Jesus, Lucifer and Sanat Kumara

TOPICS: Morning star is a mistranslation – Refers to King Helal – no connection between Lucifer and Jesus – true spiritual teacher awakens people to light within – Jesus came to do this – fallen beings have projected false image upon Jesus – Venus is the Morning Star – Jesus came to bring news of the light within all – Jesus did come from Venus – Sanat Kumara came on a rescue mission – 144,000 lifestreams from Venus – Lucifer and Satan are different beings – Sanat Kumara did not rebel, but descended to hold balance – to help Sanat Kumara, people must manifest Christhood – Jesus brought about Lucifer’s judgment –

Question 1: Could you explain this passage for me? 

Revelation 22:16: “I, Jesus,have sent my angel to testify to you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, the bright and morning star.”
Why do you call yourself this “morning star”? It is my understanding that Lucifer who is interpreted as Satan, represented by planet Venus is the morning star. Not my question but I know you are the one to answer it. Thank you.

Question 2: I have been pointed out that the last words said by Jesus in the New testament is, “I am the morning star.” Is the NT edited? Are you Lucifer. Please explain.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

An excellent question which highlights the dangers of interpreting the Bible literally. If you cling to a literal interpretation of the Bible, it will be difficult to reconcile the quote from Revelation with the following quote from Isaiah:

How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! [how] art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations! (Isaiah 14:12)

Many people are confused by the seeming similarities between these two quotes. The reason being that most people have never attempted the difficult task of translating a spiritual text, such as the Bible, from one language to another. It is often very difficult to take a word from one language and find a word that means exactly the same in another language. This becomes even more difficult when you take into consideration cultural differences or a separation in time.

In reality, the quote from Isaiah refers to a king of ancient Babylon, named Helal. He adorned his court and his person with much pomp and circumstance, and he was therefore referred to with words in Hebrew that can be translated as the “morning star” or the “son of the morning.” However, I would prefer the translation the “shining one.”

It is unfortunate that when the ancient Hebrew text was translated into Latin, the translator, St. Jerome, confused the Hebrew expression with the Latin expression of Lucifer, which in Latin means light bearer and was also the name for the planet Venus. This was simply a mistranslation, and I might add that it is far from the only mistranslation in the Bible.

When you recognize this as a mistranslation, you realize that there are no actual references to Lucifer in the entire Bible. The quote from Isaiah is literally the only use of the word Lucifer in the Bible. You therefore see that there is no actual connection between myself and Lucifer, nor is there a biblical connection between Lucifer and the planet Venus.

Let me mention in passing that some scholars have correctly pointed out that the use of the word “Lucifer” is a result of a mistranslation. Yet they have used is to reason that there was never a being called Lucifer or that he was an entirely mythological creature. This is incorrect. As both I and Mother Mary describe, there was indeed a being named Lucifer (or rather his spiritual name was close to the modern word “Lucifer”). Mother Mary describes in great detail how Lucifer was created by God and how he had a great spiritual potential. When God creates a being, God names that being according to his or her spiritual potential. Lucifer was given a name that means the one who has the potential to bring light, meaning that Lucifer had the potential to become the one who would awaken human beings to the light within themselves.

Lucifer chose not to fulfill this role, partly because he was not willing to serve those whom he considered to be below him. As we have explained, the first fall happened in a previous sphere than the one in which the material universe is found. Thus, Lucifer fell in the fourth sphere, but since he had some spiritual attainment before he fell, he has descended into succeeding spheres with the potential to serve as a spiritual leader. However, for him to do this, he needed to make the switch that instead of being the one who brought light, he sought to awaken people to the reality that the light of God is already within them, within this their spiritual selves.

Lucifer rebelled against this mission, so other beings have fulfilled that role. On earth and in the Age of Pisces, I became the being who was chosen to be the representative of the Cosmic Christ and awaken human beings to the light within. The fallen beings attached to earth have managed to project the image upon me that Lucifer wanted to outpicture for himself. This has caused people to create the idolatrous image that Jesus Christ was the only son of God, and thereby they have denied the reality that the light of God is within each and every son and daughter of God.

