In the Aquarian age, we must rethink our approach to nature, government, corporations and God

TOPICS: Rethinking our attitude to nature – the view that we have the right to subdue nature – separation means no regard for life – the view that we should withdraw from nature – humans are connected to nature through consciousness – no conditions in nature that are not affected by humans – the earth created as a schoolroom for humans – multinational corporations are mindless machines – questioning the mindless quest for profit – can corporations become so big that they are unmanageable – is the United States too big to be manageable – no structure will survive without leaders with Christhood – involving the public in a new way – in Aquarian age, nothing will remain hidden – transparency is an absolute must – transcending the force-based mindset – independence of oil – overcoming the image of the remote God in the sky – the material universe is a feed-back machine, a cosmic mirror – people will now reap the full karmic consequences of their actions – time to awaken from the collective insanity –

Question 1: Does Jesus or others of the ascended masters have any thoughts on the big oil spill in the Gulf Of Mexico?

Question 2: Right at this time a huge amount of oil is leaking into the Gulf of Mexico, killing wildlife and fishing beds, and fouling beaches. Do you have any other suggestion for a powerful and intense way to deal with this situation?  Any specific rosary which would be best for this?

Question 3: Ted Turner recently said that he thinks the Mexican Gulf oil spill is God telling us, “Don’t drill.” Do the masters have any comments on that?

Answer from ascended master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels (May 28, 2010).

Given that we have now entered the Aquarian age, everything has changed, as I said recently. And that means that everything needs to be re-thought.

You cannot simply take things for granted, you cannot continue with the same mindset that you had in the previous age. You cannot assume that what worked well and what seemed right in the previous age is also going to be right in the Age of Aquarius. This would indeed be a misunderstanding of the shift that has happened with the planet entering the Aquarian age.

Concerning the oil spill, the first thing that needs to be completely rethought is the attitude that human beings have to nature. This attitude is indeed a complete product of the consciousness of separation, whereby human beings have come to see themselves as completely separated from God above and from the material universe here below—and also separated from each other. This, of course, is the cause of the conflict and warfare that you have seen on this planet, but it is also the cause of many other behaviors and actions that can at first seem to be perfectly normal—but are actually not what should be normal, if human beings had a deeper connection to the inner reality that they are spiritual beings and not material beings.

You have – as is always the case in the duality consciousness – two extremes when it comes to people’s view of nature. On the one hand you have the view that people are completely separated from nature but that they – either because they are created by God or because they are the most sophisticated life forms produced by evolution – have a right to forcefully subdue nature. This is obviously an aspect of the consciousness of separation, where man sees himself separated from nature, sees himself in conflict with nature, and therefore thinks he has the right to do whatever he needs to do in order to subdue nature and make it do what man thinks nature should do

This is the viewpoint that you see, in this particular situation, represented by the large corporations, such as BP and other oil exploring corporations around the world. They believe that they have a right to do whatever is technologically possible and economically feasible in order to secure the greatest possible profit for the corporations and their shareholders, regardless of the potential risk it has for nature. These corporations do not consider nature at all; they only consider nature in a secondary way in terms of what economic risk it might represent if there is a spill and they have to spend money cleaning it up. In other words, the corporations have no regard for nature whatsoever, as they have no regard for the lives of their own employees—as is also witnessed in this disaster.

The opposite extreme is, of course, the viewpoint taken by the environmental organizations and by many people who over recent decades have become more sensitive to nature but have not found the middle way. Instead, they have been pulled into the opposite dualistic extreme, represented by the environmentalist movement. This is the view that nature is something pristine, something almost sacred—although most of these people are not religious. Therefore, nature existed as some Paradise that was pure before man entered the stage and started messing things up. And thus, it is somehow wrong that human beings have any impact on nature and they should preferably live completely separated from nature and in a way that has minimum impact on nature—whatever that might mean.

Now, on the one hand you will realize that this does represent somewhat of a respect and reverence for nature, yet it is still a respect and reverence that springs from the consciousness of separation, because it again affirms man’s separation from nature. Nature is something “out there” that should be kept in some condition that – whether real or imagined – existed before man, especially modern man, entered the stage. Both of these positions sprang from the consciousness of separation, where man sees himself separated from the environment in which he lives, from the planet upon which he lives.

