Is tomorrow’s God better than yesterday’s God?

TOPICS: No higher truth and no need to discern between true and false ideas – lack of discernment limits us – there is a reality about God and it is above human beliefs –  more than one way to describe God reality, so two religions can both be valid – not every blasphemy is a great truth – from duality to Christ reality – God has not created everything – co-creators can create out of ignorance or rebellion – if God has no agenda, why bring out the books? – how can life expressing produce death? – expressing through the consciousness of death leads to death – God’s laws give consistency and thus preserve life – God is the least free being – God is not an ego-maniac but the ultimate servant – God wants the best for its offspring – God desires people to rise above duality – the ego wants a certain type of God – you can grow towards God consciousness – you can remember what is in your causal body – when the mind becomes a closed system, death will follow – dualistic thinking can prove any idea to its own satisfaction – this does not make the idea true – God is beyond all ideas about God – God can only be known through direct experience – the true path of oneness – there is a true path and a false path –

Question from  Kim: Jesus, I would like to ask for your comments on the image of God that is being presented by a number of liberal Christians and New Age teachers. And as a starting point, I would like to base the discussion on the image of God being presented in the Conversations with God material. The reason for my asking is that I sense many liberal Christians and New Age people have adopted an image of God that is much like the image in the CWG material. I would like to use one of the later books, named Tomorrow’s God. I am using that book because when I first read about it, I thought it was based on a great premise, and I was hoping it would contain some good insights. The basic idea is that we need a new God, or at least a new image of God, because yesterday’s God is no longer working. Obviously, this is very much in alignment with the teachings on this website.

So I have read the book, and it does contain a lot of very good insights. Yet scattered among the good ideas are some ideas that I consider problematic, and I sense they are expressions of gray thinking. I would like to start out with the following statement:

“There is nothing life creates that is not life itself. All that you see everywhere around you is life expressing. Life IS everything. It runs in, as and through everything.”

It is also said that you can substitute the word “life” with the word “God” and the statement is still valid. It is further stated that God wants nothing from us and that we are free to do whatever we want and that anything we do is simply a result. If we don’t like the result, we simply change the actions that produced it, but God has no judgment or opinion on the matter. What is your comment on this concept?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels: (September 16, 2006)


Let me first give a brief summary so people who have not read the ego discourses understand the difference between black-and-white and gray thinking. When people are in black-and-white thinking, they believe truth can be defined by and confined to a particular doctrine expressed in words. They think their doctrine is the ultimate truth about God and thus any belief system that is different must be false. When people are in gray thinking, they realize the fallacy of this approach and they are willing to question infallible doctrines, which is a potentially healthy step. The problem is that some people take this to the extreme, which gives rise to two beliefs:

  • • There is no such thing as a higher or absolute truth, meaning that any idea is as valid as any other idea or that there are no false ideas.
  • • People should not be judgmental or critical, so they should not judge ideas as being true or false.

Now let me refer to the fact that in medieval Europe most people believed the earth was flat. I suspect most modern people will agree that the earth was as round then as it is today. In other words, people’s beliefs did not change the shape of the earth. So in this case we have two viewpoints, one saying the earth is flat and the other that it is round. I think everyone would agree that it does not make sense to say they are both opinions and that one is as valid as the other. Nor do I think most people would say we should not judge whether one is true or the other false. If people had not been willing to acknowledge that the concept of a flat earth is false, humankind might still be believing that the earth is flat, which would have limited people in many ways.

We now see that it does not make sense to say that any viewpoint is as valid as any other or that we should not judge between true and false. We need to add a consideration here, namely that there is such a thing as reality and that it is above and beyond human opinions, beliefs and viewpoints. My point being that there is a reality about God, and it is not changed by what human beings believe or want to believe. As God said to Moses, “I will be who I will be” [commonly translated I am that I am].

If you truly want to know God’s reality, you must go beyond ANY description of God expressed in words or images in the material world. God simply cannot be confined to any doctrine or belief system. That is why the first two commandments are to not have any other gods before the One God and to not take unto yourself any graven image. That is why I said that God is a Spirit and that you must worship – meaning experience – him in Spirit and in truth.

