Many people have the seeds of schizophrenia within them

TOPICS: Many have symptoms but only in a few do they get severe – boundary issue – psychical aspects of schizophrenia – psychological aspects – why you come into a body with seeds of schizophrenia – real cause of schizophrenia found in the lifestream – when exposed to severe trauma, the soul vehicle can fragment – leads to boundary issues – most people have this problem, but many can still function “normally” – must heal the 4-fold vehicle – seek professional help –

Question: Beloved Jesus, Talking with a very good friend, whose son is diagnosed as schizophrenic already for many years I was wondering if schizophrenia is an illness of the soul, the mind or the body and if it can be healed.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

Schizophrenia is a complex topic because the medical profession does not have a very clear definition of this disease. Many different symptoms are considered part of schizophrenia. When you take a look at the wide variety of symptoms, you will see that most human beings manifest one or more of these symptoms in a milder form.

The importance of this observation is that people who are diagnosed with schizophrenia are not somehow in a separate category from other people. The reality of the situation is that the vast majority of human beings have the seeds of schizophrenia within them. There are simply a few human beings in whom the symptoms become so severe that they cannot function normally or become diagnosed with the disease. There are many people who manage to live with some or all of the symptoms without ever being diagnosed or treated.

If you take the bigger view and step back from the details of the different symptoms, in other words if you look at the forest instead of the trees, you will see that the common denominator behind the multitude of symptoms is a boundary issue. People who have these symptoms have trouble determining the boundary between what is real and what is not real, between what is part of themselves and what is not part of themselves. These people have trouble determining who they are, and therefore their thoughts, feelings and actions are often affected by impulses from outside themselves.

With diseases of any kind, there are always three components of the disease. As I explain throughout this website, the material universe is truly a reflection of the consciousness of material and nonmaterial beings. So when you look at the symptoms, you can see that there is definitely a physical component of the disease. Many factors in the body can affect schizophrenia, such as brain chemistry, hormones or viruses. However, the major physical component of this disease is a disturbance in the electromagnetic functions of the brain. Science is only beginning to understand the true functions of the brain as an electromagnetic device. I predict that in coming decades this will be much better understood, and scientist will indeed develop ways to treat electromagnetic disturbances in the brain.

However, my point here is that these physical components are not the cause of the disease, they simply magnify the symptoms. Therefore, people who have such physical problems might indeed express the psychological symptoms to a more pronounced degree than the average human being, and that is why they are diagnosed with schizophrenia. In such cases, it can be valid to use physical means, such a drugs, to minimize the symptoms. However, this treatment of symptoms should never be mistaken for a cure.

Beyond the physical component is what one might call the psychological component. This is what most psychologists see as the main cause of all psychological problems, and that is why they believe that such problems spring from hereditary and environmental factors. The reality is that there is indeed a mind which is attached to a particular physical body. That mind is greatly affected by the genetic makeup of the person’s parents and the environmental factors that the person is exposed to during his or her upbringing.

However, once again this outer mind is not the cause of the symptoms, it simply magnifies the symptoms. Throughout this website, I talk about the existence of a lifestream, what is commonly called the soul. The lifestream is the ongoing aspect of your being. It survives the death of the physical body, and when the physical body dies, so does the body mind.

The only way for the lifestream to express itself in the material world is through the filter of the outer mind and personality and the physical body. So what happens is that the body and the outer mind will magnify conditions that are already found in the lifestream itself. One might even say that the outer mind and body are reflections of the conditions found in the lifestream. The lifestream is attracted to that particular body precisely because the conditions of the outer mind and body can help the lifestream resolve certain issues. In other words, if a lifestream comes into embodiment with a specific goal of overcoming a mental disease, such as schizophrenia, it will seek out a body and mind that will magnify the symptoms of this disease and therefore help the lifestream to deal with them.

So what I am truly saying here is that the real cause of schizophrenia is found in the lifestream. The good news is that any condition of the lifestream is treatable and curable. The bad news is that it takes work and that there are certain conditions that make it very difficult for the lifestream to perform this work. One such condition is severe cases of schizophrenia. To understand this, let me give you a deeper understanding of the lifestream.

