Is the Old Testament God a false god?

TOPICS: The importance of asking questions – any religion that discourages questions is influenced by the serpentine mind – the truth will set you free – you must ask to receive the truth – you are a co-creator – you can create your own definition of good and evil – how people have created false gods – energy has a basic form of consciousness – when sufficient energy is concentrated a conscious being  is created – why a false god requires worship and sacrifices –

Question from Kim: Jesus, I probably wouldn’t have dared ask this question a few years ago because I would have felt it was blasphemy. Yet I always wondered about the cultures that had Gods that demanded human or animal sacrifices and some of the instances in the Old Testament where God tells the Israelites to kill every member of another tribe or nation. When you consider that the first commandment is to “have no other Gods before me,” it seems there is a real possibility of people worshiping false Gods. Is it possible that there is a false God and that this false God might even have influenced the Old Testament?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

I have been hoping that someone would take my teachings on this website, put two and two together and come up with this precise question. It is not only a logical question to ask, it is an extremely important question to ask.

Let me first address your realization that in the past you would not have dared to even consider this question. This is a very important realization that all spiritual seekers need to come to in order to rise to a higher level of the path. You need to rise to a frame of mind where there are no taboos, where there is no question you do not dare to ask.

Why is that so important? It is important because the spiritual path is a process whereby you free yourself from all the serpentine lies that caused you to create a false sense of identity. You must be willing to lose your life, to lose your mortal sense of identity, by letting go of any and all of the serpentine lies that influence your consciousness and have become part of your sense of identity. To do that, you must be willing to question absolutely anything in this world and then reach for an answer coming from your Christ self or from the ascended masters through your Christ self.

Consider the importance of the question of whether there is a false god. Let us imagine for a minute that there was a false god and that some people on earth had been fooled into worshiping that false god. If these people considered it blasphemy to even ask whether there might be a false god, then how could they possibly be freed from that trap? They would literally be stuck for a lifetime and their culture could be stuck for thousands of years.

The basic law of this universe is free will. We of the ascended masters have been given the task of saving every human being on earth. To save people, we must liberate them from the serpentine lies by giving them the truth that will make them free. However, in order to give people the truth, people must ask. Ask and ye shall receive is a divine law. If you do not ask, you cannot receive from us because the Law of Free Will does not permit us to give you an answer for which you have not asked. In fact, until you ask, you would not be open to the answer of able to fathom that answer.

Therefore, we must allow you to continue to live in illusion until you finally decide to throw away your taboos and ask the logical questions. In that respect, let me say that every religion which discourages its members from asking questions has been influenced by the serpentine lies and the forces that seek to keep people trapped in this world. Let me make it clear that there are no exceptions to this statement. It is the truth that will make you free, and the truth can be known only by asking questions. If your religion discourages you from asking questions, your religion has been influenced by the forces of this world. I am not thereby saying that your religion is completely false or is completely controlled by these forces. I am saying that your religion has been influenced by these forces and that is why it has created forbidden questions.

Is there a false god? In reality there are many false gods. One of the messages I seek to get across on this website is that human beings have created their own reality. Let us go to the situation in the garden of Eden. Genesis says:

22 And the LORD God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever:
23 Therefore the LORD God sent him forth from the garden of Eden, to till the ground from whence he was taken. (Genesis Chapter 3).

The fruit of the knowledge of good and evil is, as I explained elsewhere, the fruit of the knowledge of relative good and evil. Relative good and evil signifies that because human beings are meant to be co-creators with God, they have the power to create their own reality, meaning that they can create their own definitions of good and evil. Therefore, human beings can create a culture and a belief system on planet earth which is completely out of touch with the truth and the reality of God.

I am sure you can see that when people become trapped in such a relative belief system, they are worshiping a false god. If they were to attain eternal life in that state of consciousness, they would never escape that illusion. Therefore, the law of God mandates that when you create a relative definition of good and evil, when you create a “reality” that is out of alignment with the reality of God, you will be subject to the laws of deterioration that scientists describe as the second law of thermodynamics. This law determines that if you cut yourself off from God, your creation will gradually break down and self-destruct.

As I explain throughout this website, human beings partook of the fruit of relative good and evil, which truly means that they descended into a lower state of consciousness. That state of consciousness is dominated by the relative opposites of good and evil. These opposites are mutually exclusive, and they are different from the original polarities of God, namely the expanding and contracting forces that Mother Mary describe so beautifully in her discourse.

As the Bible says, God created man in his image and likeness. This means that God created lifestreams with imagination, with free will and with the ability to create by using God’s energy. After human beings fell into a lower state of consciousness, they lost their conscious connection to the reality of God. Therefore, it was inevitable that they began to create false gods. They began to create idols that were defined according to their own relative definition of good and evil. They began to create gods in the image and likeness of man. They began to create gods that were an expression of their own state of consciousness, and those gods were the way people – or at least some people – wanted them to be.

As I seek to explain on this website, everything you do is done with God’s energy. You are alive because there is a constant stream of spiritual energy which flows from the spiritual self through your lifestream. That energy becomes directed by your attention. As the energy flows through your mind, it becomes qualified and colored according to the images, beliefs and feelings that you hold in your consciousness. I have several times likened this to a film projector with the spiritual light being the white light from the light bulb that is colored as it passes through the film strip of your mind.

