Involvement of young people in the climate change issue

Question: Many people, especially young people are passionately, even fanatically against fossil fuels and activities that produce carbon emissions. They would say that they are fighting to save the earth from global warming. One theory that I have is that people have a soul memory that humans can cause global cataclysms. The fallen ones then play on this memory and provide false reason that the cataclysm is caused by pollution and not the fallen consciousness and karma for misuse of light. Do you agree with this assessment? Could you please discuss whether there is truth to the manmade global warming theory? If it is a lie who is behind this lie and why? And finally, why do so many people and especially young people so deeply fall for this lie?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Washington, D.C. (USA) in 2019.

We have commented on global warming before and said that it is a theory created by the fallen beings, especially to manipulate people. There is, however, a certain warming effect on a planet but it’s caused by the fact that the collective consciousness is lagging behind where it should be. And this is causing a certain friction that causes the planet to heat up. But it is not created by fossil fuels. But it is a manmade issue. However, it can only be solved by the raising of consciousness, not by reducing fossil fuel emissions. Even if you reduced fossil fuel emissions, or Co2 emissions tomorrow, you would still see that the planet would continue to warm, not as much, but it still would continue to warm.

So your theory is correct that the fallen beings have created many of these ideas, because they tie into the fact that some people do know that human beings can cause many cataclysmic events on earth and can cause disruption of weather patterns and earthquakes and so forth, as I have spoken off in many of the early teachings given in this dispensation and also in previous dispensations. Why do so many young people fall for this? Well,  the real issue here is that as we have talked about before, there is a growing number of people who are ready to move into what Abraham Maslow called the self-actualization needs, where you are beginning to actualize yourself, but because they grew up in an anti-spiritual society where neither Christianity nor materialism gives them any guidance on what it means to actualize yourself and how to go about this, they are dissatisfied, they are dissatisfied with life, they feel that something is missing something is wrong.

They also feel that they are here to make a positive impact. So they are looking for some kind of cause and that’s why many of them are misled into various causes, not just the climate issue, but many other things where they pour their good intentions and their youthful exuberance into a cause because they think that this will do something for the planet, which they know they are here to do. But what they are really here to do is to raise their consciousness. And that is precisely what they haven’t been taught how to do during their upbringing.But they can feel they are doing something  by pursuing one of these causes and of course, many of them are still even though they are ready to pursue self-actualization, they haven’t freed themselves from the black and white thinking. So they think that there must be a simple way to define what’s wrong on the planet, because they sense something is wrong and therefore there must be a simple solution.


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