Is a severe illnesses the result of personal karma?

TOPICS: Karma is misqualified energy – some people carry world karma and it manifests as illness – consuming more world karma by using spiritual tools – personal karma – wanting to pay it back as quickly as possible – illness can also be caused by wrong beliefs or psychological wounds – suffering without paying back karma – using an illness as an excuse for not changing –

Question: Dear Jesus, are continual severe illnesses the result of personal karma or does a person bear planetary karma? Is there any hope for change in a situation where this occurs?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

As I explain throughout this website, everything is made from energy, and energy is simply the pure light of God that vibrates at a lower frequency than its highest potential. The consequence is that any imperfect condition is made from low-frequency energy, and therefore the condition can be changed by raising the frequency of the energy. This is explained in greater detail in the discourse by the Presence of Infinite Light.

You are correct that there are many lifestreams who have volunteered to bear a part of the burden of world karma. And many of these lifestreams have done this by taking upon themselves a severe illness. Yet no person carries the entire weight of world karma. Each person carries a certain portion of it, and if that portion is transmuted by other means, then an illness, that was simply an outpicturing of the karma, can indeed be healed.

So I strongly recommend that all people with a severe illness use Mother Mary’s rosaries and the decrees on a daily basis. I am not thereby saying that a severe illness will necessarily be cured. Many lifestreams have such a strong desire to help the forward movement of humankind that they would simply take on more world karma when one portion was transmuted. Nevertheless, by using spiritual tools, a person can indeed consume far more world karma than through the illness alone.

Another possible scenario is that a severe illness is the result of a person’s own karma. Some lifestreams realize that they have a severe karma that is coming due in the not-too-distant future. They therefore choose to take embodiment in circumstances where they end up contracting a severe illness. The purpose of this illness is to pay back the karma in one embodiment instead of stretching it over many lifetimes.

One might compare this to a person who has incurred a large debt. Some people choose to pay a little bit every month for the rest of their lives, whereas others prefer to work two jobs for a couple of years to get it over with so they are free to enjoy life afterwards. There are many mature lifestreams who will sacrifice an entire embodiment in order to make so much progress in one lifetime that they can win their ascension either at the end of that lifetime or in the next lifetime. Such lifestreams can indeed be burdened by a severe illness or other conditions for decades or even a lifetime.

Obviously, the goal of the lifestream is to pay back its karma. It is not the goal of the lifestream to suffer with a severe illness. So if the lifestream can find other ways to pay back its karma, the illness can indeed be cured. Again, I recommend using spiritual tools for the consuming of all karma and negative energy. Obviously, if one of your loved ones is incapacitated by a severe illness, you can use spiritual tools to transmute that karma for them.

There is, however, a third scenario that needs to be taken into account. In many cases, a severe illness is not just a result of a person’s past karma. The illness is actually caused by wrong beliefs or emotional wounds in the lifestream. So in this case it is not enough to use a spiritual technique to transmute the karma. It would be necessary to use appropriate tools to create genuine psychological healing. In many cases, an illness simply cannot be cured until the underlying psychological problem has been fully resolved.

My point here is that there are many people who suffer with a severe illness because of unresolved psychology. So even though these people suffer for a lifetime, they are not actually paying back any karma, and therefore they are not making any spiritual progress. It is simply unnecessary suffering that does no good for anyone whatsoever.

In some cases, a lifestream can actually use a severe illness as an excuse for not dealing with its psychological limitations. An incapacitating illness can seem like the perfect excuse for not taking charge of your life, for not resolving your psychology or for not taking actions the lifestream needs to take in order to move forward on the spiritual path. So my point is that there are some people who suffer from a twofold problem.

One problem is the underlying psychological limitation. The second is that on top of the underlying limitation is a very deep-seated attitude that the lifestream does not want to deal with the underlying problem. And the lifestream is even willing to take on and maintain a severe illness in order to avoid dealing with the problem. Such lifestreams are simply not willing to change themselves and their approach to life. They can be very difficult to reach, and therefore the illness can be very difficult to cure. No amount of rosaries or prayers will remove such an illness until the person decides to take responsibility for his or her situation and do something about the underlying cause.

Such lifestreams would do well to contemplate the definition of insanity given by Albert Einstein: Insanity is when you keep doing the same thing, yet expect different results.


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