Is George Bush evil?

TOPICS: George Bush is not evil – some decisions made from ignorance – any leader represents the consciousness of the people – Americans must raise their consciousness –

Question: Is George Bush here to quicken the process of the earth changes. Since he’s very evil, how much longer will it take before its balanced back out. 

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

Concerning your opinion about the American president, I do not consider him an evil person. He has made certain decisions with which I do not agree, but such decisions are always the result of ignorance. In this case, his ignorance was partly brought about because of advice from people close to the president.

You must also realize that any leader of a nation becomes an exponent of the consciousness of the people of that nation. Therefore, the leader will not be removed until a critical mass of the followers change their consciousness. So it really isn’t a matter of what the president does but what all Americans do. And yes, the consciousness of the American people, and that of all people around the world, does have a fundamental impact on earth changes.


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