Martial arts and spiritual growth

TOPICS: Martial arts can be foundation for spiritual path – avoid fear – misguided Chi generates paranoia – avoid vain competition – original goal was spiritual growth –

Question: I have a question about martial arts. Is it all right to study martial arts. not to go out and kill somebody but to defend oneself and channel your Chi. i was wondering while you were in the far east. did you study martial arts, you probably didn’t but maybe you were with monks who did, example shaolin monks. I was wondering if Kung Fu and Tai Ch’i Ch’uan were an acceptable use of God’s energy.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

There is much truth and much of value to be found in several forms of martial arts. Many people have indeed been able to find the universal spiritual path by using martial arts as an on ramp to the path that transcends all outer labels and divisions, including the need for self-defense, the mastery of the physical body or even the mastery of Chi itself.

As in any field on earth, it is possible to pervert the martial arts. You do indeed see this both in the East and in the West. This occurs especially for two reasons. One is that martial arts becomes overly focused on the need for self-defense. If your approach to martial arts springs from fear, then practicing martial arts can actually reinforce the fear, and this can eventually lead to paranoia.

Some people have indeed channeled their Chi in the wrong direction and have thereby become paranoid, thinking that someone is out to get them. This can indeed lead them to take self-defense to the extreme, making them think that it is necessary and justified for them to learn how to kill someone by using martial arts techniques. In truth, martial arts was never meant to be lethal. It is precisely given in order to help people defend themselves in a non-lethal way, and it was extremely effective before the advent of firearms, which allows the killing from a distance.

I strongly recommend that people avoid any martial arts which teaches you how to kill another human being. Some teachers have taken the original teachings of martial arts and perverted them by going into the extreme. Such a teacher is often driven by fear, and the student will find it difficult to rise above the consciousness of the teacher.

The other reason that martial arts can be perverted is pride. This is something that occurs more frequently in the West than in the East, although it certainly does occur in the East. In the West, people are often caught up in the spirit of vain competition, and suddenly martial arts becomes a way to compete with others and to seek to establish your superiority over them. This can channel the Chi in the wrong direction, so that it magnifies the negative aspects of a person’s consciousness, in this case pride and arrogance. Many martial arts practitioners have fallen prey to this subtle temptation and end up using the pure energies of God to magnify the vainglory of the human ego. This simply is not the real purpose behind the true forms of martial arts.

If you trace any martial arts movement back to its origin, you will see that self-defense was never the real purpose of martial arts. It was simply a practical aspect of martial arts, born of more primitive and violent times. Yet the real goal was spiritual growth by mastering the energies of the material world and channeling spiritual energy through the mind and body. The true goal of martial arts was never the perfection of the body but to make the body the humble and obedient servant of the mind. This then should be the true goal of any approach to martial arts.

In today’s world, there are many people who are not yet ready to embrace the spiritual path through a teaching that is openly spiritual. For many such people, especially for many young people, martial arts can be a viable on ramp which can lead them to discover the true spiritual path later in life. Of course, this can only happen when people do not get caught up in the two extremes of fear and pride.

I did study many eastern teachings during my travels in the East, yet I focused on the openly spiritual teachings and did not study martial arts.



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