How to go into the heart

Question: Can you provide advice on the very most advanced method of entering into the heart, namely, how to go into the heart and recognize who I am? What is there to do or not to do for this? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Ukraine in 2019.

As with everything else, it is an individual matter. So there is no one most efficient or most advanced method. In general, most people have, especially if they have grown up in a non-spiritual or anti spiritual environment, they have a lot of fear based energy that are clogging up their heart chakra. So it is very important to clear that energy by using the tools, the decrees and invocations. Naturally, you have the invocation for clearing the heart, the rosary of unconditional love, and many other of these invocations that are actually designed to help you clear your chakras. So you can use those.

But when it comes to actually going into the heart, there are many different methods whereby you can focus within and go within. And we have given meditations for that purpose. But if you feel that there are other methods that are out there in a world that appeal to you more individually, you should of course use them. This is not, and you have to be careful here, that you make this very clear distinction that going into the heart is not a mechanical process.

There is no mechanical method that will work for everybody, or that will work for one person all the time. Because it is a matter of you being willing to step outside of your normal state of awareness, focus your attention in your heart, and it is a matter of how open you are to receiving what impulses, impressions, visions you can get through the heart chakra, or the secret chamber of the heart. And so there are many factors here that play in. And it simply isn’t possible to define a method that will always work because it is a matter of your willingness to go into that neutral state of mind, where you ask an open question, without having any opinion or intention or expectation about what the answer should be or should not be. And in order to get to that point where you are able to be more neutral, it is primarily a matter of resolving all of these separate selves. And truly when you resolve the birth trauma, it will be much easier for you to go into the heart.


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