How to guarantee that you will NOT get results from using spiritual tools

TOPICS: God is not a genie in a bottle – we do not promise specific outer results of decrees and invocations – people project ego-based expectations on spiritual tools – projecting upon others what you have not seen in yourself – don’t do what people expect – when the outer mind rejects what you are ready for at inner levels – using tools with the heart –

Question from Kim: Jesus, I received the following email, and I wonder if you have any comments:

I said all the prayers for a year and just could not see any change in my life or circumstances.i felt like I was being taken for a ride. I am angry because I initiated my wife and a few of my close friends to this and one of them lost a sizeable amount of money after repeating violet flame for 12 months.Then since there was no progress for anyone I felt like a fool. Then suddenly i say to them Hey ! stop ! stop ! this is not working now let us try this !
What trust would they have anymore in me or my words ? So for this I felt cheated by the website.All hollow promises.Lots of words and lots of dictations all leading to nowhere.A rosary every month and each so long that it looks like Mother Mary feels that we humans have nothing to do but recite rosaries and do nothing else. Then in some article germain  says i am no longer in charge of the viloet flame and some kuthumi or someone will take over the VF.What a joke.Tomm jesus will say my time is up and i am handing over the world to buddha or krishna.What a joke that would be as intelligent people like me would see thru such a hidden agenda but innocent gullible guys like you would fall for it and start singing hare rama hare krishna bhajans and that would mean the end of the world.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

This is a perfect illustration of how black-and-white thinking puts people in a spiritual catch-22 from which it is very difficult for them to escape.

Many people have for some time gone from one spiritual teaching to another, always hoping that the new one would be the one that would change their outer situation without requiring them to change themselves. In this case, the person knows at subconscious levels that he is lacking something. In reality, this person is right on the brink of taking the step toward taking responsibility for himself and becoming teachable. Yet he has not yet realized this consciously because he refuses to let go of the ego’s dream of an automatic path to salvation. This has resulted in an inner tension in the person, manifesting as insecurity.

In order to cover over this insecurity he has – instead of making the changes that would take him beyond it – set himself up as the supreme judge of what is true and false, at least in his circle of influence. He thus coerced his family and friends into using the decrees and rosaries offered on the Toolbox website. Yet because he has not let go of black-and-white thinking, he set himself up for a fall from the very beginning.

This is revealed in the following remarks: “i said all the prayers for a year and just couldnot see any change in my life or circumstances.” and “one of them lost a sizeable amount of money after repeating violet flame for 12 months.”

These remarks demonstrate how people in black-and-white thinking approach spiritual techniques of any kind, including prayer. They think God is a kind of genie in a bottle and that they can make a deal with God. If they rub the magic lamp – by saying prayers, lighting candles or giving rosaries – God should jump out of the bottle and give them what they want.

In reality, there is no place on our websites where we promise that if you use the tools we offer, you will see specific outer changes within a specific period of time. On the contrary, we go out of our way to explain that the true key to making any spiritual technique work is to realize that in order to change your outer situation you must first change yourself. In fact, the real purpose of Mother Mary’s rosaries is to help people change themselves, and specific outer changes are not their main purpose.

Thus, it was the person’s black-and-white approach that caused him to project such expectations upon the teachings and tools we give. The website is not making false promises, but the person made false promises to himself and his friends and family. Thus, when the promised results did not manifest, he felt threatened and instead of admitting that he needed to change his approach, he fell back into the old pattern of deflecting responsibility. Thus, he projected unto the website that it was making false promises.

This reveals another aspect of black-and-white thinking,  namely that if you can never be proven wrong, you can never look at the truth. Instead, you must avoid actually looking at ideas presented by other people, and you do this by always projecting something upon others and their ideas. In reality, what you project upon others is most often what you are doing yourself. In this case, the person is projecting unto this website that it made false promises, yet he was the one making such promises.

An obvious example of projection is the statement, “i felt like I was being taken for a ride.” The reality is that our websites are simply put on the internet as an offer to people. There is nothing that forces people to look at the sites, and there is no attempt made to make people feel that if they don’t accept the sites, they will go to hell. Thus, this person found the site because he was searching and he made a voluntary decision to study the site and use its tools. Yet he is now projecting unto the site that he was somehow forced to do what he did. This is a clear example of a failure to accept responsibility for one’s own decisions, instead seeking to project responsibility upon others.

Let me also say that when you put a teaching on the internet, you cannot control who finds it. Thus, there are people who find this website without being ready for its teachings. Yet when a person studies the teachings and uses the tools for an extended period of time, the person was clearly ready for at least some of the initiations presented on this website.

In the case of the person who wrote these letters, he was ready to take the important leap of letting go of the black-and-white thinking and accepting responsibility for his path, seeking to change his inner situation instead of focusing on his outer circumstances. Unfortunately, the person’s outer mind was so focused on attaining specific outer results that he could not recognize the true lesson he was meant to learn from finding this website.

Thus, although he used the rosaries, he did not use them in a way that could ever give results. If you use a rosary correctly, you do it to change your psychology. You engage your heart and thus you will feel the flow of spiritual energy released as you say the words. This will be such an uplifting experience that in itself this is sufficient reward for giving a rosary. Yet when you force yourself to repeat a rosary and do so in a rote manner, you will not experience this reward. And when you are not willing to change your consciousness, you will feel like you are performing a rote ritual. However, what makes it rote is your own unwillingness to engage the heart. It is a poor carpenter who blames his tools.

Let me make it clear that it has never been my intention to present this website as the only or the ultimate spiritual teaching. Thus, I do not hold the image that those who find this website will necessarily keep studying it or keep using the tools forever. There are people who find this website because they need one single idea that can help them see through an illusion that blocks their progress. Once they have internalized that idea, they might need to move on to other teachings or other areas of service.

If people find this website and fail to learn the lesson they are meant to learn, it can be better for them to move on. Thus, I hope that the person who wrote these letters will use his newfound teaching to pass the one initiation that blocks his progress. I hope he does not use the new teaching to set himself up for the next fall.

The simple fact is, as we have stated, that there is no spiritual tool which will do the work for you. Walking the spiritual path is a matter of you making the conscious decision to shift your state of consciousness. You can do this only when you take responsibility for yourself, and this means – among other things – that you overcome the common view that God is a genie in a bottle. If you use spiritual tools for the specific purpose of seeing specific outer changes within a specific time frame, you will set yourself up for disappointment.

What we explain throughout our websites is that your outer situation is a reflection of your inner situation. So the key to changing your outer situation is to first change your inner situation. The ONLY way to change what the cosmic mirror reflects back to you is to change what you are projecting into the mirror. So if you approach spiritual tools with the attitude that you are doing so first and foremost to change your own consciousness, then you put yourself in a frame of mind where you cannot fail to get results. Regardless of what happens or does not happen in your outer situation, you will indeed feel a change inside. And when you attain greater inner peace, you will never feel disappointed in your use of spiritual tools.

You might even come to a point, where feeling spiritual light flowing through you is its own reward and you seek nothing else. And that is precisely when changes might start happening in your outer situation, as I explained 2,000 years ago: “For seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.”


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