Is there a need for a black church?

TOPICS: Scapegoating – focusing on others means you are ignoring the beam in your own eye – lack of self-esteem – feeling like victims – pastor reflects psychology of congregation – salvation by default – deficit approach – not actions but your state of mind – Jesus’ teachings about taking responsibility – Christianity became a major religion because power elite used it to keep people in victim mindset – Many African Americans in victim mindset – self-reinforcing spiral – idolatry of leaders – negative and positive examples – America gives a unique opportunity to transcend race – Being a Christian and being a racist are incompatible – the division in Christianity – African Americans have a unique opportunity to bring change – the power elite will not change society –

Question: Greetings Jesus, I am an african american woman who grew up in the baptist church. I no longer claim to be a Christian as I have found that the teachings do not resonate with my inner being. Certain questions could not be answered and I eventually sought after a higher teaching. It is my observation that members of black churches put their pastors/reverends/bishops up on a pedestal and worship them as if they are God. Many black church leaders preach condemnation of homosexuals from their pulpits and make individuals from that particular sexual orientation feel like they are disgusting in the eyes of God and unworthy of “his/her” love. Unfortunately, many of the members of these congregations blindly follow such hateful teachings and so the cycle of judgement continues. Recently, there have been allegations made against an extremely powerful black televangelist in regards to his inappropriate relations with young males. Ironically, this televangelist is a strong opposer of homosexuality and gay marriage. So my question is; how do we as a people find the middle way to approach our faith and not put all of our trust in man? What will it take for black people to realize that shouting from the pulpit while wearing platinum jewelry and diamonds along with having a $100,000 car parked out in the church’s driveway does not constitute direct connection, blessings, and favor from the Creator? 

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels: (June 6, 2011)

Let me use this question to raise the larger question: Is there a need for Christian churches that are exclusively for African Americans—is there a need for a black church?

Let us first look at why people tend to put down others. There are a number of pastors in fundamentalists churches – both African American and white – who are condemning homosexuality, yet have issues with their own sexuality.

However, if you look beyond homosexuality, you see that what is behind this is a general psychological mechanism, called scapegoating. This mechanism is typical for a certain type of organization, and it does not have to be a religious organization. The obvious historical example is Nazism, but there have been many types of repressive organizations that have also singled-out another group of people or even individuals and have turned them into scapegoats.

Why are people doing scapegoating? Why are they ignoring my command to NOT focus on the splinter in the eye of their brothers? Well, it is always because they are not willing to look at the beam in their own eye.

They are using the condemnation of other people to draw attention away from themselves and something unresolved in their own psychology. Basically, whenever you project anything upon other people, what you project is a reflection of what is unresolved in your own psychology.

So what you see in people like this is a lack of self-esteem. Yet you also see that these people are not willing to truly work on improving themselves, so they could build true self-esteem. And this unwillingness is “justified” by creating the mental image that people cannot improve themselves because they have been victimized, oppressed or downtrodden. Such people have a very fixed view of life. They think they are confined to a certain station, yet they still believe they will be saved, partly because the scapegoat is at a lower station than themselves and partly because they have these elevated leaders who have promised to take them to heaven.

In any organization, people get the leaders they deserve, meaning that the leader is always a more extreme example of the unresolved psychology of a majority of the members in the organization. So in a church organization, the behavior of the pastor is a reflection of the unresolved psychology of the congregation.

I am not thereby saying that if a church is condemning homosexuals, it shows that a majority of the members have homosexual tendencies. But it does show that a majority of them have unresolved psychology that they are not willing to look at, and therefore they are willing to condemn other people in order to feel that they do not have to look at themselves. This is a mindset of being the “downtrodden,” where you deep down feel that there must be something wrong with you in God’s eyes, but if you can make it seem like some other group is so much worse than you, then you can feel that God will accept you, because you are not doing the bad things that the scapegoat is doing.

When you take a closer look, you see that this is a very illogical mindset. It is a kind of deficit approach, where you realize you are not meeting the criteria that you think God is using, but instead of focusing on improving yourself, you seek to put other people down. If you take this attitude to its logical extreme, it seems to say that “Well, we aren’t good enough to be saved, but God has to save someone, so if we can make others look worse than we do, then God has to pick us by default.”