In the quote from Revelation, I refer to myself as the bright morning star. This has two possible interpretations that are both valid. They both refer to the planet Venus, which is often called the Morning Star because in the time before dawn it is the brightest star in the sky. One might therefore say that the planet Venus is a harbinger, a messenger of the coming dawn.

The planet Venus does not bring the light of the new day; the Sun brings the light. Likewise, I came as a representative of the universal Christ to herald a new age in which people have the potential to awaken to the reality that the light of God is within their spiritual selves. I came to outpicture the path of Christhood and to set forth the example of the potential that all human beings have in the Age of Aquarius.

I did not come to bring light to the earth through my own being because I of my own self can do nothing. It is God who produces the light, and God has embedded a portion of his light within every son and daughter. That portion is the spiritual self. Therefore I came to bring the message that humankind was about to enter into an age in which they have the potential to let the light of God shine through them and therefore bring the light of a golden age to this planet.

The other meaning is that my lifestream descended to earth from the planet Venus. A very long time ago, the evolutions on planet earth had descended to such a low level of spiritual attainment that the cosmic council that oversees the fate of this planet had considered literally obliterating the physical planet because it was deemed unsuitable as a platform for spiritual growth. A spiritual being on Venus, named Sanat Kumara, volunteered to travel to earth and manifest a physical presence on this planet in order to hold the spiritual balance for planet earth until a sufficient number of people had been raised up so that they could hold the spiritual balance themselves. There were 144,000 lifestreams who volunteered to follow Sanat Kumara, and I was one of those lifestreams.

Although Lucifer did not come to earth from Venus, there is a connection between him and Venus. Before Lucifer rebelled, he was part of a large group of spiritual beings existing in a previous sphere. After Lucifer rebelled, a number of spiritual beings followed him into the material universe. One of the beings that followed him was Satan, and it is not correct when people think Lucifer and Satan are the same being. They are two different beings, and Satan never had the rank or spiritual attainment of Lucifer. He simply followed him, as did many others.

Many of these beings did not personally rebel against God; they simply followed their leader, thinking he was doing the right thing. Some of them are presently embodied on earth, and unfortunately some of them still think Lucifer did the right thing. Such beings are very difficult to reach with the truth about Lucifer because they refuse to believe he could have made the mistake of consciously and willfully rebelling against God. Therefore, they have come up with a number of explanations that make it seem like Lucifer didn’t actually make a mistake.

Not all of the beings who belonged to Lucifer’s group rebelled against God. However, some of them volunteered to descend into the material universe in an attempt to help those who fell with Lucifer find their way back to God. Sanat Kumara was one of the beings who descended to the material realm on such a rescue mission.

The reason planet earth descended to such a low state was in large part due to the corrupting influence of Lucifer and his group of fallen beings.
Because Sanat Kumara was originally part of the same group as Lucifer, he volunteered to hold the spiritual balance for earth in an attempt to raise the evolutions of earth out of the influence of Lucifer. This then is a great cosmic rescue mission that has only been partially successful. It has the potential to be fully successful, but for that to happen a greater number of human beings must decide to pursue the path of personal Christhood.

Therefore, they must stop seeing me as an idol and follow in my footsteps. They must take me and my teachings down from the cross of idolatry on which I was put by Lucifer and his fallen beings as one of their last acts of defiance against God.

So what I am telling you here is that the idolatrous doctrine that Jesus Christ is the only son of God or that I am God is a Luciferian plot. It is an attempt by Lucifer to destroy my true mission and the purpose that God has for this planet. It is an attempt to prevent people from accepting the truth that the light of God is within themselves. I did not come to save people through my light. I came as the messenger of the coming dawn in which the light of many sons and daughters of God will shine and bring the new day to this planet.

In regards to the second question, let me state clearly that I am not Lucifer, and I did not belong to Lucifer’s band before he fell. By letting myself be killed, I did however bring about the judgment of Lucifer that led to his second death. He was not in embodiment at the time, but was plotting my death from the astral realm.


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