My point is that it is not possible to fully describe God and God’s reality through any teaching given in words. I do not claim that the teachings on this website are infallible or are the only way to describe God or particular concepts. It is perfectly possible that two different religions can give different descriptions of God and the path to God and they can both be valid—meaning that they can take people beyond the description to a direct experience of the Spirit of Truth.

However – and here comes the essential point that many people who are trapped in gray thinking either cannot or will not see – saying that no description of God can be complete or infallible does NOT mean that any description of God is as valid as any other. Nor does it mean that a spiritual seeker should not discern between ideas that are in harmony with God’s reality and ideas which are out of harmony with reality. It is quite possible that a description of God can be out of touch with reality or be misleading to varying degrees. 


On the back cover of the book Tomorrow’s God, you find the statement, “All great truths begin as blasphemy.” And while this is true, a more complete statement is, “All great truths begin as blasphemy, but not every idea that is called blasphemous turns out to be a great truth.”

Thus, the question faced by any spiritual seeker is simply this, “Do you want to know the reality of God or do you want to settle for a man-made description that is convenient to your ego?” Only those who seek reality will make real progress on the spiritual path, whereas those who settle for ANY description and do not reach for the Spirit of Truth will inevitably get stuck in a blind alley.

Again, gray thinking is simply a stage on the spiritual path. There is nothing wrong with being in gray thinking, but if one stays in it too long, one WILL get stuck and it is possible to become so trapped that it is highly difficult to move on. The ONLY way to move out of gray thinking is to recognize that beyond the level of human opinions and teachings expressed in words is the reality of God. And the only way to know that reality is through the Christ consciousness, which is above and beyond the consciousness of duality in which all ideas are relative.

So after this long introduction, let us look at the statement, “There is nothing life/God creates that is not life/God itself.” On the face of it, this statement is true. The Creator creates everything out of its own being and thus everything God creates is an expression of God. However, if this statement stands alone, it can easily give the impression that everything you see on earth is created by God, is God and is in alignment with God’s plan and design. This is reinforced by the next statement, “All that you see everywhere around you is life/God expressing.” There are several other statements in the CWG material that reinforce this impression.

In realty, everything God creates is God, but God has not created everything. God created co-creators and they started out with a limited sense of self-awareness. They were not aware that they were individualizations of God and they were not aware of God’s purpose for creation or the laws that are set up to ensure a purposeful growth of the world of form. Therefore, these co-creators could create something out of ignorance that is not in harmony with God’s laws and purpose. Likewise, co-creators have been given free will and have been given dominion over the earth. Thus, they can rebel against God’s purpose and laws, whereby they can create something that is contrary to God’s purpose.

We could also say that everything is truly created out of God’s substance – what Mother Mary calls the Ma-ter light – but not everything is in harmony with God’s reality. Thus, it is simply a temporary manifestation that is destined to either be brought into harmony with God’s laws or self-destruct. My point being that when you look at the earth today, there are many manifestations that are not created by God and are not in harmony with God’s purpose for the earth or God’s laws. They will inevitably break down and people who are attached to such imperfect manifestations cannot grow spiritually but could potentially self-destruct along with their creations.

In short, not everything is created by God and not everything is in harmony with God’s purpose and laws. Thus, it is misleading to imply that God approves of everything that is currently seen on earth. In fact, if you take the statement that God has no judgment about what people do on earth, you would have to question why this God bothers to bring forth the CWG books. Again, look at the statement, “All that you see everywhere around you is life expressing.” If this is God’s attitude, why not simply let life express itself, why bother to bring out these books which are obviously seeking to change people’s view of God? In other words, on one hand the God in the CWG books seems to be saying he has no agenda, but on the other hand he obviously has some purpose for bringing out the books.

Take a closer look at the statement, “All that you see everywhere around you is life expressing.” The logical consequence is that cancer is simply life expressing itself and so is war. Yet both expressions lead to death, so how can life expressing itself produce death?