The flaw here is that God doesn’t have to save anyone. God has given all people free will, so it is people’s own choices that determine whether they will be saved or not.

The belief behind the downtrodden mindset is that entry into God’s kingdom is determined by what you do and don’t do. Yet I clearly said that the kingdom of God is within you. And what is within you is your state of consciousness, meaning that your entry into God’s kingdom is exclusively determined by your own state of consciousness. Because being in the kingdom of God is a matter of whether you are inside or outside the state of consciousness that IS the kingdom.

In God’s kingdom all life is one – I and my father are one – so as long as you think you have to judge other people, you cannot be in the state of consciousness that sees the oneness of all life. Because when you see that all life is one, you can only seek to raise up all life. And thus, as long as you judge or feel the need to put down or change other people, you cannot enter the kingdom, as Portia so eloquently explained.

If you understand my original teachings and mission, you see that the path – the Way – that I taught and demonstrated was specifically for people who were willing to transcend this downtrodden mindset and take full responsibility for their salvation. You can also see that back then, there were not very many people in embodiment who were ready for this approach. And thus, had my original teachings been preserved, Christianity would never have become a major world religion. And indeed, it was never my intention to create a religion that would serve to keep people trapped in the downtrodden mindset.

So the brutal fact is, that the reason Christianity did become a major world religion is that some among the power elite in the Roman Empire realized they could use a perversion of my teachings to suppress people to the ultimate degree. The ultimate form of suppression is when people are completely controlled by a power elite on earth while being firmly convinced that by following these earthly leaders, they are guaranteed to make it into the kingdom of heaven. This appeals to those in the downtrodden mindset, those who will not take responsibility for themselves but want to be the blind followers of the blind.

In today’s world, there are many more lifestreams who are ready to take responsibility for their lives on earth and for their salvation. They can be found in all groups, but they are – of course – not equally distributed. In other words, there are some groups of people who have a lower percentage of mature lifestreams, because of the prevailing mindset that is being upheld by this group of people.

Do you see what I am saying? There are no black lifestreams, white lifestreams, hispanic lifestreams, red lifestreams, yellow lifestreams or polka-dotted lifestreams. Yet in every group, there are lifestreams with varying degrees of maturity. And if a group of people has a collective sense of identity that discourages people from taking responsibility for themselves – the downtrodden mindset – then that group will attract more immature lifestreams, simply because they get what they want: the perfect excuse for not taking responsibility for themselves.

If you take an honest look at African Americans – and also at many of the groups found in Africa itself – you see a tendency for people to have the downtrodden mindset. African Americans collectively reinforce a certain sense of identity as being disadvantaged, as being put down or as being persecuted. And as with everything else, such an attitude becomes a self-reinforcing downward spiral.

It is typical for the members of such groups that they do not want to take any initiative, to stand out from the crowd. And the consequence is that such people idolize their leaders, put them up on a pedestal and think they can do nothing wrong. Because only if you are following an infallible leader, can you believe that leader will take you to heaven.

What can break the self-reinforcing spiral? Well, two things. One is that such groups attract leaders who love to be idolized and who often think they really are infallible. Yet such leaders will inevitably be the focal points for the collective consciousness, so they will act out their unresolved psychology. This might be in buying fancy cars or jewelry, it might be in acting out on hidden homosexual tendencies or it might be in having affairs, gambling, pornography or other types of conduct that is not in accordance with what the leader is preaching.

In other words, whatever mental image the group has created for what determines you entry into heaven, the leader will act out to shatter it, so the people can begin to see that idolatry does not work, and they need to take responsibility for themselves. The people get an opportunity to look at their own unresolved psychology.

The other factor that can help people is that they have positive examples from within their group. Right now, African Americans have a unique opportunity to overcome the downtrodden mindset, because the President of the United States has black skin. In the previous administration, you saw Colin Powell, who was also an outstanding example of an African American who had risen beyond the downtrodden mindset. And, of course, Oprah Winfrey is another example along with many others.

