Is China a threat to the world?

Question: As we can see, China is growing and becoming strong in economic and political aspects, its consciousness is growing. We have important people of China all over the world, we cherish Chinese products. Is there a strong power elite in China and do Chinese people have enough high consciousness, and is the expansion of China a kind of threat to us or others all over the world?

Answer from Ascended Master MORE through Kim Michaels.

China is a potential threat to the peace of the world, there is no question about that. It is, however, not something I want to paint as a Doomsday scenario. There is, of course, a very strong power elite in China that has grown out of the communist era, or should we say the more openly or traditional communist era. For certainly, you cannot truly say that China is in a strictly communist phase right now. China is in a process of transition, and there are indeed many people in China who have a certain level of Christ consciousness, even though they, of course, would not label it as such consciously, for they do not have this understanding.

Nevertheless, there are people in China who can hold a certain spiritual balance for the nation. That is why you see that China so far has had a relatively peaceful transition from the more traditionally communist phase to what you today could call a hybrid communist-capitalist phase. Is China a communist society today? Well, how can you call it communism, when you allow the kind of capitalist activities that are taking place? How can you be a traditionally communist country when goods produced in China are imported in every country?

Yet, be not blind to the fact that when a country exports its goods, it is always a two-way street. It is not just money coming back; it is also a stream of consciousness. Therefore, China is being transformed not only from within, but also by the return current of consciousness coming from all of the nations that are importing Chinese goods, or in other ways having business relations with China.

There is therefore a realistic potential that China will not become a military threat, and that it will, in fact, not become an economic threat, but that China will transition into a more open, and even in time, a more democratic system that will in fact allow China to take up its place among the family of nations. There are, of course, many hurdles that need to be overcome. You might find cause to study the dictations given in China last year,  which will give you a deeper understanding of the spiritual aspects of the challenges faced by China.

Much more can be said. I trust that more will be said, as the time and cycles allow it. But for now I simply wish to say: Hold the vision of a gradual peaceful transition. Truly, if the transition is to be peaceful, it must be gradual. Therefore take the long view on China and hold the vision of a gradual transition.

In fact, hold the vision of a transition so gradual that the power elite in China will not actually realize what is happening and how profound are the changes that have already begun. Hold the vision that they will not realize that it is already too late to turn back the changes, and therefore they will not make an attempt out of panic to revert the changes that will inevitably take China towards more openness and freedom.


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