In reality, most of the conditions you currently see on earth are NOT expressions of life nor of God. Everything in the material universe is an expression of a certain state of consciousness. All of the suffering, injustice and inequality on earth is NOT an expression of the consciousness of life but of the consciousness of death. This is the duality consciousness that I describe in my ego discourses.

If you do not distinguish between the consciousness of life and the consciousness of death, you have no way to escape illusion and connect to God’s reality. The real God would never fail to make this distinction. That is why Proverbs contains the koan, “There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death (Proverbs 14:12). The way of death is either the way defined by black-and-white thinking or the way defined by gray thinking.

Kim: I know many New Age people will say that they can’t deal with the whole concept of God’s laws because they seem to impose a restriction on our freedom and they are so reminiscent of the old black-and-white religions. According to the CWG material, God has no needs or desires. God does not say that something is wrong or a sin. We can do whatever we want, and if something doesn’t work for us, we simply make a different choice.

Jesus: Yet the material also talks about preserving life and making it sustainable. In fact, the book about tomorrow’s God claims that it will present a new God – or concept of God – that can save the world from self-destruction. Again, if everything is life expressing, why not let life self-destruct?


So if life is to be preserved, what can make it sustainable? Well, only one thing, namely that there are certain laws – or call them principles, if you will – that give consistency. There can be no sustainability without consistency. If everything is random or if gravity works one minute and is suspended the next, how can there be continuity of life?

It is an inescapable fact that the Creator did not gamble with the universe. The Creator did not simply design a universe with inconsistent laws and say, “Let’s just see what happens.” God is not indifferent concerning whether humankind destroys itself and the earth. The Creator has a clear purpose for the world of form and a clear vision of how to fulfill that purpose. Thus, God designed the world of form by setting up certain laws that will ensure the sustainable growth of everything. If you understand these laws correctly, you see that they are not a restriction of your freedom—they are the foundation for your freedom. Among other things, these laws are set up to ensure that what you create will not suddenly disappear through a random act or an inconsistency in the workings of your world.

There are also laws that are set up to minimize the risk that the most aggressive people can enslave the rest of the population. In other words, without laws, you would have the law of the jungle, and the most aggressive people would permanently enslave the population. I know there have been periods in history where this was the case, but God’s laws have always caused such civilizations to crumble.


Of course, it is true that because God has given co-creators free will, God has no needs or desires concerning how human beings exercise their free will. The law is set up so you can co-create anything you want, but it is also set up so you will experience what you co-create because the cosmic mirror will reflect back what you send out. Thus, God does not restrict you, but your own past choices can indeed restrict your future options. If you do not understand this and if you think any choice is as good as any other, you can actually self-destruct, which is what humanity is in the process of doing. Yet this will not be solved by a new image of God but only by transcending the duality consciousness that creates images of God.

Kim: This ties in with another statement I was going to bring up later, but it seems fitting to look at it now. This idea states that the word “God” and the word “freedom” are interchangeable. God is all powerful, all creative, all knowing, unlimited and everywhere present. Thus, God is totally free because the meaning of freedom is that you can do whatever you want, when you want, where you want and have complete freedom to do it how or why you want.

Jesus: This is a very typical result of gray thinking, which wants to have a universe where you can do whatever you want without suffering any limiting consequences. It is true that God has the power to do whatever he wants, but freedom is not determined by what you can do but what you are willing to do. Thus, the reality is that – from a certain perspective – the Creator is the least free being in the entire world of form.

Everything is created out of the Creator’s Being, so we could say that the unlimited, all powerful Creator has allowed itself to be clothed in – perhaps even imprisoned in – a variety of forms. The Creator has also vowed to maintain this world of form for a very long time, so the Creator cannot simply wake up tomorrow and wipe out the universe. The reason the Creator has made this vow is that the world is not created for the Creator’s glory or pleasure. The world is created in order to give a large number of co-creators the opportunity to grow from a very limited sense of self-awareness to the full God consciousness. This is a process that will take a while, so the Creator has vowed to allow its being to remain clothed in form for a very long time.

