Is the Book of Revelation valid?

Question: The next question is for Master Jesus. It refers to the Book of Revelation. For the past 20 centuries, the Book of Revelation was a source of fear that the church used with speculative interpretations. When will we learn from you, Master Jesus, the exact meaning of this book and its application in our lives? Is the explanation of Edgar Cayce about the Book of Revelation correct?


Answer by Ascended Master Jesus, July 18, 2015 through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during a conference in Los Angeles.


Jesus: The Book of Revelation was not a pure revelation. There was much interference from the collective consciousness of the time and from the consciousness of the person who received it. It is, therefore, affected from the very beginning by the fear-based state of consciousness that has been around on this planet since the fallen beings embodied here. 

There are certain elements of the book that are clearly fear-based and spring from that fear-based consciousness. The Book of Revelation was not brought forth as a dictation like you are hearing now. Back then, the lower level of the collective consciousness made it impossible for us to give dictations like this, so clearly Christians, and especially Christian fundamentalists, have over-interpreted the value and the purity of the Book of Revelation. This does not mean it is completely invalid. The four Gospels were not pure either, and they are not invalid. They can be used in various ways. 

I will not say that the interpretation given through Edgar Cayce was right. I would say it was one valid interpretation of the Book of Revelation. There is no ultimate interpretation of anything because as times shift, and as the consciousness is raised, it is possible to interpret certain scriptures in ever-new ways. Obviously, since Edgar Cayce brought forth his valid interpretation, the collective consciousness has shifted quite a lot, so there are other ways to interpret the book.

However, I personally do not intend to release anything on this through this messenger because I do not consider it important enough for the work I want to accomplish at this time. I would rather bring forth a completely new teaching for this age than go back and interpret from the past. I know one can say that, since this book has been influential in the Christian movement, it would be valid to address it. I do not disagree, but I choose to say I will focus on bringing forth new teachings because, by me commenting through a messenger on the Book of Revelation, I would still not reach the people who pay attention to the Book of Revelation. Therefore, I would rather reach those people who are more open to new teachings.



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