None of these attitudes are sustainable in the Age of Aquarius; none of them will survive in the Golden Age. They must both be transcended before the golden age attitude to nature can become widespread on this planet. What, then, is the middle way that is not between – as a compromise between the dualistic extremes – but transcends the dualistic scale? Well, it is to recognize one simple fact: man is not separated from nature because the connecting link between man and nature is indeed consciousness.

As scientists have begun to realize, the underlying reality beneath all material appearances is consciousness. Everything is created out of consciousness. Therefore, the entire planet is created by an image being superimposed upon the Ma-ter light by self-aware beings, called the Elohim. Yet since human beings first started taking embodiment, the consciousness of human beings has indeed had a major impact on the conditions currently found on this planet.

This means that there are absolutely no conditions on this planet that are pristine in the sense that they are not affected by the consciousness of man. Did you hear what I just said? There are no conditions whatsoever that are not affected by the consciousness of humankind! It is a complete fallacy, a complete creation of dualistic imagination, that there is such a thing as nature untouched by man. It may seem so on the physical level, but it is not true when you consider the reality that everything is consciousness.

Another fallacy promoted by the environmentalist movement is that it is wrong for human beings to influence the environment. This, of course, is not true. Why is there a physical planet? Do you think that the Elohim just created this planet in order to have it sit here in some huge empty space for an indefinite period of time? No, they created it for one purpose only: to serve as a schoolroom for the self-aware beings that would be embodying here. There is absolutely no other purpose or justification for the existence of the earth than to serve as a schoolroom for humankind.

That means that nature, as far as it has consciousness, knows that it is here to serve humankind. It is not here to outpicture some Edenic, pristine state; it is here to serve as a mirror that reflects back to humankind whatever they project out with their consciousness. Do you see: nature is a giant biofeedback machine for humankind. Nature is perfectly content – the Ma-ter light is perfectly content – to serve in this role. Elemental life is perfectly content to serve in this role. All animal species, as far as they have group awareness, are content to serve in this role.

It is not the purpose of nature – or rather the spiritual beings who manifest nature – to create or to return to some pristine state. It is the purpose exclusively to serve as a learning environment for humankind. With this in mind, you realize that this latest oil spill is simply a lesson from the cosmic schoolroom. It is another example of humankind seeing a reflection of a certain state of consciousness.

Thus, let me comment first on the idea that you might use the violet flame or rosaries to mitigate the effects of this disaster. Is this necessarily the right approach in the Age of Aquarius? Well, yes and no. You see, we have not commented on this particular incident earlier because it was never our intent to prevent this incident or to stop it at the earliest possible stage. There are many times where we of the ascended masters simply realize that even if we can stop certain events, it is not in the best interest of humankind to do so. It is indeed sometimes necessary to allow people to see the physical consequences of their actions and their state of consciousness.

Thus, we have no desire to see our students use their time, attention and energy on decreeing or giving rosaries in order to mitigate something that is a learning experience—and therefore must be allowed to unfold. That being said, now that the event has unfolded and now that humankind has received its opportunity to learn a lesson, then it is appropriate to use spiritual tools in order to make it easier for nature to reestablish the environment after the disaster. It can therefore be appropriate to use violet flame decrees and the invocations given through this messenger as a way to lighten the burden on elemental life, so that they can more quickly restore natural conditions to the areas that have been or will be in the future affected by this oil spill.

It is also appropriate to give invocations and decrees in order to help humankind learn the lessons that need to be learned. And so, let me move on to comment on those lessons. The first lesson that needs to be learned here is that this oil spill is the next lesson – lesson number two – in the process that began with the financial crisis and the so-called meltdown on Wall Street. I have the earlier commented on the economic crisis, and I have also raised several questions, including the fact that one cannot allow corporations to become so large that they can manipulate nations or even the entire world economy.

