Jesus’ opinion regarding the role of women

TOPICS: Jesus never said women were subordinate to men – Jesus came to challenge male-dominated culture – follow your heart; not religious leaders –

Question: A judge was just appointed to the Courts who has said that women are to be subordinate to men. This outraged me. I sent this to a friend who said yes, that is true, because Jesus said so. She also told me that my problem is that I don’t believe in the Bible. What is Master Jesus’ opinion regarding the role of women in this regard.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

You might ask your friend to show you the exact Bible passage where I supposedly said that women should be subordinate to men. You can find such statements in the Old Testament, which was heavily influenced by a male-dominated culture that did not originate with God, as I talk more about elsewhere. You can also find such statements in the writings of the apostles, but I challenge anyone to find a direct quote where I supposedly said do.

Your friend will find it difficult to find such a quote because there is none. I never said that women should be subordinate to men because men and women were created as equals. I talked more about this in another discourse.

Of course, Paul made certain statements that have been used by male religious leaders as a justification for suppressing women, but these statements did not come from me. They were an expression of the male-dominated culture in which Paul lived.

There is a fundamental difference between believing in what the Bible says and believing the Bible says something it does not. The problem is that so many things have been added to Christian doctrine and culture that were never my true teachings. That is why many Christian churches to this day perpetuate a male-dominated culture that was outdated 2,000 years ago and which I came to challenge.

Some Christians have created the belief that I said – or would have said – what they want to be true, and these people simply will not look at the facts and realize they have created an idol of me that is out of touch with reality. Simply follow my inner teachings, as you find them on my website and in your heart, and let the dead bury their dead.


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