If you take a look at what made it possible for these and many other African Americans to do something outstanding in society, you will see something very profound. America is a society that has many splinter groups and has a higher degree of racial animosity than any other democratic country. Yet these animosities are truly at a surface layer of consciousness. If you go beyond them, you see that America is founded on the kind of universal principles embodied in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

This means that in America, there is a unique opportunity for individuals from any background to succeed—IF they can align themselves with these universal principles. In other words, honesty, personal integrity, fairness, dedication and a true love for your fellow humans will get you far in America, no matter your background.

Colin Powell did not succeed because he has black skin, nor did he succeed despite of it. He succeeded by transcending the downtrodden mindset and espousing the universal state of consciousness that the ascended masters are upholding as our vision for the future of America. Anyone can follow the examples of such leaders, for the motto of the ascended masters has always been: What one has done; all can do.

Yet the problem is that if people cling to the downtrodden mindset, they will not see their examples as examples. They will idolize them and see them as exceptions, as humanity has largely done to me. And that is when people lock themselves into closed systems, which become subject to the second law of thermodynamics. Something will have to break down people’s mental images, be it a pastor acting out or someone with a similar attitude burning down your church.

You see, the real problem with the “black church” in America is precisely that it sees itself as the black church. Especially in the southern states, you see so many churches that have exclusively black congregations and that will not welcome white or hispanic people. Thus, the attitude of animosity that I just talked about is precisely focused in the southern states among two groups of people, namely members of black churches and white churches of a fundamentalist persuasion.

Thus, it is highly unfortunate that the very focal points for racism are found among people who are firmly convinced that they are “good Christians.”

What did Paul – the person who was instrumental in making my teachings universal – say in the letters attributed to him:

There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus. (Galatians 3:27-29)

Where there is neither Greek nor Jew, circumcision nor uncircumcision, Barbarian, Scythian, bond nor free: but Christ is all, and in all. (Colossians 3:11)

What the power elite did long ago was to turn my true teachings into a tool for their oppression of the people. And they did this by turning my all-inclusive teachings into a system that divided people into those that will be saved and those that will not—the latter being the scapegoats.

If you blindly follow the leaders here on earth and if you hate those other people that your leaders tell you to hate, then you are sure to go to heaven without having to look at the beam in your own eye. This system very much appeals to people in the downtrodden mindset. And it has the effect of keeping people in that downtrodden state of consciousness—because if you don’t follow the leaders blindly, you will sink into the outcast category and thus miss out on salvation.

Yet the message I truly came to bring to the downtrodden was that there is no such thing as an artificial division that separates some people from going to heaven based on criteria on earth. In other words, regardless of what the power elite is saying, people from ANY background in earthly society can make it to heaven—IF they embody the universal principles that I demonstrated, the very same universal principles written into the American Constitution.

Do you see what this means? African Americans have a downtrodden mindset that prevents many people from taking any kind of initiative. They think that since it was white people who suppressed them, it must also be white people who have to take the first steps towards ending the repression.

Yet when you truly understand the message of Christ, you see why this is not so. It is precisely the downtrodden who have the highest opportunity to become the teachers of the Way of Christ, by demonstrating that they will use the true teachings of Christ to raise themselves above the station in life to which they have been “condemned” by the power elite and by the mass consciousness of their own group.

There is no need for a black church in America, for people who are truly Christian will worship together, regardless of any outer differences, such as, but not limited to, race. Yet African Americans cannot sit there and wait for the white folks to initiate this change, although some pastors with foresight have indeed done so. It is not the white people’s responsibility; it is indeed the karmic opportunity of black people to initiate this change in American society and in the collective consciousness.

Do you see the hidden message of Christ? It is not the elite that will create change in society; it is those who come from a humble background yet are willing to transcend it by coming into oneness with the universal Christ mind.

It is time for African Americans to raise themselves above the mindset of being African American and indeed ascend to the identity of being Universal Americans. For only those who see themselves and all other people as sons and daughters of God can call themselves true Christians—and true Americans.

It is not what you “do” on earth that will get you to heaven. It is what you “undo” on earth – in terms of raising yourself above all man-made graven images – that will get you into the kingdom of heaven, in which all are one in Christ because Christ is all and in all.


 Copyright © 2011 by Kim Michaels