Furthermore, the Creator has given all co-creators free will, meaning that they can rebel against the process of growth, thereby slowing down the growth of a part of the universe. They can also create forms that are out of harmony with the Creator’s vision and design. Thus, the Creator has given co-creators full freedom to imprison its being in forms that are far below the abundant life envisioned by the Creator. And the Creator has vowed to let this go on for a long time – although not forever – in order to give co-creators the maximum opportunity to voluntarily bring themselves back into harmony with the purpose of life itself.

In other words, there are innumerable manifestations on earth that are out of harmony with the Creator’s vision of the abundant life, but the Creator will not wake up tomorrow and decide to wipe out the entire planet. It will allow itself to remain imprisoned in imperfect forms as long as there is hope that some people on earth will grow from their experience.

Obviously, the Creator does not see itself as being imprisoned because it knows it is more than creation itself. It is only human beings – who cannot see beyond the world of form and their own creations – who feel trapped. Nevertheless, the CWG material – and I am talking about all of the books – portray God as the ultimate ego-maniac who is encouraging people to become ego-maniacs. In reality, the Creator is the ultimate servant of life and it is encouraging people to become servants of life.

The Creator doesn’t want the false freedom of doing whatever it wants. The Creator has the true freedom of having no self-centered desires and thus pursuing the growth of all of life instead of itself only. I am well aware, that people in gray thinking simply cannot fathom this concept of freedom or God. They want a God who will let them do whatever they want and at the same time approve of whatever they do—which is precisely what the God in the CWG material says it will do.

Yet consider what would happen if all human beings on earth suddenly started doing whatever they wanted whenever they wanted without considering the consequences it would have for other people or themselves. You would have a society with complete anarchy and chaos. After a short while the most domineering people would begin to restrict the freedom of the masses, supposedly because a restricted freedom would be better than complete chaos—which is actually true although it is simply the lesser of two evils.

When you see the reality of life, you see that God’s laws do not restrict your freedom. They are the foundation for your freedom, and if all people adhere to them, they will preserve the maximum freedom for everyone while allowing people to live together in harmony with each other, with nature and with God. There literally is no freedom without laws—however I am talking about God’s laws, not man-made laws based on the duality consciousness. Human laws too often give privileges to an elite while taking freedom from the population.

The simple fact is that every action you take has consequences. Science says that for every action there is an equal but opposite reaction. Some religions call it karma, a concept the CWG material does not treat with sufficient clarity. Again, karma is not a restriction of freedom but a foundation for it. It might restrict the freedom of an individual on a temporary basis, but it preserves maximum long-term freedom for both the individual and society.

If you do not consider the karma of a particular action – either because you do not know or willfully ignore it – how can you make a free choice? If you go into a store and buy an item without knowing the price, how can you be said to be making a free buying decision? Yet the CWG material can very easily be interpreted as encouraging people to do whatever they want – at least in certain areas of life – without considering the consequences of their actions. So you might consider whether the real God would tell people to ignore the laws he has designed to ensure their growth.

Kim: The material also says that God has no needs and because of that he makes no demands on us. He allows us to do whatever we want. He does not want us to do or not do anything. In other words, there is nothing we have to do.

Jesus: And once again, the main thing that makes it so difficult for people to escape gray thinking is that a statement can be technically true, but if it is not seen in its proper context, it becomes highly misleading. It is technically true that God has no needs, in the sense that the Creator is a completely self-sufficient and self-contained being. The idea that God needs to be worshiped by human beings or needs sacrifices – even needs his only son to be crucified as a payment for sin – is not correct. However, the idea of worship was given to humankind because it can have a beneficial psychological effect at a certain level of consciousness. People in black-and-white thinking have a psychological need to worship God, whereas people in gray thinking have gone beyond that need.

