Man was not made for the church

TOPICS: Masters love all people and seek to help all – masters have no loyalty to a particular religion – religions are a tool – people get attached to religion instead of always seeking growth –

Question: What is the overall purpose of religion?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

We of the ascended masters are the spiritual teachers of humankind. We were never forced into our current position. We chose our mission, and we did so because we love God and because we love human beings.

Human love is always conditional. People tend to project that love unto us and think that we could not possibly love certain people. Many people think that if a person has committed atrocities or crimes, we of the ascended masters could not love that lifestream. Many people even think that we could not love those who belong to another religion than their own. All of these thoughts are incorrect.

We of the ascended masters have an unconditional love for every human being on earth. Our greatest desire, our greatest love, is to reach every human being with a spiritual message and help all people anchor themselves firmly on the universal spiritual path that transcends all religions. What I am trying to say here is that we of the ascended masters do not have any loyalty to a particular religious organization. Our concern, our love, is with the individual human being.

People have often referred to me as the carpenter from Nazareth, so let me use an analogy from the world of a carpenter. A carpenter uses a saw to cut wood. To the carpenter the saw is simply a tool used to accomplish a specific task. The carpenter does not worship his saw and has no particular loyalty to that saw. If the saw gets dull, he simply sharpens the saw. If the teeth become so worn down that they can no longer be sharpened, he unceremoniously discards the saw and gets a new one.

We of the ascended masters look at religious organizations as the carpenter looks at a saw. A religious organization is simply a tool that we use in an attempt to cut through the density of the lower consciousness. If the teeth of a religious organization grow dull, we attempt to sharpen those teeth and renew the organization. If a religious organization calcifies and can no longer be renewed, we simply leave that organization behind and start a new one.

One of the most unfortunate things about spirituality is that so many human beings become attached to an outer organization. They insist that the organization must be infallible, and they do not want it to change. The reason being that if something is perfect, people think it should not have to change. This is elevating religion to an idol, and such people are literally dancing around the golden calf instead of seeking the Living Truth and the Living Word of God.

As I have explained, this is due to the dream of an automatic salvation that makes people feel that as long as they belong to that particular organization, they will inevitably be saved. I am hoping to make people see that we of the ascended masters do not share this attachment or this misguided loyalty to a particular outer organization. A religious organization is a tool. If it works for you, use it. If it no longer works for you, discard it and find a tool that works.

Consider my statement, “The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath.” You might rephrase that as, “The church was made for man, not man for the church.”


 Copyright © Kim Michaels, 2003