Money is meant to be a medium of exchange

Question: The masters have said that in a Golden Age economy, money must be tied to something of value. To me this means linking money to gold, however, is there a higher potential of linking it to the value of people’s labour. If so, what does that look like in practice? How do we link money to the value of labour?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Albuquerque (USA) in 2018.

I know very well that in previous dispensations it has been believed that the way to get the American economy on track was to return to the gold standard. But as I have expressed before, given the present level of the economy, it simply isn’t practically possible to put America on a gold standard, for the simple reason that there isn’t enough gold to represent the value of the current level of economy. There isn’t enough gold that has been mined and if you did put America on the gold standard, the value of gold would have to increase tremendously. And that would give a very unfair advantage to those who currently own gold. And I can assure you that most of the gold is owned and controlled by the power elite.

What I envision in the Golden Age is of course, a series of stages for the development of money and it’s true that one way is to link it to people’s labour but you don’t really have to link it to anything particular. There will come a point where you are simply looking at the overall state of productivity in the country, where you are simply saying, “What is actually being produced?” And it is not so, my beloved, that you need to have a fixed relationship between a tangible good and the amount of money because money is actually meant as a medium of exchange. How much money needs to be in circulation in order for people to be able to exchange the goods and services that are there?

I know this sounds awfully complicated at the present level but as we move closer to the Golden Age, not only will awareness be raised but there will also be technology in the form of computer technology that will make it possible to much more easily calculate exactly how much is being produced and therefore how much money needs to be there.

Now, it isn’t so that there needs to be a fixed amount of money. That will not change. This is a highly changeable factor. The amount of money in circulation will be constantly fluctuating but this becomes much more complicated than the current economic system is able to deal with but as we move into the Golden Age there will be a gradual shift where this becomes manageable. And it therefore becomes possible to create these economic models where you can calculate how much money needs to be there and even if it is off a little bit, it doesn’t matter so much because the system can, to some degree, regulate itself. So tying it to people’s labour, yes it is a possibility but there are other things you exchange in society than your labour. So how do you quantify that? How do you quantify creativity, for example? Again, we need to be more looking at what is it that people exchange and how can they then have a medium so that they can exchange things rather than going back into the barter economy where you have a direct exchange of goods and services.

I know I am not giving you much of an answer but that is because we are not yet at the level where I can release this technology and knowledge. It will take a gradual process to get us there. And, quite frankly, it will take some people who have a very great knowledge and experience with the economy to receive these ideas and implement them. And that is where, of course, as this messenger fully acknowledges, there is a limitation to what we can give through a person who does not have that expertise as there is a limitation to what we can give at a certain time.


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