My main point is that while it is correct to say God has no needs, this does not mean that the Creator has no vision, purpose or desires for its creation. The word “desire” means “deity sires.” To sire something means to father or author it. Thus, the deity has sired you because the Creator has a vision and a purpose for your life. The Creator did not create you as an experiment where the outcome doesn’t matter. The Creator has a clear vision for your highest potential and desires you to fulfill that potential.

Consider what an all powerful and all good God would want for its offspring? Would it not want the best and wouldn’t that mean it wants each of its co-creators to have all that it has? Thus, you were created with a limited sense of self-awareness but you are designed to grow in awareness until you reach the Christ consciousness in which you see yourself as one with your Creator and one with all life. You can then continue on until you reach the full God consciousness and become a God in your own right.

For this process to be ultimately successful, you cannot simply be created in the full God consciousness because that would make you a clone or a robot. The Creator wants you to be a unique individual, and thus you must start out with a limited awareness. You grow by exercising your free will as you literally build your own individuality and identity. This is the only way you can become a fully self-sufficient and self-contained being. Also, because you know what it is like to have a limited awareness, you can appreciate the God consciousness fully.

Your Creator desires to see you go through the process of growth until you reach the full God consciousness. The Creator does not desire to see you get stuck in a limited sense of identity on a small planet called earth, whereby you imprison yourself in many lifetimes of suffering. The Creator will allow you to do this for a time, but its laws will not allow you to do this forever. Why would an all good God allow you to suffer forever, even if the suffering is the result of your own – but unenlightened – choices?

As an ascended master I constantly experience the reality of God. I am above the level of duality in which people build images of God. Thus, I experience God’s reality constantly, and I can assure you that the Creator has an unconditional and infinite love for each and every one of its co-creators. Thus, the Creator desires all people on earth to rise above the veil of illusions created by the consciousness of duality. God desires all people to rise above suffering and experience the abundant life, which as I said 2,000 years ago it is God’s good pleasure to give you.

In today’s age, many people are ready for the higher understanding that you have to co-create the abundant life. Nevertheless, God desires to see you do so and you can only do so by rising above the human ego. In other words, the real God that I experience constantly is an unconditionally loving God who cares for each human being. The God that is portrayed in the CWG material is a very distant and aloof God who seemingly does not care whether you destroy yourself, each other or your planet. At least he claims to be making no judgments about it.

I am aware that many people will not be able to fully accept, let alone experience, the Creator’s love. It requires a high state of consciousness to experience God’s love directly. Yet all people have the potential to experience God’s love in a personalized form through the ascended masters. Everything was created out of the Creator’s being and there are many levels of the spiritual realm. The earth was created by beings in the lowest level of the spiritual realm, and all people can establish a direct inner contact with us. In fact, doing so is the only way to connect with the Creator. This is another obvious omission in the CWG material, and you might ask yourself whether the real God would fail to mention the hierarchy that he has created specifically to make sure that no being in the world of form could be permanently lost in the illusion of separation.

When you understand what I said in the following ego discourse, you see that people fell into the duality consciousness because their conscious selves decided that they would no longer take responsibility for making decisions. The conscious self decided to hide from God, and thus there are people on earth who desire a God who will leave them alone to do whatever they want. Yet the ego also wants to feel that it is guaranteed to be saved, so it wants a God who will give people approval for anything they do and make them feel good about their present illusions. Some people even want to feel that because they can recognize the sophisticated image of God presented in the CWG material – or other material – they are very spiritual and superior to other people.

Kim: If I understand it correctly, the God in the CWG material is actually saying that we are already Gods or already masters and we have nothing to learn. We simply need to remember what we already know. Thus, no one can teach us anything, a teacher can only help us remember what we already know.

Jesus: And that idea has been around for a long time in spiritual circles. It has some truth to it but it is not the full truth. As we explain in the description of your true identity, an individual lifestream has several components, the center of which is the Conscious You. This self is an extension of, an individualization of, the Creator’s Being. Yet this does not mean that the Conscious You is God, is a God or is the fullness of God’s consciousness. Thus, it is not correct to say that the Conscious You was created with the full knowledge of what the Creator knows and simply needs to remember this knowledge.

