universally true. If a person has become emotionally attached to an idea or belief that is out of touch with truth, then it can indeed hurt emotionally when that person is presented with the truth. It can be painful for a person to acknowledge and admit that the long-held belief, which the person believed was absolutely true, has indeed been in error all along. And this causes many people to seek to avoid the pain by denying the truth that challenges their existing beliefs—as do many of the people who find this website and are not willing to know the truth about me.

When people do have emotional attachments, they often tend to go into a response that one might call the “all-or-nothing” or the “black-and-white” LINK response. If people are not willing to let go of their long-held belief and accept the truth that can replace the belief, then they have no other option than to somehow seek to refute, question or discredit the truth or the source bringing forth that truth. This causes people to take things to the extreme and look at it from a black-and-white perspective. In other words, if this new idea is true, then my existing beliefs must be completely false, and since my beliefs can’t be completely wrong, the new idea must be false.

In your case, you are saying that if my statements about rock music are true, then your son’s involvement with music is completely false. You seem to be taking the perspective that he must play rock music or no music at all. You also seem to be saying that if my statements are true then they indicate that there is something that exists outside of God, and since you believe that cannot be the case, then you question my statements. In other words, either my statements are true or your beliefs are false. Allow me to show you an alternative response to this situation.

You see, my friend, your son has an obvious talent for music, and he came to this earth for the purpose of expressing that talent and helping to bring in a new and higher form of music. This is his highest potential, but to exercise that potential he needs to step up into the consciousness of recognizing that not all music is in alignment with the laws and the intent of God. If you carefully study my answer to another question about rock music, you will see that I am not making a black-and-white statement about music.

What I am really talking about is that some music causes the energies to flow down and become concentrated in the lower chakras, and this kind of music binds people to the matter universe and holds back, or even aborts, their spiritual growth. In contrast, some music causes the energies to flow to the higher chakras and thereby enhance people’s spiritual growth.

Nature itself has a built-in rhythm. That rhythm is the basis for everything that was created because, as the Bible explains, God created the matter universe through the power of sound. The basic rhythm of nature is 4/4, 3/4, 6/8, 12/4, 12/8 and so forth. The human heart beat follows the 3/4 rhythm. Any music that is in harmony with the basic rhythm of nature has a positive effect on people and on the planet as a whole. Any music which is out of harmony with the basic rhythm of nature will have a negative effect.

This can clearly be seen by the scientific studies that have shown that certain types of rock music causes plants to die, whereas certain forms of classical music causes plants to grow faster. I can assure you that what affects a plant will also affect a human being, although the human being is a much more complex energy system than a plant. Therefore, the effect is not as noticeable in the short-term.

As Maitreya explains, there are beings who deliberately and willfully rebelled against the laws and the creative intent of God. Such lifestreams have a negative view of the harmony and rhythm of nature. If you ask them about this, they will say that such music is boring. Yet if you go deep into their psyches, you will see that they find harmonious music repulsive precisely because it reinforces the harmony and unity of all life. They don’t want to be in harmony with all life or with God; they want to rebel against God by destroying the harmony of all life. And they will use music to destroy that harmony.

A number of these lifestreams have embodied on planet earth, and in past ages, that are not recorded by current science, they have actually used music to willfully destroy civilizations and even cause the sinking of entire continents, such as Lemuria and Atlantis. I know current scientists reject this idea, but this is another example of how people will reject the truth that challenges their comfortable beliefs.

Within the last century, a number of such lifestreams were allowed to once again take embodiment on planet earth. This was done to give these lifestreams a final opportunity to abandon their rebellion against God. It was also done to give humankind an opportunity to manifest discernment and avoid following these rebellious lifestreams. Some of the rebellious lifestreams have indeed turned themselves around and have started the upward path. Yet many of them continued their rebellion, and they have become famous musicians in the fields of rock, rap or other discordant types of music and art. They have created a culture that is based on the idea that anything goes and that “if it feels good, do it.” This is what has led to the drugs and promiscuity that follow the rock culture as a shadow. It has destroyed many lives and caused many people to set back their spiritual growth for lifetimes.

The basis for this new musical culture is music based on the syncopated beat, which breaks the rhythm of life. This forces the spiritual light into the lower chakras, where it is released in a violent action. As explained elsewhere, the chakras are designed to release light, and therefore it feels good when light is flowing through them. So even if light is forced through the chakras, the flow of light will still produce a pleasurable sensation. This is what causes people to feel pleasure during a violent release of light, whether this happens through rock music, certain forms of sex or other activities that force the light through the lower chakras. When a man is raping a woman, he feels pleasure, but I am sure you agree that doesn’t make rape right.

There are indeed many people on this planet who can feel that a violent release of light through the chakras is not good in the long run. Even though it feels pleasurable at the moment, it actually drains you of your life energy and leaves you feeling down, empty or depressed. Because nature abhors a vacuum, this emptiness makes people vulnerable to dark forces seeking to enter their energy fields.

This is indeed what happens to many people at a rock concert. The light is forced out of their chakras, leaving their energy fields open to demons that enter and manipulate people into taking drugs. This of course drains their energies even more and leaves them open to further possession, which can become a downward spiral that eventually can lead to suicide, even the suicide of drug addiction.

Many of the people who have become victims of such dark forces through rock music are precisely the type of innocent lifestreams who refuse to recognize the existence of evil. Such people are easily manipulated into giving their light to dark forces, and because it feels pleasurable to release the light, they cannot see anything wrong with it. And for many years they might be able to engage in rock music, drugs and promiscuity without noticing any negative effects. Yet there always comes a point of no return when the person has lost so much light that there is nothing left to sustain any kind of spiritual growth. The person begins to feel empty and often looks much older than his or her actual age. You will see that in many rock musicians and their followers.

Now let me return to your son’s involvement with music. As I said elsewhere, we of the ascended masters have a great desire to bring forth new forms of music that will appeal to the youth without having the negative effects of rock music. There are a number of lifestreams who have chosen to come into embodiment at this time to be the instruments for bringing forth this new and higher form of music.

Your son has the potential to be one of those lifestreams. This is indeed his lifestream’s highest potential and his highest love. Yet to realize that potential, he must strive for the Christ consciousness, which gives him the discernment to determine which music causes the energies to flow upward and which music causes the energies to flow downward. I can assure you, that if he will seek first the kingdom of heaven, meaning the Christ consciousness, all else will indeed be added to him from his higher self. He will then fulfill his highest potential and his highest love concerning music.

However, to reach that point he needs to overcome any emotional attachments to particular types of music that are popular in the current culture. He needs to decide whether he will serve mammon, meaning what is popular among human beings in a dysfunctional culture, or whether he will serve God, meaning what is the true type of music that God desires to bring forth.

As you point out, he is already able to create music that opens people’s hearts. Obviously, this means that the music causes the life energies to flow upward through the higher chakras. He simply needs to study music and to seek attunement with his Christ self, so that he can perfect his ability to open people’s hearts through music.

So he needs to decide whether he wants to be the instrument for bringing forth a higher form of music that can open people’s hearts to God, or whether he wants to practice the music that is popular in the current culture? Does he want to reinforce the current culture, or does he want to help bring forth a new and higher culture?

I am a spiritual teacher, and as such I respect the free will of every person. My job is to give people the understanding that will help them make wise choices. When I have given them that understanding, the Law of Free Will requires that I must step back and let people make their own choices. I hereby step back and allow you to choose this day whom you will serve.


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