I also said that one cannot, in the Golden Age, allow free enterprise to run completely free without transparency and therefore government oversight and regulation. This holds true for the financial industry, but it holds true for any area of business. And another area of business where you see very large multinational corporations – that due to their money can buy influence – is of course in the oil industry. There is hardly any industry that has a greater impact on the global economy than the oil industry. Therefore, it is only a natural part of the process of exposing what needs to be exposed for society to enter the Golden age, that the oil industry has now been exposed for exactly what it is: huge multinational corporations that have no respect for human life and no respect for the environment. These corporations are concerned about only one thing: profit, profit and profit.

These huge corporations are simply mindless machines, mindless structures, that will grind to dust any individual, any nation and any natural condition that stands in the way of their never-ending, mindless quest for greater and greater profit. Nobody has the capacity to ask why a corporation needs to make such huge profits. Nobody has the presence of mind to ask when there comes a point, where this is no longer in the interest of humankind as a whole or a particular nation. No one, for that matter, has the presence of mind to ask whether this really is in the interest of the corporation and its shareholders in the long run.

For you can look at this particular incident, and you can very clearly see that it started with certain managers at the BP oil company who wanted to shut down the well in a way that was the least costly and therefore seemingly would generate the biggest profit. Yet given that they have now lost an oil platform that cost a quarter of a billion dollars – and that the cleanup will cost even more than the company’s quarterly profit of the last quarter – was this really in the interest of profit? And so, you see that even from a strict profit viewpoint, there needs to be some way to provide a greater perspective into the corporate world.

This would, of course, ideally come from enlightened CEOs and shareholders. Yet for decades now, the profit machine has systematically eliminated any CEO or shareholder who would question this mindless quest for profit. And thus, it simply is not possible for the industry, for the corporations, to regulate themselves. And this, of course, leads to only one practical solution, namely that the government must step in. However, this should be seen as a short-term measure, for in the long run the reality is that the people must step up and become more aware and more involved and put greater demands both on their government and the corporations that operate in their countries, even on a worldwide basis.

An entirely new willingness to examine every aspect of society needs to emerge, so that people get engaged, so they take charge, and so they raise the questions that need to be raised. Even so that they demand a new type of media that will not be silenced by the threat of withdrawing advertising money, so they do not report on a particular issue for fear of financial consequences. Again, the media being driven by profit, which of course is not sustainable in the Golden Age.

So what you see here is the absolute need for the government to step in at many different levels. There needs to be some institutional think tank who can raise the question: does the fact that we CAN drill at such extreme depth in the ocean mean that we SHOULD drill under those conditions? And if we do allow drilling, can we allow one or two corporations to be completely in charge of this, or do we need to have some outside perspective, such as a government representative who could have been present on that oil platform when the shutdown procedure was determined and decided upon. Thus, such a representative would have been able to override the short-term profit view that caused the cheapest and most unsafe measure to be selected, against the advice of several other people.

Yet stepping even further back from the issue, we again see the question of the size of corporations. Is it possible that when a corporation grows beyond a certain size, that it is actually manageable by human beings? Does any one person, does any small group of people, have the mental capacity to oversee a corporation beyond a certain size? This is a question that needs to be debated. This, of course, goes for another so-called “corporation,” namely the government. Is it possible that any one person or any small group of people, such as the President of the United States and his cabinet, can have the mental capacity to oversee a country of the size and complexity of the United States?

The reality is, of course, that no single person in embodiment has that capacity. Therefore, there needs to be found a new approach to management, which goes beyond the traditional elitist approach—that was created and has been sustained by various power elite groups who think they are capable of running society. Yet this elitist nonsense needs to be exposed for what it is, and it needs to be recognized that if the management of a country or corporation is allowed to become a closed system, then the second law of thermodynamics will cause that system to break down—much faster now that we have entered the Aquarian age. Thus, a new approach to management is needed, one that deliberately seeks to prevent any organization from becoming a closed system.