The Conscious You is a spirit spark out of the infinite flame of the Creator. It has the potential to grow to full God consciousness, but this does not mean it becomes the same as or blends back into the Creator. It means that the Conscious You attains the status of an individual God. Obviously, words are inadequate to describe this, but I would prefer to say that you are not a God in the fullness of that word but a God in the making. Thus, you start out with a very limited sense of identity and through your experiences of working your way up through the many levels of the world of form, you can attain full God consciousness.

My point is that your identity is not something that is already created so you just need to remember it. You build your identity, but you do have a starting point, namely the identity that is anchored in your I AM Presence. When you start out as a new co-creator, you do not have the full awareness of that identity, but you are placed in a spiritual schoolroom under the tutelage of a teacher who is committed to helping you discover your spiritual identity and then build on to it. Thus, I would not say that the spiritual schoolroom helps you remember who you are or what you already know, because remembering implies that you did know at one point but have forgotten. And a new co-creator does not know the fullness of its spiritual identity—it must discover and internalize it gradually.

However, there is something you can remember. As I explain in the ego discourses, new co-creators grew gradually in the cosmic schoolroom, and during that process they acquired varying degrees of understanding of their own identity, God’s laws and how the universe works. Then some of them decided to separate themselves from the their teacher and the schoolroom, which means they fell or descended into a lower state of consciousness. In that state of consciousness they cannot perceive what they perceived before, and over many lifetimes most people have forgotten what they knew before they fell. Yet that knowledge is not lost but is stored in your causal body.

Thus, for a human being the first stage of the spiritual path is to climb back up to the level of understanding that you had before you fell into the maya of the duality consciousness and became blinded by the ego. In other words, reclaiming this lost knowledge is a process of remembering what you knew at some point in the past. However, this does not mean that getting back to that point makes you enlightened. It means you get back to the point where you were before you fell—and if you had been enlightened then, you would not have fallen.

So you are simply turning the clock back and can then start climbing beyond where you have gone before. Going beyond is a process of discovery, not a process of remembering. As I said, your identity is not set in stone, so not even the Creator knows what kind of identity you will build. It is up to your free choices, and free choices are free precisely because they are not predetermined and cannot be predicted.

Kim: I know this is already a long discussion, but there is one more idea that I really want your comment on. In one chapter, there is a lengthy discussion about sex, which seems to be one of Neale’s favorite topics. In the end of the chapter, God asks Neale if he has any more questions. Neale then says: “You know, I really don’t have any more questions on sexuality. Now that I am having this conversation with you, I am realizing that I’ve answered most of my questions on this subject to my satisfaction.” God then says:

Answering your own questions to your own satisfaction is the mark of a student moving into mastery.

Jesus: And you have selected the one idea which more than any other illustrates the dangers of gray thinking and why it can become a blind alley in which students are virtually unreachable for a true spiritual teacher. It would be possible to write an entire book on this one remark and its implications, but let me try to be brief.

Let me restate the statement the way I would say it and let me ask people to pay attention to their own reactions as they read my statement compared to the one above:


Answering your own questions by connecting to the Sprit of Truth within yourself is the mark of a student moving into mastery.


I would like people to consider whether they immediately saw a difference between the two statements? If they did not, they might consider that the reason is that they are influenced by gray thinking which makes any idea seem as valid as any other idea. In reality, there is a fundamental difference, a monumental difference, a night-and-day difference, a life-and-death difference between the two statements. The first statement is a product of the consciousness of death, whereas the second statement is a product of the consciousness of life.

If I had to very briefly state the central problem on planet earth, I would say that the problem is that people’s minds have become closed systems. Too many people think they have answered life’s questions to their own satisfaction, and they have closed their minds to a higher understanding. People are not open to insights and directions from a source that is outside the ego and the dualistic thinking of the ego. People in black-and-white thinking use an outer belief system as the ultimate authority to justify this close-mindedness, whereas people in gray thinking use their own mind as the ultimate authority.

