How to react when your spiritual work does not produce the physical results you desire

TOPICS: Your spiritual work cannot violate law of free will – fear-based black magic –  becoming discouraged – psychology that makes you vulnerable – do not be mechanical about spiritual work – working to change collective consciousness instead of physical results – spiritual work is never wasted – be careful about setting specific dates – give people foundation for making better choices – holding the immaculate concept – doing spiritual work out of love; not fear – thus be non-attached to physical results –

Question: During history, many sincere religious people and spiritual students have prayed, decreed or given rosaries to bring about particular physical changes on earth or in society. In many cases, these changes did not come about. How can we avoid becoming discouraged by this, as I personally know people who have given up when God did not give them what they prayed for?

Answer from ascended master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels: (December 8, 2007)

My beloved students and all others who have given my rosaries to bring about world changes: Do not fall prey to the ever-present temptation to become discouraged because you do not see specific material results of your spiritual work. Always remember that what you are doing is SPIRITUAL work, and thus you may or you may not see physical results or you may not see results as quickly as you hope for.

Why is this so? First of all because of the Law of Free Will. If a small number of people could do rosaries and thereby “force” a population of hundreds of millions of people to do certain things, you would have control over that population and that would be a violation of the Law of Free Will. The students of the ascended masters have absolute respect for free will and NEVER seek to force others. Only those who are students of the hierarchy of anti-christ – whether they know this or not – seek to force others through spiritual work.

There is nothing that can be given on this earth that cannot be misused by those who are blinded by the consciousness of duality. I have made great efforts to make it difficult to misuse my rosaries, but you can still do so, even with the best of intentions. If you give a rosary with an ego-based attachment to seeing particular results, you will be sending a fear-based, dualistic impulse into the collective consciousness, and this is a form of black magic that seeks to force others.

Take note that even if you seek to force others to do what seems to be for their own good, you are still exercising black magic because you are violating the Law of Free Will. Black magic is any activity that uses psychic force to influence or override the free will of others—even if this is done with seemingly benign intentions. For you see, the purpose of planet earth is to be a cosmic schoolroom—it is NOT to produce specific physical results. Everything is subject to people’s use of free will, so what God wants to see happen is that people learn—even if they learn by experiencing some very unpleasant consequences of their choices.

I am not hereby saying that those who have given my rosaries are dabbling in black magic—I am simply making a point. The fact is that all spiritual people face the test of how they will respond when they do not get the desired results from their spiritual work. There are two main temptations. One is to begin to use psychic force to influence others, and that is black magic. Most spiritual people will not use black magic, but many of them are quite susceptible to the second temptation, which is to become discouraged when they do not see specific results of their spiritual work. This is obviously the case with many people in traditional religions, who pray to God for a specific change in their lives without being able or willing to change their consciousness in order to bring about that change—as I explain in my books.

You need to consider that all genuine spiritual work is a threat to the forces of darkness. Their first line of defense is to prevent people from engaging in spiritual work. When that cannot be attained, their next line of defense is to make people discouraged so they give up on trying to produce changes, especially changes on a world scale.

To do this, they only have to make use of the very psychology that causes people to engage in spiritual work in the first place. You see, spiritual people obviously know there is something not right on this planet, and they see the need to do spiritual work in order to improve conditions. So it is natural for people at a certain level of consciousness to engage in spiritual work precisely because they want to help bring about positive world changes. This is, so to speak, the motivation that drives people to sacrifice their time in giving prayers, rosaries or other spiritual techniques.

Please take note that there is nothing wrong with this—at a certain level of the spiritual path. However, it is inevitable that as people engage in this process, they will face the temptation of discouragement. And the more attached they are to seeing specific physical results, the stronger the temptation will be.

We have seen many sincere students who have made dramatic changes in their lives and put forth a great and sincere effort in order to bring about a specific change in their own lives or on a larger scale, be it national or global. And when the desired change did not come about at the expected date, they started listening to the tempter, who is always there seeking to use the situation to make them take in the spiritual poison of discouragement—which is a very specific vibration that will aggressively mushroom in your energy field once you let it in.

Now, some people are able to resist the tempter, and they keep doing the same spiritual work for decades or a lifetime. Yet I am not actually trying to say that this is the best possible response. For you see, many of these people are still pursuing a particular outer change—it is simply a change that they keep pushing in front of themselves as the donkey pushes the carrot hanging in front of its nose.

So what is the response I am seeking to help you understand? It is the need to realize that there are stages on the spiritual path and that what is appropriate at one stage is not appropriate on a higher stage. As you first become aware of the need to do spiritual work, it is only natural that you are motivated by the desire to help bring about physical changes. Yet as you mature on the path, it is necessary to reconsider your motivation and step up to a higher motivation. For as Albert Einstein said, it is a form of insanity to continue doing the same thing while expecting that one day you will get a different result.

After having done spiritual work for some time – how long is different for each individual – out of a motivation to bring about specific physical changes, it is necessary to reconsider your approach and step up to a higher motivation This motivation is that you stop focusing on outer results but realize that any change in the physical MUST begin as a change in the three higher levels of the mind/universe. Thus, the real way to bring forth physical change is to first work for a change in people’s consciousness.