This has – as everything else in life – an Alpha and an Omega aspect, but the underlying principle is that management must be opened up to outside perspectives. The Alpha side is that enlightened leaders are those who have developed their intuitive, spiritual faculties and are thus capable of receiving input from the ascended masters. Why is America supposed to be “one nation under God?” Because the founding fathers recognized that no human authority can govern justly unless there is input from above. And we will, of course, gladly give such assistance to anyone who is open to it—regardless of whether the leaders recognize us as ascended masters or conceives of “assistance from above” in some other way. Yet what I am truly saying here is that no large structure will survive in the Aquarian age unless it has one or more leaders with at least some degree of personal Christhood.

The Omega aspect is to spread the leadership responsibility among enough people that they together have the capacity to understand what is going on—and can therefore take into consideration everything that needs to be considered for viable decisions to be made. I would also like to point out that this, in the end, cannot be left to a small group of people. There needs to be established a greater connection between what goes on in these narrow leadership circles and the greater public. The public needs to be involved, so that there can be a more varied input before major decisions are made. It is necessary with a new awareness that all major decisions will affect society as a whole, and thus decisions must be made by considering all perspectives—and not just the short-term profit interests of a corporation, such as an oil company.

This will require a new mindset, whereby people are willing to sacrifice part of their free time in order to educate themselves to the point, where they do become real experts in a particular field. Yet they do not become pulled into the machine, they do not become insiders who look at the situation from the inside out. Instead, they stay clear of the machine, so that they can look at it from an outsider’s perspective but still with the expertise to know what is truly at stake when decisions are made. This, of course, is not something that will happen in the next week or the next year, but it is a goal that must be envisioned by greater and greater numbers of people, including the people in charge of both corporations and the government.

There must also be a popular demand to back up the government’s efforts to limit the size and power of corporations, so that the public interest or the national interest is not sacrificed on the bloodstained altar of profit. This has nothing to do with socialism or communism, as is often the counter argument by conservative circles in the United States. It has everything to do with the very fact that in the Aquarian age nothing will remain hidden.

We are entering an age now, where transparency will become the absolute necessity. In fact, any government organization, any government, any corporate structure that seeks to hide something from view will not be able to survive in the Aquarian age. And you will, in the coming decades, see how these large structures that are based on deception will begin to fall like dominoes. Survival of the fittest will not be the survival of those who are the most powerful or those who are the most deceptive, but those who are the most transparent and the most in alignment with the overall progression of humankind, the overall goal of raising the consciousness of humankind into the golden age consciousness.

In the golden age consciousness we are beyond the consciousness of duality that creates a force-based approach to every aspect of life. Those corporations who seek to hide, or who use raw power to maximize profit, are clearly doing so because they are trapped in the force-based mindset—as I recently said about the oil industry. They think they have to destroy the competition, to force nature, to force governments, to do everything by force in order to maximize their profits. This approach will no longer work in the Aquarian age. What will work is complete transparency, where one seeks to innovate, to be so in tune with the forward progression of humankind that one can be an open door for the release of new technology that will completely obliterate the force-based approach.

This, then, is the greater lesson that can be learned from this situation. If it is not learned – and from a realistic perspective, I suspect that it will not be learned from this incident – then many more incidents like this will occur, even to the point that entire industries will break down under the strain.

A final comment is that this incident also underscores what I said some time ago, namely that the United States needs to have an energy policy that clearly defines it as a national goal to overcome all dependency upon oil. Lifting a ban on offshore drilling in order to remove dependency upon FOREIGN oil is simply not a substitute for a deliberate policy to remove oil as a major source of energy.

There needs to be a complete shift in consciousness, which is then turned into a viable policy that seeks to stimulate innovation and seeks to remove any ability of big corporations to suppress technology that they see as a threat to their monopolistic positions. If this does not happen, then there will be more incidents that will demonstrate just how dangerous it is to rely on oil as the major source of energy. If the lesson is not learned the soft way, it will have to be learned the hard way, until it becomes obvious that oil is simply too risky to be relied upon by any nation or by the world as a whole. And when there truly is a willingness to rise to a higher approach to energy supply, the necessary technology will be brought forth.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels (May 28, 2010).