As I explain in the ego discourses, the ego can only use dualistic, relative thinking, and thus it can literally prove absolutely any idea to ITS OWN satisfaction. The ego simply cannot see beyond dualistic thinking and realize that there is a reality that is not affected by its own logic. This is precisely the psychological mechanism that made medieval people – from peasants to intellectuals to the pope – feel absolutely convinced that the earth was flat. At the same time they were convinced that this belief was infallible and thus they saw no reason to question it—they thought they had answered the question to their own satisfaction.

There truly is only ONE solution to the problems on planet earth. People MUST rise above the dualistic thinking of the ego. People cannot use dualistic thinking to solve the myriad of problems they have created through dualistic thinking. IT SIMPLY CANNOT BE DONE. Yet for people to even begin to rise above dualistic thinking, they must be willing to recognize that there is a reality beyond and unaffected by their dualistic beliefs and opinions. There is MORE to know than what they currently know. People must recognize that even if they think they have answered their own questions to their own satisfaction, there are more questions to ask and better answers to be found. Until you do that, you have not truly started the spiritual path—even if your spirituality is to your own satisfaction.

The eternal problem is how you can question your dualistic beliefs as long as you see everything through the filter of dualistic thinking? The ego can prove any point to its own satisfaction precisely because it cannot see beyond “relative” truth to the Spirit of Truth. It cannot see that there is an ultimate reality, and thus it thinks everything is a matter of opinion. The ego cannot see beyond its own beliefs and it cannot see and will not admit that ALL of its beliefs are illusions. The ego will forever attempt to prove its dualistic world view instead of seeking to experience the world as it really is.

So to make this short, let me ask people to consider the possibility that there could be a reality that is above and beyond ALL human beliefs and opinions. Let me ask them to consider that God is above and beyond ALL human opinions and doctrines about God. One illusion of the ego is that everyone else sees the world – or should see the world – the way the ego sees the world. And when people are no longer willing to listen to a true spiritual teacher who is above the illusions of the ego, they can only learn by engaging in warfare with other people.

When people see that their beliefs clash with the beliefs of other people and that there is no possibility of reconciliation, the more alert students will eventually realize that they need to reach beyond the dualistic thinking and reach for a higher truth. And in so doing they will be willing to reach for the Spirit of Truth inside themselves, seeking to know reality instead of finding the ultimate dualistic argument. Thus, they are no longer engaged in the endless quest to answer their questions to the satisfaction of their egos. They seek reality rather than a view of reality that is satisfactory to the ego. And that is when you begin to move into mastery.

Thus, let me ask people to consider whether the real God would be unaware of the ego and how it blinds people to reality? Thus, would the real God dictate several long books without truly addressing the problem of the ego and how it can blind people? Would the real God say that answering your own questions to your own satisfaction is a sign of mastery, when in reality answering your own questions to your own satisfaction is the mark of a student moving into the false mastery of answering his/her questions to the satisfaction of the ego.

Kim: Well, then I want to ask one more question. The book talks a lot about what will happen in the world as the new spirituality takes hold. One of the things that will supposedly happen is that all or most people will begin to come into oneness. Yet it seems to me that if all people answer their questions to THEIR OWN satisfaction, we will be no closer to having oneness than we are now. People will inevitably have different answers and how can that give rise to oneness unless we recognize a reality beyond our own minds?


Jesus: It is indeed high time for spiritual people to understand the Path of Oneness, but it must be the true path and not the way that seems right unto the human ego. The ONLY way people can come into oneness is that they rise above the ego because it was the ego that separated them from their source and each other in the first place. Thus, any discussion about oneness without a penetrating discussion about the ego is simply a smokescreen that can NEVER produce oneness.

Oneness does not mean that all people believe the same thing. It does mean that all people can see beyond the dualistic illusions of the ego and see that there is a reality behind all opinions—a reality that can never be confined to words. They can see that there can be several valid ways to describe reality and they can also see through all false descriptions of reality. Thus, a true Buddhist can see that Buddhism offers one valid description of the path to God and so does every other true religion. The same with the true followers of all other true religions.

