Letting go of attachments to wrong decisions of the past

Question:I am suffering from my wrong decisions of the past, but I am still not able to abandon my obsessive attachment. I want to know how effectively I should let go of my attachments.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Korea in 2017.

My beloved I understand that this is indeed the most difficult aspectof the spiritual path, so I will in no way make light of it. I understand very clearly how difficult it is for all of us when we are in embodiment to let go of our attachments. Unfortunately my beloved there is only one way to let go of your attachments and that is to just let go. You see my beloved if someone throws a ball at you and you grab it, you grip it with your hands, then you may hold onto it very tightly. And you may get this idea in your mind, that now that you have gripped this ball, you have to make an effort to let go of it. So you may become so focused on letting go of this ball that you subconsciously tighten your grip on the ball. And then you think it takes some super human effort, strength of your muscles to somehow let go of this ball.

But of course, the more you tighten your muscles, the harder it becomes to open your hand and let go of the ball. Now if suddenly you realize that it was not a ball that was thrown at you, but a piece of glowing coal, then the moment you realized that your hand is burning, you would subconsciously, instinctually open your hand and let go of the coal. This is really the only way that you can let go of an attachment. It is not a decision with the outer mind. It is what we might call a spontaneous decision or an inner decision. So that you are not forcing the surrender, you are not deliberately with the outer mind deciding you have to surrender.

It becomes spontaneous because you see that your attachment is harming you, it is not in your own best interest. So when you have something that you cannot let go of. Really the only way is to start working towards the point where you have more clarity. You can see the deeper psychological issue, you can see the pattern,you can see the decision you made. You can see how it is limiting yourself and then when you see the limitation you spontaneously let go of the attachment. That is why we have given you all the tools we have given you. There is always a certain amount of misqualified energy involved with an attachment. This causes you to have an emotional reaction, that pulls on your emotional body, so you can use our decrees and invocations to dissolve that emotional energy. And when you no longer feel as strong as an emotional reaction you can begin to gain more clarity with the mental aspect of your mind, to see the pattern, to see how you are repeating it. And to see that there must be a deeper underlying decision.

And when you then clear the energies in the mental realm and gain clarity there, then you can go into the identity realm and you can see how there was a certain point where you made a decision that you are a certain kind of being and that is why you formed that attachment. Because you came to believe that you are limited in a certain way. And when you come to see that,when you come to see how it is limiting you, that is when you can then spontaneously let go of the attachment. But it often requires a very deliberate, very conscious effort for you to get to that point.

It is just that what I am trying to show you here is that this is not a mental effort, where you are forcing your mind, you are working with yourself to gain the clarity and the freedom from the energy, so that you spontaneously see why you want to let go and then you spontaneously let go of the attachment. It becomes effortless in the end.


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