Living the abundant life in your consciousness

TOPICS: There is always a looming calamity – always an excuse for delaying Christhood – decide that the abundant life is manifest in your world – consider the role you have chosen to play – the lesson people need to learn about money – the gambling economy cannot work – something for nothing leads to crisis – postponing a fundamental change will only make things worse – come apart in consciousness –

Question: Could you talk about how to live as though the abundant life is here now, even though we look around us and we see such things as a looming oil crisis. How do we purchase cars, how do we live?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels.

You live as if the abundant life is here now. And you do not look around you and focus on the negatives. You focus on the positives. You have to ask yourself the old question, “Is the glass half full or half empty?”

If you will look at the history of this world, you will see that there has always been some looming calamity that people could lock into if they wanted to have an excuse for not manifesting their Christhood now. Thus using the outer event as an excuse for saying, “Oh I cannot be the Christ when this crisis is looming, thus I must postpone my Christhood to sometime in the future”—the time that never arrives, for the acceptable time is always NOW.

So how can you live as if the abundant life is manifest? By making the decision that in your world, on your planet, the abundant life IS manifest. And thus you do not accept anything else, you do not accept that any lesser manifestation is a reality. For you accept only that the abundant life is the reality.

You see, the power of free will is the ultimate law on this planet. If you decide that you want the abundant life manifest and if you accept that, well then it must manifest. But if you are wavering, if you are in doubt, if you are allowing world conditions to make you believe that you cannot have the abundant life, well then you will not have it because you cannot make that decision that you are living it.

And so you see, what some people are doing is they are using world conditions as an excuse for not taking responsibility for their own state of consciousness, making themselves victims of conditions that are seemingly so far beyond their personal influence that they could not possibly change them. And thus, their egos have the perfect excuse for saying, “Oh you cannot be the Christ now because you are a victim of this or that condition.”

So you need to decide whether you want to live the rest of this embodiment in doubt and fear, or whether you want to live it in the inner oneness that is the abundant life. You see, as I have explained, life on earth can be compared to a play where all people are playing different roles. Most people think they have been forced into a particular role, but the reality is that each person has chosen his or her role by choosing what contents to allow into the container of self.

Everything you see in the material world is a manifestation of ideas in the higher levels of the mind. When you focus your attention upon anything, the consciousness behind it enters your mind, whereby you start projecting it upon the Ma-ter light, thus inevitably creating your future material circumstances.

Planet earth is a schoolroom in which people – when they will not listen to their spiritual teachers – learn by experiencing the material circumstances that outpicture their state of consciousness. Thus, the overall lesson that needs to be learned by humankind is that if you want to change your material circumstances, you must begin by changing your consciousness—by removing the beam – the ego  – from your own eye.

My point is that in many cases people only learn these lessons when there is some material, physical calamity that forces them to admit that something is not working, and thus they need to change themselves. The question only being what kind of calamity people precipitate before they learn their lessons.

In today’s world, many people need to learn a lesson about money, which basically is that you cannot disassociate money from real value, which means goods and services. If everyone is willing to provide a service to life – to work on increasing the total amount of abundance in the physical spectrum – they multiply their talents, and the economy will grow steadily, increasing the abundance for all.

Yet the human ego is not willing to provide this service, for it wants something for nothing. This is especially true of the power elite, who want the people to work for them so they can enjoy their privileges and power. When the people allow this, you create an economy that is based on greed – the “something for nothing” attitude – and it will actually decrease the total amount of abundance. Such an economy has built-in contradictory forces that produce inflation, which inevitably leads to economic crises of various kinds.

For most of the people, this is an economy based on the same consciousness that drives gambling. There is a chance of making it big with little investment, but the inevitable companion is the chance of losing big—you cannot separate one from the other so from time to time the dice will roll in your disfavor. Of course, there is also a power elite behind the facade who will make money both when the economy grows and when it contracts, so they have an interest in creating booms and busts. Both can thrive only because money has been disassociated from real value, making it possible to make money without providing a service to life

If a Golden Age is to manifest, it is necessary for people to make the choice to return to a Divine economy based on timeless principles. What will it take for people to learn their lesson and make that choice? How much of an economic chaos is needed before people awaken? I cannot answer those questions, but I can say that people today are always looking for their government to “bail them out,” which is basically like giving anesthesia to a bleeding patient without binding up his wounds. As long as people seek to postpone a fundamental change in the economy – in order to avoid temporary pain – things will only get worse.

My overall point is that as spiritual people, you need to hold firmly in your minds that nothing that happens on earth is ultimately real or permanent. Thus, if you are willing to raise your consciousness and learn the lessons that need to be learned, you will not attune your consciousness to the collective consciousness. Thus, you do not have to live through the conditions that most people have to live through. You can stay above it all, and by seeking guidance from your Christ self, you will know what to do to avoid being pulled into an economic crisis.

In other words, if you work first on raising your consciousness, you will not have to learn the lessons by experiencing the material circumstances. You can live in this world without being pulled into one of the downward spirals created by the limited consciousness of large groups of people. You can be in the world but not of the world.

Consider that in any given period there might be a great calamity in one part of the world while people in other parts live as if nothing unusual happened. For example, there were people who barely felt the effects of the second world war. What I am telling you here is that consciousness is an even more effective barrier than geographical boundaries. So come apart in consciousness and be a separate people—elect unto God.


 Copyright © 2008 by Kim Michaels