As explained in another answer, the Conscious You is an extension of your spiritual self. In order to take embodiment in a realm as dense as the material universe, the Conscious You needs a vehicle that can integrate with the physical body. This is commonly called the soul, but I prefer to call it the 4-fold vehicle to reflect that it has four levels, corresponding to the four levels of the material realm. Yet the important point here is that the 4-fold vehicle is created as a complete unit, with a crystalline structure. Which means you have a clearly defined sense of identity with clearly defined boundaries.

Before the Fall of Man, planet earth did not have any of the negative conditions found in the world today. Therefore, lifestreams could descend into the material world and take on a physical body without being exposed to some of the traumatic experiences that are common in today’s world. This meant that the lifestream ran virtually no risk of having its original matrix and blueprint fragmented or destroyed.

After the Fall of Man, a number of imperfect conditions started appearing on this planet. This meant that many lifestreams were now exposed to traumatic experiences that were never part of God’s original plan. The reality of the situation is that the lifestream is an instrument for experiencing the material world and for helping to co-create this world. The lifestream therefore has a desire to experience the positive aspects of the material world, but it has no desire to experience the imperfect conditions that are currently found on this planet. So when the lifestream is in a physical body and is exposed to a very traumatic situation, the lifestream can indeed decide that it does not want to experience that situation. However, because the lifestream is trapped in the body, it cannot escape the situation. What happens in such situations is that the 4-fold vehicle fragments; it splits into two or more smaller parts. I explain this in greater detail in another answer

You might have heard the saying that nature abhors a vacuum. When a part of the 4-fold vehicle has been split off, there is a vacuum inside the crystalline structure, and something is going to fill that vacuum. Because of the imperfect conditions found on this planet, it is highly likely that the vacuum is invaded by non-material beings. These can be malicious entities, such as demons. They can be discarnate lifestreams, whose bodies have died but the lifestreams have not moved on to the spiritual realm. It can also be parts of other lifestreams.

When a lifestream’s crystalline structure is invaded by such outside influences, the Conscious You finds it difficult to draw the boundary between itself, meaning the original blueprint of its 4-fold vehicle, and the outside world. The Conscious You can no longer discern what is of itself and what is an external influence; it can no longer discern what is real and what is unreal.

I can tell you that due to the violent past of planet earth, there are very few lifestreams who are complete and whole. The vast majority of human beings have some kind of split or fracture in their lifestreams, and therefore they have been invaded by outside influences. For most people this invasion has not reached a critical mass that prevents them from functioning at the level which is currently called normal, but which is actually far below the lifestream’s true potential.

For some lifestreams, the fracturing has become so severe that they do not have enough psychic substance left to have a clear sense of their identity. That is why their sense of identity begins to break down, and they experience difficulties in drawing proper boundaries around their identities. This can lead to schizophrenia, split personality syndrome and a number of other psychological symptoms. In fact, most psychological symptoms known to man can be traced back to the fragmentation of the lifestream.

The only effective way to heal such symptoms is to help the lifestream regain its wholeness. There are many tools for doing this, and I describe some of them in the answer to another question about addiction. As I explained in that answer, in severe cases, such as schizophrenia, it is strongly advisable to seek the help of an experienced professional. I mention several healing techniques, which can also help schizophrenic patients. However, there is much knowledge that has already been brought forth about this from professionals in the field of psychology and psychiatry. I therefore encourage anyone interested in this topic to study these teachings. One such book is Remarkable Healings, by Shakuntala Modi.

I am aware that many schizophrenic patients will not be able to personally employ some of the spiritual tools I suggest. This is especially true for children. Yet the parents of a schizophrenic child can employ the spiritual tools on behalf of the child. In fact, it is highly likely that the lifestreams of the parents volunteered to give birth to that child precisely because they have a great love for the lifestream and desire to help the lifestream overcome the condition and become whole.


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