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The changes needed in the Asian mindset

TOPICS: Compensating for not accepting yourself - The segmentation of Asian societies - The attitude to women in Asia - Not valuing the individual - Shifting society’s attitude to the individual - The purpose of Korea - The fallen beings have no loyalty - Golden age education - The potential for innovation in Korea - The image of the Buddha needs to change -

Ascended Master Gautama Buddha, July 2, 2016, through Kim Michaels at a conference in Seoul, Korea. 





Going into the mind of a dictator

TOPICS: Human and fallen consciousness - Understanding fallen beings - The illusion of perfection - Being focused on yourself - Seeking to prove God wrong - Dictators have little personal power - The fear of being proven wrong - A dictator must have someone to blame - Could a dictator change? - A development similar to China - A shift in the international community - 

Next dictation from Korea has been transcribed. CLICK HERE.



The era of mindlessness is coming to an end on earth

TOPICS: Co-creating with our three higher bodies - Stepping outside your creation - How demons are created - Killing your own family members - Awakening the people in North Korea - Shattering the national demon of North Korea - North Korea is a world-wide issue - Clearing South Korea  - 

Ascended Master Shiva, through Kim Michaels July 2, 2016, at a conference in Seoul, Korea. CLICK HERE.





No more war on the Korean Peninsula

TOPICS: Individuality and oneness - What the fallen beings cannot control - No more war in Korea - 


Dictation by Mother Mary from Korea has been transcribed. CLICK HERE. 




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