How to live in the now

TOPICS: You long for contact with your Christ self – a new identity – why life seems like a struggle – you can only change in the now – removing the blocks to being in the now –

Question: I have a problem and want to know if there exists any special practical tool which can help me. 

I worry and I feel that I need a deeper realization of my
life. Once in a while I stumble, and I feel I must be more sensitive. I want to perceive more deeply in a way that allows me to somehow change the course of events, situations, relationships with people and so on.
As they say, each moment is valuable. How do I learn to appreciate each moment, each instant? I don’t want to wait until my old age to become more conscious, because life passes so quickly.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

What your lifestream is truly longing for is to establish a clear and conscious contact with your I AM Presence. The best practical tool to help you achieve this is the technique for inner attunement that I have given on the toolbox website. I also recommend that people invoke spiritual protection by giving decrees to Archangel Michael.  I especially recommend that people perform the 33 day vigil recommended here.

If you will perform this vigil, you will become more sensitive to your Christ self and through that you will get directions for how you can actually change events and relationships. As you begin to tune in to your true individuality as a spiritual being and begin to express that individuality in your outer consciousness and actions, you will begin to see change. At first the changes will be subtle, but they will gradually become more obvious and more significant.

If you will study my teachings given throughout this website, you will see that the true purpose of the spiritual path is to change your sense of identity. You must let go of the limited sense of identity as a mortal, human being and gradually build a new sense of identity as a spiritual being who is here on earth to express your God-given individuality.

The key to appreciating the moment is to be attuned to your Christ self and I AM Presence. When you have that sense of inner attunement, you feel whole and through that wholeness you will naturally appreciate each moment as a unique opportunity to express your God-given individuality. As a practical tool, use the invocations for transcending past, present and future.

The reason so many people have lost the connection to their I AM Presence is that they have descended into a lower state of consciousness. This state of consciousness is based on the illusion that the lifestream is separated from its source, separated from God. As long as you remain in this state of separation, life will inevitably seem like a struggle and you will be unable to appreciate the moment. Instead, you will see life as a continuous stream of challenges and struggles, and you will always look forward to some magical moment in the future when your struggles cease. Yet that magical moment in the future will never come. The change in your life, the change in your consciousness, cannot come sometime in the future—it can only come in the now.

You cannot change your life, you cannot change your consciousness, in the future. You can only change things in the now because it is in the now that you must make choices. Therefore, you will not appreciate the now until you come to a point where you decide to accept your true identity as a spiritual being. When will you make that decision? When you decide that it is time to make that decision NOW.

It is important to understand that many people are not currently at a level of consciousness where they can make the decision to live in the now. They have too many blocks or wounds in their psychology that prevent them from making that decision. That is why the ascended masters have always offered a gradual path which leads you towards the point where you are able to finally accept your true identity and begin to live in the moment.

Depending on the psychology of each individual lifestream, this path might be long or it might be short. However, if you will diligently follow the path, as outlined on this website, you will eventually arrive at the point where you can make the decision to be who you are, to be in the now. Simply use the tools to gradually resolve the blocks in your psychology and at the same time spend some time contemplating the need to make the decision to be. If you will be diligent, you will arrive, and one day you will suddenly realize that you are fully awake and alive in the eternal now.


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