How to spread the ascended masters teaching

Question: Is it fair to say that all means will work? To spread the teachings that we can actually use any means to spread the teachings, should we use television, radio or newspapers in order to spread the teachings that have been given by the masters through you. The teachings are given with a very plain language, and many people could understand the teachings and the teachings might help many people in their everyday life so that we can spread them by any means available? 

Answer from Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Ukraine in 2019.

Yes, you are of course free to use any means that you have experienced with or that you feel like you want to use. That’s up to you, I like to see people be creative about spreading the teachings. But you also have to listen to what the masters have said, especially over the last couple of years where it’s not just a matter of promoting me or my teachings or even ascended master teachings.

Many times, it’s more important to get certain ideas out there without necessarily saying where they come from. Because that can block people from accepting the idea. In other words, there might be an idea about politics that many people could accept. But if they first have to accept that there are ascended masters and I’m a messenger for those masters, and so forth, then they can’t accept the idea, they can’t even look at it, because that’s too far beyond what their normal worldview is. So that’s why it’s important to make that distinction. And that depends on your situation. If you, for example, are working in a professional environment or in some kind of political or government environment, then it’s not important to promote me or the ascended masters, it’s more important to promote these ideas. Because as the masters say, many people are ready at inner levels without knowing it. They are ready to accept these ideas, and they just need to hear them.

But if you want to force them to first accept ascended masters and all of this belief system that comes with that, it’s too much for them. They can’t deal with that. And it is like even Saint Germain said that he just wants to see the Golden Age manifest on earth. He doesn’t care whether he gets credit for it. He’s perfectly fine that people think it’s their own ideas. And I feel the same way. It’s not that I need to be promoted. It’s the ideas need to get out there and help people improve their lives.


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