As the energy passes through your mind, some of it is lowered in vibration into the material spectrum and it becomes translated into actions. Yet some of it remains in a higher vibration, and as I explained elsewhere, there are four basic levels of vibration in the material universe. Two of the other levels are the mental realm and the emotional realm. Some of the energy that passes through the mind of human beings is converted into thoughts and feelings that are stored in these other levels of the energy continuum.

As the laws of physics explain, energy cannot be created or destroyed. Therefore, once the energy is qualified by human thoughts and feelings, it will retain that vibration until those who qualified the energy raise the vibration of the energy back to its original purity. What you need to understand is that as energy begins to accumulate, it increases in intensity.

Here comes the next logical step. Everything is created from God’s Being, so God’s energy is truly created out of God’s consciousness. Therefore, the energy with which human beings co-create has consciousness within it. As the energy begins to accumulate and increase in intensity, that consciousness is awakened. Once a critical mass is passed, a cloud of energy can attain a certain rudimentary form of consciousness. In other words, this mental and emotional energy now begins to realize that it exists.

As the energy increases in intensity, it can attain enough consciousness to realize that it can exist and grow only if it continues to receive energy from human beings. What has now happened is that through the power of their minds, human beings have created a conscious being that exists in the emotional or mental realm. Because human beings have created this entity, they are tied to it in consciousness. This link is a two-way process, meaning that the entity can potentially communicate with some human beings who are more than normally sensitive.

Now add to this the fact that a human lifestream can never fully forget its spiritual origin. The lifestream realizes that there is more to reality than the material universe it perceives with the senses. The lifestream realizes, even though it cannot put this into words or even conscious thoughts, that it has a spiritual self and that it will not be complete and whole until it regains contact with that spiritual self. This is what, over the course of many millennia, has given rise to the concept of an external God, a God that is outside of, separated from and above human beings.

So what truly happens is that when a particular group of people begin to form an image of such an external God, they will gradually create a conscious entity that exists in the emotional or mental realm (or even in both realms). That entity will naturally take on the characteristics envisioned by human beings. As it attains a certain degree of consciousness, it will begin to believe that it actually is the type of being that people envision as God. It will literally begin to believe that it is a god or that it is the God.

The catch here is that this man-made god can continue to exist only as long as it receives energy from human beings. And because consciousness is by nature expansive, the man-made god not only wants to survive, it also wants to grow. As it attains a sufficient state of consciousness, it can actually begin to communicate with certain people and make demands concerning how it wants to be worshiped. It might prescribe certain forms of worship that cause people to give it more energy. If it was created as an aggressive god, it might prescribe animal or human sacrifices because by the spilling of blood, energy is misqualified and that energy is fed to the false god. In a similar vein, such a false god can entice people to wage war and to kill the enemies mercilessly. Once again, the spilling of the blood releases energy and the spilling of the blood through violence misqualifies that energy, which can then feed the man-made god.

I realize that many people will find this teaching very difficult to accept. Yet before they reject the idea outright, I would remind them that if indeed there is a false god, then they will never escape the clutches of that false god until they dare to question the validity of their god and their religion. I would strongly advise anyone who finds it difficult to accept this idea to be very careful about rejecting the idea. If you find it difficult to accept this idea, there can be only one reason. Your religion has to some degree been influenced by a false god who does not want you to be free of its control. That is why your religious culture has instilled in you that there are certain questions you are not allowed task. This is especially true for cultures that contain the idea that certain questions about God are blasphemous and that you will be sent to hell for even asking the question.

Let me make it clear that the true God – whom I know and experience constantly – wants you to come home to its kingdom. Yet you cannot come home as long as you are trapped in the worship of a false god. Therefore, the true God wants you to overcome those illusions, and the only way for you to do that is to question the serpentine lies that reinforce the false god. Consider that those who do not want you to ask certain questions must have something to hide—otherwise why seek to discourage questions? The true God has nothing to hide. God is truth, so why would God ever try to prevent you from discovering truth? And if God wants you to find truth, why would it prevent you from asking questions that can lead you to the truth?

Let me say again that only the truth can make you free. Let me say again that you live in a world in which almost every aspect of life has been influenced by dualistic lies. Let me say again that God has given you free will, and it has given you the right to question absolutely anything. You have the right to ask any question, and if you ask with an open mind and heart, we of the ascended masters or your Christ self will give you an answer that will help you free yourself from the serpentine lies. Yet if you dare not ask, we cannot help you, and you will remain trapped until you decide to let go of your taboos and ask the logical questions.

I have much more to say about this topic, but I would like to release that knowledge in small portions so as not to overwhelm people completely. For those who have a desire to know more, let me ask you to consider our teaching on how God created the universe. Based on that teaching, you will realize that the true God, the ultimate God, is a Being which is completely beyond the world of form. The Creator is above and beyond anything it has created. In other words, God is complete, self-sustained and self-sufficient. God needs nothing from outside itself.

Therefore, how could the true God have a need to be worshiped by or to receive sacrifices from human beings? This then leads to the logical question, “How can a religion that promotes worship of an external God be a completely true religion? How can a religion that promotes worship of God be worshiping the true God who needs no worship?”

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