Lebanon has the potential to become an example for the entire Middle East

TOPICS: Potential for showing how to solve conflicts without violence – requires shift in consciousness – do not believe in dark forces – spiral of revenge – breaking the tie between religion and politics – moderate people must demand a secular approach to government – different religions must learn to coexist –

Question: Mother Mary gave us instructions to give the rosaries of peace to help with situations all over the world, in particular in Lebanon. Would you comment and give us an ascended masters’s view on the subject of Lebanon, where the whole world is involved in the presidential election. Is there something for the Middle East to learn from that, or anything you can tell us?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

Lebanon has the potential to become an example for the entire Middle East of how to resolve conflict between people of different religions in a peaceful, non-violent way. Unfortunately, this will require a major shift in the consciousness of the people. Yet this shift is not as far away as you might think by looking at outer conditions.

Yet, the problem in Lebanon is that the people are not aware of how they are being attacked by what we call the dark forces, who are quite aware of the potential in Lebanon and are thus doing everything they can to precipitate an outer conflict that will plunge the nation into another civil war, potentially even splitting it into two nations, or that a part of it becomes literally conquered by Syria.

It is very difficult for the ascended masters to work with the people, for their traditional beliefs do not allow for the existence of dark forces who are working against the nation and the people. And thus, the people are relatively defenseless against being pulled into an endless spiral of revenge for aggression, and then revenge for the revenge for aggression, and so on and so forth.

Yet again we always desire you who are the spiritual people to hold the vision for the highest potential to be manifest, and that the Lebanese people will rise up and throw off the yoke of extremism. And you see, the potential here is the emergence of an entirely new approach to politics. For if you take a realistic look at the Middle East, you will see that there cannot be peace in the Middle East as long as there is the current tie between religion and politics.

I am not thereby saying, that it is necessary completely separate religion and politics, so that there is no influence of higher principles in politics, as I have expounded upon before in my comments on the separation of church and state in America. But from a realistic viewpoint, if there is to be peace in the Middle East, then the moderate people in the Middle East – who are in the majority – must demand a new approach to government, that is a secular government that is separated from religion. For certainly, you can all see that, at least on the surface level, the major cause of conflict in the Middle East is religion.

And thus, in order to establish a country where Christians, Muslims of different shades and even Jews can live together in peace, you must have a society with a secular government that gives freedom of religion to all religions, and thus makes it at least possible on a theoretical level that the different religions can learn to co-exist. As you indeed saw in certain time periods in Spain, where Christians, Jews and Muslims co-existed because they had established a secular society, where religion did not mix with politics, so that there was political opposition simply based on religious beliefs. But where religion was separate and people practiced it in private without demanding that all other people should come into their religion.

Much more, of course, needs to happen. But this is the comment I desire to give for now. And it is the vision I desire to hold for you, for Lebanon and other nations. Take for example Turkey which has been struggling to establish a truly secular government, but where the majority of the people clearly realize that this is the only future for their nation.


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