When you realize this, you understand that planet earth is a cosmic schoolroom, and the process of learning is ongoing because the lifestreams on this planet are at many different levels of consciousness. This leads to two important conclusions. One is that your spiritual work is never finished, for there will always be the possibility for an expansion of the collective and individual consciousness. The other is that your spiritual work is never wasted.

For even if you do not see a specific change in the physical, there WILL be a change in the higher levels of the material universe. Your spiritual work WILL have a positive effect in the identity, mental and emotional realms in terms of transforming the collective consciousness. This WILL make it easier for people to make better choices with their conscious minds, and it is the choices made by the conscious minds that determine what changes will manifest physically and when it will happen.

In other words, you cannot control and should not have any intention to control people’s choices. Therefore, you can have no attachment to whether specific changes happen in the physical, for you leave that up to people’s choices. You clearly see that it is your role to lighten the planetary consciousness, so people have the foundation for making better choices. And once you have done that, you leave the rest up to free will.

This also means that you stop setting a specific date on when certain changes should occur, for you realize that this is also up to people’s free will. All people are not at your level of consciousness, so the changes that seem obvious to you will be impossible to see for people at a lower level of consciousness. Yet you know that if you keep doing your spiritual work, you will continue to lighten the planetary consciousness, and thus it is only a matter of time before a new understanding breaks through to the conscious minds of a critical mass of people.

Do you see what I am saying? Spiritual work is NEVER wasted! It is only a matter of time before a critical mass is reached and you will see a change at the physical level—yet precisely how long this will take is a matter of a complex equation, which is entirely based on how people exercise their free will.

So when you do any kind of spiritual work, you must keep always in mind that you are NOT seeking to force other people to make certain choices—you are seeking to GIVE THEM A FOUNDATION FOR MAKING BETTER CHOICES by raising their state of consciousness and their awareness of specific issues.

Thus, even though many rosaries mention specific issues and specific changes that need to happen, you must keep it clear in your mind that you are NOT seeking to “force” others to bring about those changes. You are speaking to the collective and individual consciousness in order to raise people’s awareness so they will be able to see what they cannot currently see and thus make choices according to their higher understanding.

We of the ascended masters are NOT seeking to force certain changes upon humanity—we leave that to the forces of anti-christ. We are seeking to help humanity make better choices so that people bring about changes because they truly understand that it is enlightened self-interest to do so. Yet to make this switch in consciousness requires you to think beyond the image of an angry God portrayed by traditional religion—for this god is indeed seeking to force changes upon people.

When you look at history, you will see that positive changes have come about precisely because a critical mass of people did change their consciousness and started acting on their new understanding. That is why people no longer believe the earth is flat, and you will see that there IS a general upward trend showing a clear expansion of consciousness.

Obviously, you also see some periods where there has been still stand or even backward steps. Yet when you step up to a higher motivation, you see that even such periods are simply stepping stones for a breakthrough to a higher understanding.

The image I want to give you here is that holding the immaculate concept does NOT mean that you hold the vision for a specific physical result, and if the result does not come about, you reason something has gone wrong—thus losing the vision. Holding the immaculate concept means holding the vision that no matter what happens on a temporary basis, there is an ongoing, upward trend. For physical appearances are only the effects of causes in the three higher levels of the universe and the spiritual realm.

This is much like a sine wave which has crests and troughs or ups and downs. Yet instead of the wave moving horizontally, the wave is moving upwards at an angle. So even though there are temporary downturns, the general direction is still upwards. Likewise, even though world conditions have their ups and downs, there is a general upward movement, for the River of Life itself – as we recently said in England – is going up and no force on earth is powerful enough to stop it.

In the last part of Maitreya’s book there is an extremely important teaching on the need to disconnect your spiritual work from the desire to see specific results and why this is such a dangerous trap for the more mature spiritual people. This is a very extensive explanation that I will not repeat in this answer. I will simply encourage all mature spiritual students to study the book and strive to internalize the message.

For my beloved, when you are new to the spiritual path, you still approach spiritual growth through the filter of duality. Thus, you still have fear in your being, which causes you to think in terms of the stick-and-carrot scenario. You either do spiritual work to escape hell or prevent a planetary disaster. Or you do it to be rewarded personally or by seeing a planetary paradise. As you grow, you need to rise above this dualistic motivation and embrace the higher motivation, where everything you do is done out of the desire to express your spiritual identity – to let your spiritual sun shine – in the material world. You move from being motivated by fear to being motivated by love, the perfect love that casts out fear.

There comes a point, where you are not doing spiritual work with the expectation of seeing a particular result. You are doing it as an expression of who you are. This change of attitude – of moving out on duality and into non-duality – is described very clearly and concisely in the new book, The Art of Non-war.

Being here below all that you are Above is, of course, what will bring about the greatest possible changes, for now you are realizing that it is not your outer self who is doing the work, but it is the father within you – your spiritual self – who is working through you. Your conscious self is now seeing itself as an extension of God, as Jesus expressed when he said, “My Father worketh hitherto and I work.” And this is the step up that both the students in Russia and elsewhere can make in order to take their service to a distinctly higher level.


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