We might say that the first stage of the Path to Oneness is the process of people separating themselves from their egos and the dualistic illusions created by the ego and the false teachers who are seeking to deceive humankind. Until you have separated yourself from the consciousness of separation, the consciousness of death, you cannot come into oneness with others through the consciousness of oneness, the consciousness of life.

This is precisely the problem with gray thinking. It cannot recognize any absolute difference between life and death, truth and lies, reality and unreality. It thinks everything is simply shades of gray. People in this frame of mind are looking for a God who will let them eat their cake and have it too. So the question is whether you want to have your cake – your illusions – or whether you want the Living God?

Kim: Okay, this brings up one more question, because in the book Neale says that there is no devil and that we have come to save the world from its own mistaken notions of itself. (And by the way, it seems to me these mistaken notions could possibly have arisen because too many people have answered the questions of life to their own satisfaction without connecting to reality.) I know many New Age people will not recognize the existence of evil and often reject this website because you talk about evil.

Jesus: And that is again a typical characteristic of gray thinking. If you do not recognize that there is an absolute truth that is above human beliefs, you cannot recognize that there is an absolute lie that is completely out of touch with reality. Many New Age people are correct in rejecting the traditional Christian view of the devil because it is – as the view of God – based on black-and-white thinking.

What such people need to consider is that black-and-white thinking is incorrect because it uses a human, relative, dualistic definition of good and evil, right and wrong, truth and error. Yet this does not mean that there is no definition or that there is no absolute truth and absolute error. Gray thinking also uses a relative definition to say there is no non-relative truth and error, which is no better than the relative definition of black-and-white thinking.

Evil is essentially a state of consciousness, namely the consciousness of anti-christ which is on an impossible quest to prove that it is superior to God, that it knows better than God, that it is right and God is wrong. Yet saying this does not exclude the possibility that certain beings – in embodiment and out of embodiment – have chosen to embody this state of consciousness and have thus “sold their lifestreams” to the quest of proving God wrong. And precisely because such beings are committed to proving God wrong, they will aggressively seek to influence people by causing them to stay in a state of spiritual blindness that separates them from the true Path of Oneness.

The true God and a true spiritual teacher would not ignore or deny the existence of such an aggressive force, for how can people defend themselves against a threat they do not see? A spiritual teacher who does not talk about the ego and a consciousness that opposes God is essentially like a tobacco company that encourages people to smoke while suppressing information about the health effects of smoking.

In summary, let me say that the book Tomorrow’s God does contain some ideas that are true and valid. It is correct that humankind will not move forward and will not solve its current problems until people accept a higher view of God. Yet the image of God presented in the CWG material will not achieve the goal of taking humankind to the next level. You will not raise humankind above its current level of conflict and self-destruction without talking about ultimate reality, false ideas, forces that aggressively promote false ideas, the duality consciousness and the human ego.

Thus, the CWG material and many New Age or even liberal Christian teachings hold up a valid goal that is dear to the hearts of many true spiritual seekers. This explains why such teachings have become popular with people who see through black-and-white thinking. Yet these teachings do not give people the tools to reach their goal. If you take the material at face value, you will be like a donkey trying to reach the carrot that is suspended in front of its nose. Yet the donkey is simply pushing the carrot in front of itself as it attempts to reach it. And that is precisely what spiritual seekers who are trapped in gray thinking are doing to themselves.

It would give me great joy to see such people reach for the reality of the Christ consciousness and thus contact the Spirit of Truth that will make them free. I am eager to greet such people with open arms, but I cannot reach them as long as they are not willing to see beyond their gray beliefs. I am neither black-and-white nor gray for I wear a coat of many colors.


It is correct that humanity needs to transcend the old view of God, the old God. Yet trying to replace the black-and-white image of God with a gray image of God is limited progress. True progress comes from going beyond ANY image of God and attaining a direct inner experience of God that can never be fully expressed in words. That is what the path to personal Christhood is all about. And only when a critical mass of people embrace that path will the world be taken beyond dualistic conflicts and power struggles. 





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