Let me comment on the claim that this oil spill is God telling humankind not to drill. This attitude reveals another aspect of the consciousness of separation. As Saint Germain said, humankind has entered into a consciousness of seeing itself as separated from nature, but they also see themselves, of course, as separated from God—who is the angry, judgmental being up there in the sky. Or who is the all-powerful magician who will grant them personal favors, if only they pray in the right way or light candles or do other things. In other words, the view of God that is demonstrated by Ted Turner is the old-fashioned, completely obsolete view of God that dominated the Piscean age and previous ages.

God is not the remote being in the sky. There is no God sitting up there looking at everything that humankind does and trying to send messages through events that do not go the way human beings expect. If there was such a God up in the sky, then that would imply that this God would have the power to stop the oil spill—and that because he obviously did not stop the oil spill, then there must be some message that God wants to send by not stopping the oil spill. This is a completely obsolete view of God.

As Saint Germain said, the entire planet is a feedback machine. There is no God that says, “Humankind needs to learn this lesson, so now I will precipitate this oil spill so they can wake up.” This incident is simply the consequence of what humankind is projecting out. What you project into the mirror, the mirror reflects back in the form of physical incidents. This is true for the oil spill, this is true for the financial collapse, this is true for natural disasters, as we explain in Healing Mother earth. LINK.

It is not productive in the Aquarian age to maintain the image that there is some God – be it an angry, judgmental God or the all-powerful magician – sitting on a throne up here in heaven and responding to humankind either by punishing people or by rewarding them. What is necessary in the Aquarian age is a complete shift in mindset, where people realize that what they see outpictured as physical events is not something created by a remote God. It is simply the rather mechanical consequences of their own actions and state of consciousness. And therefore, they can now stop the mindless, ridiculous attempts to find a way to please or manipulate the remote God up there in the sky.

If you will take an honest look at most mainstream religions on this planet, you will see that they are still trapped in this state of consciousness, of seeking to find a way to please God by doing some kind of prayer or ritual or whatever you can imagine. So that God will supposedly grant you a favor, without you having to change your state of consciousness, without you having to look at the beam in your own eye.

Let me tell you with absolute certainty that when I said, 2,000 years ago, that people need to stop looking at the splinter in the eyes of their brothers and start looking at the beam in their own eyes, I was giving humankind a grace period of 2,000 years to adopt this state of consciousness. That grace period has run out with the inauguration of the Age of Aquarius. There is no more grace period. And that is why – if people will not look at their own state of consciousness, will not look at the beam in their own eyes – then neither I nor any other ascended being will continue to take on people’s karma, to prevent people’s consciousness from being outpictured in physical events.

There will be, from now on, a much more direct relationship between what people are not willing to look at and what will be outpictured in physical events. Therefore, people will be so overwhelmed by physical events that they will be forced to start looking at the beam in their own eye—unless of course people can be awakened in sufficient numbers and voluntarily begin to look at their state of consciousness, and how it is a certain state of consciousness that has precipitated any unbalanced condition found on this planet or in human society.

This is an absolute necessity. There is no more grace period, there is no more Jesus carrying the sins of humankind and therefore preventing many physical events from happening. It is absolutely necessary that humankind awakens to the reality that there is a direct connection between their state of consciousness and any physical condition found on this planet.

And this means that humankind must reconsider its attitude to God. The view that God is the remote being in the sky that will punish or reward you is completely outdated. It is necessary to adopt a new view that God is the internal God, who will manifest his kingdom on earth, yet God’s kingdom will be manifest only through those who become the open doors. So that God’s kingdom can be manifest through them, and not as the result of some external, all-mighty force in the sky. And for this to manifest it is, of course, necessary that a critical mass among humankind – and certainly the top 10% – will be awakened to the new reality of the connection between consciousness and the physical planet.

This is a shift in consciousness that is long overdue, and you will see that if the shift does not happen, then the feedback machine of planet earth will indeed turn up the intensity of both natural – so-called – and man-made disasters. This will happen in order to demonstrate to humankind that a new approach is needed, for the old approach is no longer working. Thinking you can continue the old approach to God in this new age of Aquarius – and at the same time expect to get different results in the form of a better world – is simply a form of collective insanity that will be undeniably challenged by physical events—both on a personal and a collective level.


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